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Species overview - Checklist for Mosquitoes (Culicidae)
Species with ANext  
Abraedes papago (Zavortink, 1970)Info
Acalleomyia obscurus -> Culex obscurusInfo
Acartomyia mariae (Sergent & Sergent, 1903)Info
Acartomyia phoeniciae (Coluzzi & Sabatini, 1968)Info
Acartomyia zammitii -> Aedes zammitiiInfo
Aedeomyia africana (Neveu-lemaire, 1906)Info
Aedeomyia americana (Neveu-lemaire, 1902)Info
Aedeomyia catasticta (Knab, 1909)Info
Aedeomyia furfurea (Enderlein, 1923)Info
Aedeomyia madagascarica (Brunhes, Bousses & Ramos, 2011)Info
Aedeomyia pauliani (Grjebine, 1953)Info
Aedeomyia squamipennis (Lynch Arribálzaga, 1878)Info
Aedeomyia venustipes (Skuse, 1889)Info
Aedes abadsantosi -> Aedes rizaliInfo
Aedes abditus -> Verrallina abditaInfo
Aedes abnormalis (Theobald, 1909)Info
Aedes aboriginis (Dyar, 1917)Northwest coast mosquitoInfo
Aedes abserratus (Felt & Young, 1904)Woodland floodwater mosquitoInfo
Aedes acrophilus -> Aedes pullatusInfo
Aedes aculeatus -> Ochlerotatus aculeatusInfo
Aedes adami (Geoffroy, 1971)Info
Aedes adenensis (Edwards, 1941)Info
Aedes adersi (Edwards, 1917)Info
Aedes adustusInfo
Aedes aegypti -> Stegomyia aegyptiYellow fever mosquito
Dengue mosquito
Yellowfever mosquito
Tiger Mosquito
Aedes aegypyi (Linnaeus, 1762)Info
Aedes aenigmaticus (Cerqueira & Costa, 1946)Info
Aedes aeoptiInfo
Aedes aerarius (Mcintosh, 1975)Info
Aedes affirmatus -> Haemagogus equinusInfo
Aedes africanus (Theobald, 1901)Info
Aedes africanus (Theobald, 1901)Info
Aedes agastyai (Tewari & Hiriyan, 1992)Info
Aedes agastyiInfo
Aedes agrihanensis (Bohart, 1956)Info
Aedes aitkeni (Schick, 1970)Info
Aedes akkeshiensis (Tanaka, 1998)Info
Aedes albertae -> Aedes mercuratorInfo
Aedes albescens -> Ochlerotatus albescensInfo
Aedes albicosta (Edwards, 1913)Info
Aedes albifasciatus (Macquart, 1838)Info
Aedes albilabris (Edwards, 1925)Info
Aedes albineus (Seguy, 1923)Info
Aedes albiradius (Goff, Bousses & Brunhes, 2007)Info
Aedes albithoraxInfo
Aedes alboannulatus -> Dobrotworskyius alboannulatusInfo
Aedes alboapicus (Schick, 1970)Info
Aedes albocephalus (Theobald, 1903)Info
Aedes albocinctus (Barraud, 1924)Info
Aedes albodorsalis (Fontenille & Brunhes, 1984)Info
Aedes albolateralis (Theobald, 1908)Info
Aedes albolineatus (Theobald, 1904)Info
Aedes albolineatus (Theobald, 1904)Info
Aedes albomarginatus (Newstead, 1907)Info
Aedes alboniveus (Barraud, 1934)Info
Aedes albonotatus (Coquillett, 1905)Info
Aedes albopicta (Skuse, 1894)Info
Aedes albopictus -> Stegomyia albopictaAsian tiger mosquito
Tiger mosquito
Forest day mosquito
Aedes alboscutellatus (Theobald, 1905)Info
Aedes albotaeniatus (Leicester, 1904)Info
Aedes albothorax (Theobald, 1907)Info
Aedes alboventralis (Theobald, 1910)Info
Aedes albplateralis (Theobald, 1908)Info
Aedes alcasidi (Huang, 1972)Info
Aedes alcasisidi (Huang, 1972)Info
Aedes aldrichi (Dyar & Knab, 1908)Info
Aedes alektorovi (Stackelberg, 1943)Info
Aedes alexandrei (Gornostaeva, 2005)Info
Aedes alius (Lien, 1968)Info
Aedes alleni -> Aedes zoosophusInfo
Aedes allotecnon (Kumm, Komp & Ruiz, 1940)Info
Aedes alocasicola -> Finlaya alocasicolaInfo
Aedes alongi (Galliard & Ngu, 1947)Info
Aedes aloponotum (Dyar, 1917)Info
Aedes alorensis (Bonne-wepster & Brug, 1932)Info
Aedes alternans -> Mucidus alternansInfo
Aedes alticola (Bonne-wepster, 1948)Info
Aedes altiusculus (Dyar, 1917)Info
Aedes amabilis (Schick, 1970)Info
Aedes amaltheus (Meillon & Lavoipierre, 1944)Info
Aedes amamiensis (Tanaka, Mizusawa & Saugstad, 1979)Info
Aedes ambreensis (Rodhain & Boutonnier, 1984)Info
Aedes amesii (Ludlow, 1903)Info
Aedes ananae (Knight & Laffoon, 1946)Info
Aedes andamanensisInfo
Aedes andersoni -> Ochlerotatus andersoniInfo
Aedes andrewsi (Edwards, 1926)Info
Aedes anggiensis (Bonne-wepster, 1937)Info
Aedes angolae (Ribeiro, 1974)Info
Aedes angustivittatus (Dyar & Knab, 1907)Info
Aedes angustus (Edwards, 1935)Info
Aedes annandalei (Theobald, 1910)Info
Aedes annulipes -> Ochlerotatus annulipesInfo
Aedes annulirostris (Theobald, 1905)Info
Aedes antipodeus (Edwards, 1920)Info
Aedes antuensis -> Aedes pingpaensisInfo
Aedes aobae (Belkin, 1962)Info
Aedes apicoannulatus (Edwards, 1912)Info
Aedes apicoargenteus (Theobald, 1909)Info
Aedes apollo -> Aedes terrensInfo
Aedes arabiensis (Patton, 1905)Info
Aedes araozi -> Aedes milleriInfo
Aedes arborealis (Bonne-wepster & Bonne, 1919)Info
Aedes arboricola (Knight & Rozeboom, 1946)Info
Aedes argenteitarsis (Brug, 1932)Info
Aedes argenteopunctatus (Theobald, 1901)Info
Aedes argenteoscutellatus (Carter & Wijesundara, 1948)Info
