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Mosquito - Nematocera (Pictures of mosquitoes)

Nematocera (Nematocera)
Nematocera belong to the Insect Order Diptera. Examples of Nematocera families are: Anisopodidae, Bibionidae, winter crane flies, crane flies, net-winged midges, blackfly, gall midges, biting midgets, dark-winged fungus gnats, minute black scavenger flies, phantom midges, phantom crane Flies, Chironomidae, moth flies, mosquitoes, Macroceridae, and fungus gnats. In Germany, mosquitoes and crane flies are the most common.
Fossil findings of Nematocera date back to 170 million years ago. The family includes 35 genera with 2, 700 species. 104 species occure in Europe.

Nematocera are delicately constructed, with slim, wire like antennae and long thin legs. Their mouthparts are usually used to sting and to suck up food.

The Nematocera are found throughout the world, mostly in the vicinity of water. Different species are common in different areas. They feed on blood, which they suck from mammals, birds, reptiles or amphibians. Crane flies, from which a total of about 4000 species are known, are not among the blood-sucking insects. They feed on nectar or water. While the Nematocera have a bad reputation amongst humans because their bites can be painful and can cause allergies and transmit germs, the crane fly (larval stage) is regarded as a useful animal, because the diet and elimination behaviour of the larvae help to improve the soil.

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