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Speckled bush-cricket - Leptophyes punctatissima - very long antenna
Speckled bush-cricket - Leptophyes punctatissima - very long antenna

Speckled bush-cricket
The speckled bush-cricket (Leptophyes punctatissima) is a species in the order Orthoptera, the family bush-crickets or long-horned grasshoppers (Tettigoniidae), and the subfamily Phaneropterinae. This species is found in Central, Western and Southern Europe.
Speckled bush-cricket - Leptophyes punctatissima - male
Speckled bush-cricket - Leptophyes punctatissima - male
Adult speckled bush-crickets reach body lengths of 10 - 15 mm. They have a saddle - shaped, strong body, on which yellow markings are more or less visible lengthwise. Speckled bush-crickets have very short wings, especially the females, whose crescent-shaped ovipositors curve downwards. The females lay their fertilized eggs separately from each another, the eggs overwinter and the larvae hatch in the spring.
Speckled bush-cricket - Leptophyes punctatissima - female
Speckled bush-cricket - Leptophyes punctatissima - female
The speckled bush-cricket lives on deciduous trees, perennials or in bushes. You can recognise it from August onwards, by the chirping noise it makes.
Speckled bush-cricket - view from the rear
Speckled bush-cricket - view from the rear
Speckled bush-cricket - front view
Speckled bush-cricket - front view
Ensifera - bush-cricket - Speckled bush-cricket
Ensifera - bush-cricket - Speckled bush-cricket
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1. Speckled bush-cricket - Leptophyes punctatissima - very long antenna
2. Speckled bush-cricket - Leptophyes punctatissima - male
3. Speckled bush-cricket - Leptophyes punctatissima - female
4. Speckled bush-cricket - view from the rear
5. Speckled bush-cricket - front view
6. Ensifera - bush-cricket - Speckled bush-cricket
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Leptophyes punctatissima
Speckled Bush-Cricket, Common Speckled Bush-cricket, Specked Bush-cricket
AuthorBosc, 1792
Acrida standishii
Barbitistes glabricauda
Barbitistes punctatissima
Ephippiger virescens
Ephippigera glabricauda
Ephippigera virescens
Leptophyes standishii
Locusta autumnalis
Locusta punctatissima
Odontura punctatissima
Odontura standishii

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