Aedes argenteoventralis (Theobald, 1909)Info
Aedes argentescens -> Aedes angustivittatusInfo
Aedes argyrites (Dyar & Nunez Tovar, 1926)Info
Aedes argyronotum (Belkin, 1962)Info
Aedes argyrothorax (Bonne-wepster & Bonne, 1919)Info
Aedes asanumai -> Aedes esoensisInfo
Aedes ashworthi -> Halaedes ashworthiInfo
Aedes asiaticus (Edwards, 1926)Info
Aedes assamensis (Theobald, 1908)Info
Aedes atactavittatus (Arnell, 1976)Info
Aedes ater -> Aedes ripariusInfo
Aedes atlanticus (Dyar & Knab, 1906)Woodland floodwater mosquitoInfo
Aedes atriisimilis -> Verrallina atriisimilisInfo
Aedes atrius -> Verrallina atriaInfo
Aedes atropalpus (Coquillett, 1902)Info
Aedes atropalpus alsoInfo
Aedes aunandaleiInfo
Aedes aurantius -> Mucidus aurantiusInfo
Aedes auratus (Grabham, 1906)Info
Aedes aureolineatus (Berlin, 1969)Info
Aedes aureostriata -> Aedes grabhamiInfo
Aedes aureostriatus (Doleschall, 1857)Info
Aedes aureus (Gutsevich, 1955)Info
Aedes auridorsum -> Molpemyia auridorsumInfo
Aedes aurifer (Coquillett, 1903)Info
Aedes aurimargo -> Leptosomatomyia aurimargoInfo
Aedes aurites (Theobald, 1907)Info
Aedes aurivittatus (Cerqueira, 1943)Info
Aedes auronitens (Edwards, 1922)Info
Aedes aurotaeniatus (Edwards, 1922)Info
Aedes aurovenatus (Worth, 1960)Info
Aedes australiensis (Theobald, 1910)Info
Aedes australis -> Halaedes australisInfo
Aedes avistylus (Brug, 1939)Info
Aedes axitiosus (Kulasekera, Knight & Harbach, 1990)Info
Aedes bahamensis (Berlin, 1969)Info
Aedes baisasi (Knight & Hull, 1951)Info
Aedes balteatus -> Aedes tortilisInfo
Aedes bambiotai (Geoffroy, 1987)Info
Aedes bambusae (Edwards, 1935)Info
Aedes bambusicola (Knight & Rozeboom, 1946)Info
Aedes bananea (Wolfs, 1958)Info
Aedes bancoi (Geoffroy, 1987)Info
Aedes bancroftianus -> Ochlerotatus bancroftianusInfo
Aedes banksi (Edwards, 1922)Info
Aedes barnardi (Edwards, 1924)Info
Aedes barraudi (Edwards, 1934)Info
Aedes becki (Belkin, 1962)Info
Aedes bedfordi (Edwards, 1936)Info
Aedes behningi (Martini, 1926)Info
Aedes bejaranoi (Martinez & Carcavallo, 1960)Info
Aedes bekkui (Mogi, 1977)Info
Aedes beklemishevi (Denisova, 1955)Info
Aedes belleci (Goff, Bousses & Brunhes, 2007)Info
Aedes bequaerti (Wolfs, 1947)Info
Aedes bergerardi (Pajot & Geoffroy, 1971)Info
Aedes berlandi (Seguy, 1921)Info
Aedes berlini (Schick, 1970)Info
Aedes bertrami (Schick, 1970)Info
Aedes bevisi (Edwards, 1915)Info
Aedes bicristatus (Thurman & Winkler, 1950)Info
Aedes bieristatus (Thurman & Winkler, 1950)Info
Aedes bifoliatus (King & Hoogstraal, 1947)Info
Aedes bimaculatus (Coquillett, 1902)Info
Aedes biocellatus (Taylor, 1915)Info
Aedes biskraensis (Brunhes, 1999)Info
Aedes blacklocki (Evans, 1925)Info
Aedes bogotanus (Arnell, 1976)Info
Aedes boharti (Knight & Rozeboom, 1946)Info
Aedes bolensis (Edwards, 1936)Info
Aedes boneti (Gil Collado, 1936)Info
Aedes bonneae (Mattingly, 1958)Info
Aedes bougainvillensis (Marks, 1947)Info
Aedes brayi -> Aedes ibisInfo
Aedes braziliensis (Gordon & Evans, 1922)Info
Aedes breedensis (Muspratt, 1953)Info
Aedes brelandi (Zavortink, 1972)Info
Aedes brevis (Berlin, 1969)Info
Aedes brevitibia (Edwards, 1941)Info
Aedes brevivittatus (Berlin, 1969)Info
Aedes britteni (Marks & Hodgkin, 1958)Info
Aedes bromeliae (Theobald, 1911)Info
Aedes brownscutumaInfo
Aedes brownscutumus (Dong, Zhou & Dong, 1999)Info
Aedes brugi -> Edwardsaedes imprimensInfo
Aedes brunhesi (Reinert, 1999)Info
Aedes brygooi (Brunhes, 1971)Info
Aedes buenaventura (Schick, 1970)Info
Aedes bunanoki -> Aedes oreophilusInfo
Aedes burgeri (Zavortink, 1972)Info
Aedes burgosi -> Aedes rizaliInfo
Aedes burjaticus (Kuchartshuk, 1973)Info
Aedes burnetti (Belkin, 1962)Info
Aedes burnsi (Basio & Reisen, 1971)Info
Aedes burpengaryensis -> Ochlerotatus burpengaryensisInfo
Aedes busckii (Coquillett, 1906)Info
Aedes butleri -> Verrallina butleriInfo
Aedes buxtoni (Belkin, 1962)Info
Aedes bwamba (Someren, 1950)Info
Aedes caballus (Theobald, 1912)Info
Aedes cachani -> Uranotaenia cachaniInfo
Aedes cacharanus (Barraud, 1923)Info
Aedes cacothius -> Aedes ventrovittisInfo
Aedes cacozelus -> Ochlerotatus cacozelusInfo
Aedes caecus (Theobald, 1901)Info
Aedes calabyi (Marks, 1963)Info
Aedes calcariae -> Ochlerotatus calcariaeInfo
Aedes calceatus (Edwards, 1941)Info
Aedes caliginosus (Graham, 1910)Info
Aedes callithotrys -> Aedes campestrisInfo
Aedes calopus (Meigen, 1818)Info
Aedes calumnior (Belkin & Heinemann, 1970)Info
Aedes campana (Schick, 1970)Info
Aedes campestris (Dyar & Knab, 1907)Info
Aedes camposanus -> Aedes scapularisInfo
Aedes camptorhynchus (Thomson, 1869)Southern Saltmarsh mosquitoInfo
