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Bibionidae - Bibio marci
Bibionidae - Bibio marci

Bibionidae are a family of the order Diptera and belong to the suborder Nematocera. The species of this family are mid-sized Nematocera. There are approximately 400 species known worldwide of which 16 can be found in Germany. Some examples are: Dilophus febrilis, Bibio hortulanus and Bibio marci.
Bibionidae are dark, very hairy and resemble Diptera. They have large, evenly structured antennae on their heads. The males are very large, and have compound eyes of various dimensions on the upper side of the head which is hairy (the face too), while the females are smaller and hairless. The females have a spike to dig with on their forelegs. The colour of the male and female Bibionidae is different, the male being black and the female being reddish brown to amber. In spring and autumn Bibionidae often swarm en masse. They do not sting and they feed on nectar or honeydew. They contribute to the pollination of fruit trees. The insects mate within the swarm, and the males of the Bibio marci for example can become very aggressive. While the Nematocera are generally good flyers, i. e. the Bibio hortulanus are sluggish and slow.

The female Bibionidae lay up to 3, 000 eggs, individually or in small groups in the soil, where they are buried. The hatched larvae, which are resist to the cold, are usually hairy and are found en masse (especially in the upper layers of humus). They live on rotting plant remains and are important soil regenerators. The pupae of Bibionidae also live in the soil. The larvae can be harmful when they occur en masse especially in times of drought as they also attack the roots of living plants.

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