Aedes canadensis (Theobald, 1901)Woodland pool mosquitoInfo
Aedes cancricomes (Edwards, 1922)Info
Aedes cancriomesInfo
Aedes candidoscutellum (Marks, 1947)Info
Aedes cantans -> Ochlerotatus cantansInfo
Aedes cantator (Coquillett, 1903)Brown saltmarsh mosquitoInfo
Aedes capensis (Edwards, 1924)Info
Aedes carmenti -> Verrallina carmentiInfo
Aedes carteri (Edwards, 1936)Info
Aedes cartroni (Ventrillon, 1906)Info
Aedes casali (Schick, 1970)Info
Aedes caspius -> Ochlerotatus caspiusInfo
Aedes caspius caspius (Pallas, 1771)Info
Aedes cataphylla (Dyar, 1916)Woodland floodwater mosquitoInfo
Aedes cautus -> Verrallina cautaInfo
Aedes cavaticus (Reinert, 1979)Info
Aedes celebicus (Mattingly, 1959)Info
Aedes centropunctatus (Theobald, 1913)Info
Aedes centrotus -> Aedes abserratusInfo
Aedes ceramensis -> Verrallina carmentiInfo
Aedes ceylonicus -> Verrallina lankaensisInfo
Aedes chamboni (Cornet, 1967)Info
Aedes chathamicus (Dumbleton, 1962)Info
Aedes chaussieri (Edwards, 1923)Info
Aedes chelli (Edwards, 1915)Info
Aedes chemulpoensis (Yamada, 1921)Info
Aedes chionodes (Belkin, 1962)Info
Aedes chionotum (Zavortink, 1972)Info
Aedes christianus -> Aedes imitatorInfo
Aedes christophersi (Edwards, 1922)Info
Aedes chrysogaster (Taylor, 1927)Info
Aedes chrysolineatus (Theobald, 1907)Info
Aedes chrysoscuta (Theobald, 1910)Info
Aedes chungi (Lien, 1968)Info
Aedes churchillensis (Ellis & Brust, 1973)Info
Aedes cinereus (Meigen, 1818)Small woodland mosquitoInfo
Aedes circumluteolus (Theobald, 1908)Info
Aedes clarki -> Haemagogus clarkiInfo
Aedes classicus (Dyar, 1920)Info
Aedes clavatus -> Verrallina clavataInfo
Aedes clavirostris -> Mimomyia luzonensisInfo
Aedes clelandi -> Ochlerotatus clelandiInfo
Aedes clintoni (Taylor, 1946)Info
Aedes clivis (Lanzaro & Eldridge, 1992)Info
Aedes cogilli (Edwards, 1922)Info
Aedes collessi (Mattingly, 1958)Info
Aedes colonarius -> Aedes albifasciatusInfo
Aedes coluzzii (Rioux, Guilvard & Pasteur, 1998)Info
Aedes comatus -> Verrallina comataInfo
Aedes comitatus (Arnell, 1976)Info
Aedes communis -> Ochlerotatus communisWoodland floodwater mosquito
Woodland snow pool mosquito
Aedes comosus -> Verrallina comosaInfo
Aedes concinnus (Stephens, 1846)Info
Aedes condolescens (Dyar & Knab, 1907)Info
Aedes congolensis -> Aedes stenoscutusInfo
Aedes contiguus (Edwards, 1936)Info
Aedes continentalis -> Ochlerotatus continentalisInfo
Aedes cooki (Belkin, 1962)Info
Aedes cordellieri (Huang, 1986)Info
Aedes corneti (Huang, 1986)Info
Aedes coulangesi (Rodhain & Boutonnier, 1983)Info
Aedes cozi (Cornet, 1973)Info
Aedes cozumelensis (Diaz Najera, 1966)Info
Aedes craciInfo
Aedes craggi (Barraud, 1923)Info
Aedes crassiforceps (Edwards, 1927)Info
Aedes cretatus -> Verrallina cretataInfo
Aedes cretinus (Edwards, 1921)Info
Aedes crinifer (Theobald, 1903)Info
Aedes croceus (Knight & Laffoon, 1946)Info
Aedes crossi (Lien, 1967)Info
Aedes ctaphylla (Dyar, 1916)Info
Aedes culiciformis -> Ochlerotatus culiciformisInfo
Aedes culicinus (Edwards, 1922)Info
Aedes cumminsii (Theobald, 1903)Info
Aedes cunabulanus -> Ochlerotatus cunabulanusInfo
Aedes cuneatus -> Aedes angustivittatusInfo
Aedes curtipes (Edwards, 1915)Info
Aedes cyclocerculus -> Aedes hexodontusInfo
Aedes cyprioides (Danilov & Stupin, 1982)Info
Aedes cyprius (Ludlow, 1919)Info
Aedes cytolabisInfo
Aedes daggyi (Stone & Bohart, 1944)Info
Aedes dahuricus (Danilov, 1987)Info
Aedes daisetsuzanus -> Aedes impigerInfo
Aedes daitensis (Miyagi & Toma, 1980)Info
Aedes daliensis (Taylor, 1916)Info
Aedes dalzieli (Theobald, 1910)Info
Aedes daruensis -> Aedes cumminsiiInfo
Aedes daryi (Schick, 1970)Info
Aedes dasyorrhus -> Lorrainea dasyorrhusInfo
Aedes davidi (Basio, 1971)Info
Aedes deboeri (Edwards, 1926)Info
Aedes deccanus (Barraud, 1923)Info
Aedes decticus (Howard, Dyar, & Knab, 1917)Dyar
And Knab
Aedes deficiens (Arnell, 1976)Info
Aedes delpontei -> Aedes pseudodominiciiInfo
Aedes delta -> Aedes cretinusInfo
Aedes demeilloni (Edwards, 1936)Info
Aedes denderensis (Wolfs, 1949)Info
Aedes dendrophilus (Edwards, 1921)Info
Aedes dentatus (Theobald, 1904)Info
Aedes dermajoensis -> Verrallina incertaInfo
Aedes derooki (Brug, 1932)Info
Aedes desbansi -> Aedes mariaeInfo
Aedes deserticola (Zavortink, 1969)Western treehole mosquitoInfo
Aedes desmotes (Giles, 1904)Info
Aedes detritus -> Ochlerotatus detritusInfo
Aedes dialloi (Hamon & Brengues, 1965)Info
Aedes diantaeus (Howard, Dyar, & Knab, 1913)Dyar
And Knab
Aedes diazi (Schick, 1970)Info
Aedes dissimilierodes (Dong, Zhou & Dong, 2002)Info
Aedes dissimilis (Leicester, 1908)Info
Aedes diversus -> Aedes rusticusInfo
Aedes dmitryi (Gornostaeva, 2005)Info
Aedes dobodurus (King & Hoogstraal, 1946)Info
Aedes dobrotworskyi -> Finlaya dobrotworskyiInfo
Aedes domesticus (Theobald, 1901)Info
Aedes doonii (Wattal, Bhatia & Kalra, 1958)Info
Aedes dorsalis (Meigen, 1830)Salt marsh mosquito
Semi-arid mosquito
Summer saltmarsh mosquito
Aedes dorsalis -> Ochlerotatus dorsalisInfo
Aedes dorsalsisInfo
Aedes dorseyi (Knight, 1946)Info
Aedes downsi (Bohart & Ingram, 1946)Info
Aedes draconarius -> Aedes fluviatilisInfo
Aedes dufouri (Hamon, 1953)Info
Aedes dunni -> Aedes argenteoventralisInfo
Aedes duplex (Martini, 1926)Info
Aedes dupreei (Coquillett, 1904)Info
Aedes durbanensis (Theobald, 1903)Info
Aedes duxInfo
Aedes dybasi (Bohart, 1956)Info
Aedes dytes -> Aedes excruciansInfo
Aedes dzeta (Seguy, 1924)Info
Aedes ealaensis (Huang, 2004)Info
Aedes eatoni (Edwards, 1916)Info
Aedes ebogoensis (Rickenbach & Ferrara, 1965)Info
Aedes echinus (Edwards, 1920)Info
Aedes ecuadoriensis (Berlin, 1969)Info
Aedes edgari (Stone & Rosen, 1952)Info
Aedes edwardsi (Barraud, 1923)Info
Aedes eidsvoldensis -> Ochlerotatus eidsvoldensisInfo
Aedes elasiae (Vicarius Lien, 1968)Info
Aedes elchoensis (Taylor, 1929)Info
Aedes eldridgei (Reinert, 1973)Info
Aedes eleanorae (Berlin, 1969)Info
Aedes ellinorae (Edwards, 1941)Info
Aedes elsiae (Barraud, 1923)Info
Aedes embiensis -> Verrallina embiensisInfo
Aedes embuensis (Edwards, 1930)Info
Aedes epactius (Dyar & Knab, 1908)Info
Aedes epinolus -> Aedes taeniorhynchusInfo
Aedes epsilonn (Seguy, 1924)Info
Aedes eritreae (Lewis, 1942)Info
Aedes esoensis (Yamada, 1921)Info
Aedes esoensis rossicus (Dolbeskin, Goritzkaja & Mitrofanova, 1930)Info
Aedes ethiopiensis (Huang, 2004)Info
Aedes eucephalaeus (Dyar, 1918)Info
Aedes eucleptes -> Aedes japonicusInfo
Aedes euedes (Howard, Dyar, & Knab, 1913)Dyar
And Knab
Aedes euiris (Dyar, 1922)Info
Aedes euochrus (Howard, Dyar & Knab, 1917)Info
Aedes euplocamus (Dyar & Knab, 1906)Info
Aedes excrucians (Walker, 1856)Woodland mosquitoInfo
Aedes explorator -> Ochlerotatus exploratorInfo
Aedes falabreguesi (Hamon, 1957)Info
Aedes fascipalpis (Edwards, 1912)Info
Aedes feegradei (Barraud, 1934)Info
Aedes fengi (Edwards, 1935)Info
Aedes ferinus (Knight, 1947)Info
Aedes fijiensis (Marks, 1947)Info
Aedes filicis (Ingram & Meillon, 1927)Info
Aedes fimbripes (Edwards, 1924)Info
Aedes fisheri -> Aedes syntheticusInfo
Aedes fitchii (Felt & Young, 1904)Woodland mosquitoInfo
Aedes flavescens -> Ochlerotatus flavescensInfo
Aedes flavicollis (Edwards, 1928)Info
Aedes flavidorsalis -> Aedes albineusInfo
Aedes flavifrons -> Ochlerotatus flavifronsInfo
Aedes flavimargo (Edwards, 1941)Info
Aedes flavipennis (Giles, 1904)Info
Aedes flavopictus (Yamada, 1921)Info
Aedes fluviatilis (Lutz, 1904)Info
Aedes fomosensisInfo
Aedes fontenillei (Goff, Bousses & Brunhes, 2007)Info
Aedes formosensis (Yamada, 1921)Info
Aedes formosus (Walker, 1848)Info
Aedes fowleri (Charmoy, 1908)Info
Aedes franciscoi (Mattingly, 1959)Info
Aedes franclemonti (Belkin, 1962)Info
Aedes fraseri (Edwards, 1912)Info
Aedes freycinetiae (Laird, 1957)Info
Aedes freyi -> Ochlerotatus cypriusInfo
Aedes fryeri (Theobald, 1912)Info
Aedes fulgens (Edwards, 1917)Info
Aedes fulvithorax (Lutz, 1904)Info
Aedes fulvus (Wiedemann, 1828)Info
Aedes fulvus fulvusInfo
Aedes fulvus pallensInfo
Aedes fumidus (Edwards, 1928)Info
Aedes furcifer (Edwards, 1913)Info
Aedes furvus -> Aedes amesiiInfo
Aedes fusca -> Aedes amesiiInfo
Aedes fuscinervis (Edwards, 1914)Info
Aedes fuscipalpis (Belkin, 1962)Info
Aedes fuscitarsis (Belkin, 1962)Info
Aedes fuscus -> Aedes cinereusInfo
Aedes futunae (Belkin, 1962)Info
Aedes gabriel (Schick, 1970)Info
Aedes gaffigani (Reinert, 1991)Info
Aedes gahnicola -> Finlaya gahnicolaInfo
Aedes galindoi (Schick, 1970)Info
Aedes gallii -> Aedes pullatusInfo
Aedes galloisi (Yamada, 1921)Info
Aedes galloisiodes (Liu & Li, 1984)Info
Aedes galloisioides (Liu & Lu, 1984)Info
Aedes ganapathi (Colless, 1958)Info
Aedes gandaensis (Huang, 2004)Info
Aedes gandarai (Ramos, Capela & Ribeiro, 1995)Info
Aedes gandariInfo
Aedes gani (Bonne-wepster, 1940)Info
Aedes garciai -> Psorophora cingulataInfo
Aedes gardnerii (Ludlow, 1905)Info
Aedes gardnerii imitator (Lieicester, 1908)Info
Aedes geminus (Peus, 1970)Info
Aedes geniculatus -> Ochlerotatus geniculatusInfo
Aedes geoffroyi (Reinert, 1999)Info
Aedes geoskusea (Amos, 1944)Info
Aedes gibbinsi (Edwards, 1935)Info
Aedes gibbosus -> Verrallina gibbosaInfo
Aedes gilcolladoi (Sanchez-covisa Villa, Rodriguez Rodriguez & Guille, 1985)Info
Aedes gilli (Barraud, 1924)Info
Aedes gilliesi (Someren, 1962)Info
Aedes gombakensis (Mattingly, 1959)Info
Aedes gonguoensis (Gong Zhengda & Lu Baoling, 1986)Info
Aedes gonimus (Dyar & Knab, 1918)Info
Aedes gouldi (Reinert, 1972)Info
Aedes grabhami (Berlin, 1969)Info
Aedes gracilelineatus (Bonne-wepster, 1937)Info
Aedes grahami -> Aedes dorsalisInfo
Aedes grahamii (Theobald, 1909)Info
Aedes grantii (Theobald, 1901)Info
Aedes grassei (Doucet, 1951)Info
Aedes greenii (Theobald, 1903)Info
Aedes grenieri (Hamon, Service & Adam, 1961)Info
Aedes gressitti (Bohart, 1956)Info
Aedes griffithiInfo
Aedes grjebinei (Hamon & Taufflieb, 1957)Info
Aedes grossbecki (Dyar & Knab, 1906)Info
Aedes guamensis (Farner & Bohart, 1944)Info
Aedes guatemala (Berlin, 1969)Info
Aedes gubernatoris (Giles, 1901)Info
Aedes guerrero (Berlin, 1969)Info
Aedes gurneri (Someren, 1946)Info
Aedes gurneyi (Stone & Bohart, 1944)Info
Aedes gutzevichi (Dubitsky & Deshevykh, 1978)Info
Aedes gyirongensis (Ma, 1982)Info
Aedes habanicus -> Aedes tortilisInfo
Aedes hakanssoni (Knight & Hurlbut, 1949)Info
Aedes hakusanensis (Yamaguti & Tamaboko, 1954)Info
Aedes hamadryadis (Cooling, 1924)Info
Aedes hamoni -> Aedes rickenbachiInfo
Aedes hancocki (Someren, 1962)Info
Aedes hansfordi (Huang, 1997)Info
Aedes harbachi (Reinert, 1991)Info
Aedes hargreavesi (Edwards, 1920)Info
Aedes harinasutai (Knight, 1978)Info
Aedes harperi (Knight, 1948)Info
Aedes harrisoni (Muspratt, 1953)Info
Aedes haruspicus -> Psorophora insulariaInfo
Aedes harveyi (Barraud, 1923)Info
Aedes hastatus (Dyar, 1922)Info
Aedes hatorii (Yamada, 1921)Info
Aedes haworthi (Edwards, 1923)Info
Aedes hebrideus (Edwards, 1926)Info
Aedes hegneri -> Aedes macfarlaneiInfo
Aedes heischi (Someren, 1951)Info
Aedes helenae (Reinert, 1973)Info
Aedes hemisurus -> Aedes scapularisInfo
Aedes hemiteleus -> Aedes cinereusInfo
Aedes hendersoni (Cockerell, 1918)Info
Aedes hensilli (Farner, 1945)Info
Aedes heracleensis -> Aedes berlandiInfo
Aedes hesperonotius -> Ochlerotatus hesperonotiusInfo
Aedes heteropus (Dyar, 1921)Info
Aedes hewitti -> Aedes increpitusInfo
Aedes hexodontus (Dyar, 1916)Woodland floodwater mosquitoInfo
Aedes hirsutipleura -> Verrallina uncusInfo
Aedes hirsutus (Theobald, 1901)Info
Aedes hispidus -> Verrallina hispidaInfo
Aedes hodgkini -> Ochlerotatus hodgkiniInfo
Aedes hogsbackensis (Huang, 2004)Info
Aedes hoguei (Belkin, 1962)Info
Aedes hokkaidensis -> Aedes hexodontusInfo
Aedes hollandius (King & Hoogstraal, 1946)Info
Aedes hollingsheadi (Belkins, 1962)Info
Aedes holocinctus (Edwards, 1941)Info
Aedes homoeopus (Dyar, 1922)Info
Aedes hoogstraali (Knight & Rozeboom, 1946)Info
Aedes hopkinsi (Edwards, 1936)Info
Aedes horishensis -> Aedes annandaleiInfo
Aedes horotoi (Taylor, 1972)Info
Aedes horrescens (Edwards, 1935)Info
Aedes horridus (Dyar & Knab, 1908)Info
Aedes hortator (Marks, 1907)Info
Aedes huangae (Reinert, 1999)Info
Aedes hui (Bohart, 1956)Info
Aedes humeralis (Edwards, 1922)Info
Aedes hungaricus (Mihalyi, 1955)Info
Aedes hurlbuti (Lien, 1967)Info
Aedes ibis (Barraud, 1931)Info
Aedes idahoensis (Theobald, 1903)Info
Aedes idanus (Schick, 1970)Info
Aedes idjenensis (Brug, 1934)Info
Aedes imitator (Leicester, 1908)Info
Aedes impatibilis (Walker, 1859)Info
Aedes imperfectus -> Ochlerotatus imperfectusInfo
Aedes impiger (Walker, 1848)Info
Aedes implicatus (Vockeroth, 1954)Info
Aedes imposter -> Aedes impostorInfo
Aedes impostor (Schick, 1970)Info
Aedes imprimens -> Edwardsaedes imprimensInfo
Aedes inaequalis (Grabham, 1907)Info
Aedes incenusInfo
Aedes incertus -> Verrallina incertaInfo
Aedes incomptus (Arnell, 1976)Info
Aedes inconspicuosus -> Culex inconspicuosusInfo
Aedes increpitus (Dyar, 1916)Woodland mosquitoInfo
Aedes indecorabilisInfo
Aedes indonesiae (Mattlingly, 1958)Info
Aedes indosinensis (Borel, 1928)Info
Aedes inennisInfo
Aedes inermis (Colless, 1958)Info
Aedes inexpectatus (Bonne-wepster, 1948)Info
Aedes infirmatus (Dyar & Knab, 1906)Info
Aedes ingrami (Edwards, 1930)Info
Aedes innuitus -> Aedes nigripesInfo
Aedes inquinatus (Edwards, 1922)Info
Aedes insolens (Edwards, 1936)Info
Aedes insolitus (Coquillett, 1906)Info
Aedes intermedius (Danilov & Gornostayeva, 1987)Info
Aedes interruptus (Reinert, 1999)Info
Aedes intrudens (Dyar, 1919)Info
Aedes ioliota (Dyar & Knab, 1913)Info
Aedes iridipennis -> Aedes muelleriInfo
Aedes irritans (Theobald, 1901)Info
Aedes ishigakiensis -> Verrallina nobukonisInfo
Aedes iwi -> Phagomyia iwiInfo
Aedes iyengari (Edwards, 1923)Info
Aedes jacobinae (Serafim & Davis, 1933)Info
Aedes jamesi (Edwards, 1914)Info
Aedes jamoti (Hamon & Rickenbach, 1954)Info
Aedes japonicus (Theobald, 1901)Info
Aedes japonicus japonicusInfo
Aedes johorensis -> Verrallina johorensisInfo
Aedes jorgi (Carpintero & Leguizamon, 2000)Info
Aedes josephinae -> Finlaya josephinaeInfo
Aedes josiahae (Huang, 1988)Info
Aedes jugraensis (Leicester, 1908)Info
Aedes juppi (Mcintosh, 1973)Info
Aedes kabaenensis (Brug, 1939)Info
Aedes kabwachensis (Edwards, 1941)Info
Aedes kanarensis (Edwards, 1934)Info
Aedes kapretwae (Edwards, 1914)Info
Aedes karooensis (Muspratt, 1961)Info
Aedes karwari (Barraud, 1924)Info
Aedes kasachstanicus (Gutsevich, 1962)Info
Aedes katherinensis -> Stegomyia katherinensisInfo
Aedes keefei (King & Hoogstraal, 1946)Info
Aedes keniensis (Someren, 1946)Info
Aedes kennethi (Muspratt, 1956)Info
Aedes kenyae (Someren, 1946)Info
Aedes kesseli (Huang & Hitchcock, 1980)Info
Aedes keyensis -> Aedes thelcterInfo
Aedes khazani (Edwards, 1922)Info
Aedes khmerus -> Verrallina raraInfo
Aedes kiangsiensis (Tung, 1955)Info
Aedes killertonis -> Verrallina killertonisInfo
Aedes kivuensis (Edwards, 1941)Info
Aedes kleini (Reinert, 1973)Info
Aedes klotsi -> Aedes melanimonInfo
Aedes knabi (Coquillett, 1906)Info
Aedes knighti (Stone & Bohart, 1944)Info
Aedes kobayashii -> Aedes alektoroviInfo
Aedes kochi -> Finlaya kochiInfo
Aedes kohkutensis (Mattlingly, 1958)Info
Aedes kolhapuriensis (Sathe & Girhe, 2002)Info
Aedes kompi (Vargas & Downs, 1950)Info
Aedes koreicoides (Sasa, Kano & Hayashi, 1950)Info
Aedes koreicus (Edwards, 1917)Info
Aedes kotiensis -> Aedes gubernatorisInfo
Aedes krombeini (Huang, 1975)Info
Aedes krymmontanus (Alekseev, 1989)Info
Aedes kumbae (Chwatt, 1948)Info
Aedes kummi (Edwards, 1930)Info
Aedes labradorensis -> Aedes hexodontusInfo
Aedes lacteus (Knight, 1946)Info
Aedes laffooni (Knight & Rozeboom, 1946)Info
Aedes laguna (Arnell & Nielsen, 1972)Info
Aedes lamberti (Ventrillon, 1904)Info
Aedes lamborni (Edwards, 1923)Info
Aedes lambrechti (Someren, 1971)Info
Aedes lamelliferus (Bohart & Ingram, 1946)Info
Aedes langata (Someren, 1946)Info
Aedes laniger (Wiedemann, 1820)Info
Aedes laoagensis (Knight, 1946)Info
Aedes lasaensis (Meng, 1962)Info
Aedes lateralis (Meigen, 1818)Info
Aedes latipennisInfo
Aedes lauriei (Carter, 1920)Info
Aedes ledgeri (Huang, 1981)Info
Aedes leei (Berlin, 1969)Info
Aedes leesoni (Edwards, 1932)Info
Aedes leonis (Colless, 1958)Info
Aedes lepchanus (Barraud, 1923)Info
Aedes lepidonotus (Edwards, 1920)Info
Aedes lepidus (Cerqueira & Paraense, 1945)Info
Aedes leptolabis (Edwards, 1936)Info
Aedes lerozeboomi (Reinert, 1991)Info
Aedes leucarthrius (Speiser, 1909)Info
Aedes leucocelaenus -> Haemagogus leucocelaenusInfo
Aedes leucomelas (Meigen, 1804)Info
Aedes leucomeres (Giles, 1904)Info
Aedes leuconotips -> Aedes hexodontusInfo
Aedes leucophoebus -> Haemagogus leucophoebusInfo
Aedes leucopleurus -> Aedes aureostriatusInfo
Aedes leucopygos -> Aedes cinereusInfo
Aedes leucotaeniatus -> Haemagogus leucotaeniatusInfo
Aedes lewelleni (Starkey & Webb, 1946)Info
Aedes lilii (Theobald, 1910)Info
Aedes lindtropi -> Aedes cretinusInfo
Aedes lineatopennis -> Neomelaniconion lineatopenneInfo
Aedes lineatus -> Verrallina lineataInfo
Aedes linesi -> Ochlerotatus linesiInfo
Aedes lithoecetor -> Aedes fluviatilisInfo
Aedes litoreus (Colless, 1958)Info
Aedes littlechildi -> Macleaya littlechildiInfo
Aedes litwakae (Reinert, 1991)Info
Aedes loi (Lien, 1968)Info
Aedes lokojensisInfo
Aedes lokojoensis (Service, 1959)Info
Aedes longifilamentus (Su & Zhang, 1988)Info
Aedes longiforceps (Edwards, 1929)Info
Aedes longipalpis (Grunberg, 1905)Info
Aedes longirostris -> Rhinoskusea longirostrisInfo
Aedes longiseta (Edwards, 1936)Info
Aedes longitubus -> Aedes berlandiInfo
Aedes lophoventralis (Theobald, 1910)Info
Aedes lorraineae (Berlin, 1969)Info
Aedes lottei (Hamon & Brengues, 1965)Info
Aedes lowisii (Theobald, 1910)Info
Aedes lucianus (Muspratt, 1959)Info
Aedes lugubrisInfo
Aedes lunulatus (King & Hoogstraal, 1946)Info
Aedes luridus (Mcintosh, 1971)Info
Aedes luteifemur -> Ochlerotatus luteifemurInfo
Aedes luteocephalus (Newstead, 1907)Info
Aedes luteolateralis (Theobald, 1901)Info
Aedes luteostriatus (Robinson, 1950)Info
Aedes luteovittataInfo
Aedes luteus (Ludlow, 1905)Info
Aedes luzonensis (Rozeboom, 1946)Info
Aedes macdougalli (Edwards, 1922)Info
Aedes macfarlanei (Edwards, 1914)Info
Aedes macintoshi -> Ochlerotatus macintoshiInfo
Aedes mackerrasi -> Patmarksia mackerrasiInfo
Aedes macleayanus -> Ochlerotatus nigrithoraxInfo
Aedes macmillani (Marks, 1964)Info
Aedes maculicosta -> Aedes carteriInfo
Aedes madagascarensis (Someren, 1949)Info
Aedes maehleri (Bohart, 1956)Info
Aedes maffi (Taylor & Tenorio, 1974)Info
Aedes maffii (Taylor & Tenorio, 1974)Info
Aedes malayensis (Colless, 1962)Info
Aedes malayi -> Culex malayiInfo
Aedes malikuli (Huang, 1973)Info
Aedes mallochi (Taylor, 1944)Info
Aedes mamoedjoensis (Mattlingly, 1958)Info
Aedes manhi (Harbach & Cook In Cook & Al., 2010)Info
Aedes mansouri (Qutubuddin, 1959)Info
Aedes margarsen (Dyar & Shannon, 1925)Info
Aedes mariae (Sergent & Sergent, 1903)Info
Aedes marinkellei (Berlin, 1969)Info
Aedes marshallensis (Stone & Bohart, 1944)Info
Aedes marshallii (Theobald, 1901)Info
Aedes martineti (Senevet, 1937)Info
Aedes martinezi (Berlin, 1969)Info
Aedes masamae -> Aedes hexodontusInfo
Aedes mascarensis (Macgregor, 1924)Info
Aedes masculinus (Mattlingly, 1958)Info
Aedes masoalensis (Fontenille & Brunhes, 1984)Info
Aedes masseyi (Edwards, 1923)Info
Aedes mathesoni -> Aedes canadensisInfo
Aedes mathioti (Fontenille & Brunhes, 1984)Info
Aedes mattinglyi (Hamon & Rickenbach, 1954)Info
Aedes mattinglyorum (Huang, 1994)Info
Aedes maxgermaini (Huang, 1991)Info
Aedes mccormicki (Belkin, 1962)Info
Aedes mcdonaldi (Belkin, 1962)Info
Aedes mcintoshi (Huang, 1985)Info
Aedes medialis (Brug, 1932)Info
Aedes mediolineatus (Theobald, 1901)Info
Aedes mediopunctatus (Theobald, 1905)Info
Aedes mediovittataInfo
Aedes mediovittatus (Coquillett, 1906)Info
Aedes medleri (Knight & Laffoon, 1946)Info
Aedes mefouensis (Ferrara, 1974)Info
Aedes meigenanus (Dyar, 1921)Info
Aedes meirai (Ribeiro, Ramos, Capela & Pires, 1980)Info
Aedes melanimon (Dyar, 1924)Medium-sized saltmarsh mosquitoInfo
Aedes melanopterus (Giles, 1904)Info
Aedes menoni (Mattingly, 1958)Info
Aedes meprai (Martinez & Prosen, 1953)Info
Aedes mercurator (Dyar, 1920)Info
Aedes meridionalis -> Aedes serratusInfo
Aedes meronephada (Dyar Shannon, 1925)Info
Aedes metalepticus -> Aedes pullatusInfo
Aedes metallicus (Edwards, 1912)Info
Aedes metoecopus (Dyar, 1925)Info
Aedes miachaetessa -> Aedes curtipesInfo
Aedes mibokopionInfo
Aedes michaelikati (Someren, 1946)Info
Aedes mickevichae (Huang, 1988)Info
Aedes micropterus (Giles, 1901)Info
Aedes microstictus (Edwards, 1936)Info
Aedes mikiranus -> Aedes albotaeniatusInfo
Aedes mikrokopion (Knight & Harrison, 1987)Info
Aedes milleri (Dyar, 1922)Info
Aedes milsoni -> Dobrotworskyius milsoniInfo
Aedes mimesis -> Aedes fitchiiInfo
Aedes mindoroensis -> Aedes lowisiiInfo
Aedes minutus (Theobald, 1901)Info
Aedes mississippii (Dyar, 1920)Info
Aedes mitchellae (Dyar, 1905)Info
Aedes mixtus (Edwards, 1936)Info
Aedes miyarai (Tanaka, Mizusawa & Saugstad, 1979)Info
Aedes mjoebergi (Edwards, 1926)Info
Aedes mohani (Knight, 1969)Info
Aedes moloiensis (Taylor, 1929)Info
Aedes mombasaensis -> Aedes fryeriInfo
Aedes monetus (Edwards, 1935)Info
Aedes monocellatus (Marks, 1948)Info
Aedes monotrichus (Edwards, 1936)Info
Aedes montanus (Brug, 1939)Info
Aedes montchadskyi (Dubitsky, 1968)Info
Aedes monticola (Belkin & Mcdonald, 1957)Western treehole mosquitoInfo
Aedes moucheti (Ravaonjanahary & Brunhes, 1977)Info
Aedes mpusiensis (Huang, 2004)Info
Aedes mubiensis (Luh & Shih, 1958)Info
Aedes mucidus (Karsch, 1887)Info
Aedes muelleri (Dyar, 1920)Info
Aedes multifolium -> Verrallina multifoliumInfo
Aedes multiplex -> Ochlerotatus multiplexInfo
Aedes muroafcete (Huang, 1997)Info
Aedes muroafeete (Huang, 1997)Info
Aedes mutatus -> Aedes increpitusInfo
Aedes mutilus (Edwards, 1936)Info
Aedes mzooi (Someren, 1962)Info
Aedes natalensis (Edwards, 1930)Info
Aedes nataliae (Gornostaeva, 2005)Info
Aedes natronius (Edwards, 1932)Info
Aedes nearcticus -> Aedes impigerInfo
Aedes nemorosus (Meigen, 1818)Info
Aedes neoafricanus (Cornet, Valade & Dieng, 1978)Info
Aedes neogalloisi (Chen & Chen, 2000)Info
Aedes neogeorgianus (Belkin, 1962)Info
Aedes neomacrodioxa -> Verrallina neomacrodioxaInfo
Aedes neopandani (Bohart, 1956)Info
Aedes nevadensis (Chapman & Barr, 1964)Info
Aedes ngong (Someren, 1950)Info
Aedes niger -> Aedes taeniorhynchusInfo
Aedes nigerrimus (Theobald, 1913)Info
Aedes nigra -> Ficalbia nigraInfo
Aedes nigrescens -> Culex malayiInfo
Aedes nigricephalus (Theobald, 1901)Info
Aedes nigricorpus -> Culex nigricorpusInfo
Aedes nigrinus (Eckstein, 1918)Info
Aedes nigripes (Zetterstedt, 1838)Info
Aedes nigrithorax (Macquart, 1847)Info
Aedes nigrocanus (Martini, 1927)Info
Aedes nigromaculis (Ludlow, 1906)Medium-sized pasture floodwater mosquito
Pasture floodwater mosquito
Aedes nigropterum (Goff, Bousses & Brunhes, 2007)Info
Aedes nigrorhynchus (Brug, 1931)Info
Aedes nigrostriatus (Barraud, 1927)Info
Aedes nigrotarsis (Ludlow, 1908)Info
Aedes ningheensis (Lei, 1989)Info
Aedes niphadopsis (Dyar & Knab, 1918)Info
Aedes nipponicus (Lacasse & Yamaguti, 1948)Info
Aedes nippononiveus (Sasa & Nakahasi, 1952)Info
Aedes nishikawai (Tanaka, Mizusawa & Saugstad, 1979)Info
Aedes nivalis -> Ochlerotatus nivalisInfo
Aedes niveoides (Barraud, 1934)Info
Aedes niveoscutum (Zavortink, 1972)Info
Aedes niveus -> Aedes zethusInfo
Aedes njombiensis (Huang, 1997)Info
Aedes nobukonis -> Verrallina nobukonisInfo
Aedes nocturmus (Theobald, 1903)Info
Aedes nocturnus (Thoebald, 1903)Info
Aedes normanensis -> Ochlerotatus normanensisInfo
Aedes notabilisInfo
Aedes notocriptus (Skuse, 1889)Info
Aedes notoscriptus -> Rampamyia notoscriptusInfo
Aedes novalbitarsis (King & Hoogstraal, 1946)Info
Aedes novalbopictus (Barraud, 1931)Info
Aedes novoniveus (Barraud, 1934)Info
Aedes nubicolus -> Verrallina nubicolaInfo
Aedes nubilus (Theobald, 1903)Info
Aedes nummatus (Edwards, 1923)Info
Aedes nyasae (Edwards, 1930)Info
Aedes nyounae (Hamon & Adam, 1958)Info
Aedes oakleyi (Stone, 1939)Info
Aedes obscucrus (Meigen, 1830)Info
Aedes obsoletus (Huang, 1968)Info
Aedes obturbator (Dyar & Knab, 1907)Info
Aedes occidentalis -> Dobrotworskyius occidentalisInfo
Aedes oceanicus (Belkin, 1962)Info
Aedes ochraceus (Theobald, 1901)Info
Aedes okinawanus (Bohart, 1946)Info
Aedes oligopistus (Dyar, 1918)Info
Aedes omorii (Lien, 1968)Info
Aedes omurensis -> Aedes alboscutellatusInfo
Aedes opok (Corbet & Someren, 1962)Info
Aedes orbitae (Edwards, 1922)Info
Aedes oreophilus (Edwards, 1916)Info
Aedes ornatus (Meigen, 1818)Info
Aedes oroecetor -> Aedes milleriInfo
Aedes osornoi (Berlin, 1969)Info
Aedes ostentatio (Leicester, 1908)Info
Aedes ovazzai (Hamon & Adam, 1959)Info
Aedes pachyurus (Edwards, 1936)Info
Aedes pacificensis -> Aedes cataphyllaInfo
Aedes pagei (Ludlow, 1911)Info
Aedes pagetonotum -> Aedes provocansInfo
Aedes pahangi (Delfinado, 1968)Info
Aedes painei (Knight, 1948)Info
Aedes palauensis (Bohart, 1956)Info
Aedes palawanicus (Mattlingly, 1958)Info
Aedes pallens -> Culex pipiensInfo
Aedes pallidostriatus (Theobald, 1907)Info
Aedes pallirostris -> Aedes formosensisInfo
Aedes palmarum -> Patmarksia palmarumInfo
Aedes palpalis (Newstead, 1907)Info
Aedes pampangensis (Ludlow, 1905)Info
Aedes panayensis -> Verrallina panayensisInfo
Aedes panchgangee (Sathe & Girhe, 2002)Info
Aedes pandani (Stone, 1939)Info
Aedes papago (Zavortink, 1970)Info
Aedes papuensis (Taylor, 1914)Info
Aedes paradiantaeus (Apfelbeck, 1929)Info
Aedes paradissimilis (Rozeboom, 1946)Info
Aedes parvulus -> Ochlerotatus impigerInfo
Aedes patersoni (Shannon & Ponte, 1927)Info
Aedes patriciae (Mattingly, 1954)Info
Aedes paullusi (Stone & Farner, 1945)Info
Aedes pazosi -> Psorophora feroxInfo
Aedes pearyi -> Aedes pullatusInfo
Aedes pecori (Reinert, 1991)Info
Aedes pectinatus (Arnell, 1976)Info
Aedes pecuniosus -> Molpemyia pecuniosaInfo
Aedes peipingensis (Feng, 1938)Info
Aedes pembaensis (Theobald, 1901)Skusea pembaensisInfo
Aedes penghuensis (Lien, 1968)Info
Aedes pennai (Antunes & Lane, 1938)Info
Aedes perditus (Leicester, 1908)Info
Aedes periskelatus (Giles, 1902)Info
Aedes perkinsi -> Ochlerotatus perkinsiInfo
Aedes perkunas (Podenas, 1999)Info
Aedes pernotatus (Farner & Bohart, 1944)Info
Aedes perplexus (Leicester, 1908)Info
Aedes perryi (Belkin, 1962)Info
Aedes pertinans -> Wyeomyia pertinansInfo
Aedes pertinax (Grabham, 1906)Info
Aedes perturbans -> Isostomyia perturbansInfo
Aedes perventor (Cerqueira & Costa, 1946)Info
Aedes pewsInfo
Aedes pexus (Colless, 1958)Info
Aedes peytoni -> Ayurakitia peytoniInfo
Aedes phaecasiatus -> Ochlerotatus phaecasiatusInfo
Aedes phaeonotus (Arnell, 1976)Info
Aedes philippinensis (Delfinado, 1968)Info
Aedes phillipi (Someren, 1949)Info
Aedes philosophicus -> Haemagogus equinusInfo
Aedes phnomusInfo
Aedes phoeniciae (Coluzzi & Sabatini, 1968)Info
Aedes phyllolabis (Edwards, 1929)Info
Aedes pillaii (Mattingly, 1958)Info
Aedes pingpaensis (Chang, 1965)Info
Aedes pionips (Dyar, 1919)Info
Aedes pionopsInfo
Aedes pipersalatus (Giles, 1902)Info
Aedes pipkini (Bohart, 1956)Info
Aedes pix -> Aedes taeniorhynchusInfo
Aedes plagosus (Marks, 1959)Info
Aedes platylepidus (Knight & Hull, 1951)Info
Aedes plumiferus (King & Hoogstraal, 1946)Info
Aedes plutocraticus -> Aedes tortilisInfo
Aedes podographicus (Dyar & Knab, 1906)Info
Aedes pogonurus (Edwards, 1936)Info
Aedes poicilius (Theobald, 1903)Info
Aedes poliochros -> Aedes provocansInfo
Aedes pollinctor (Graham, 1910)Info
Aedes polyagrus -> Aedes nubilusInfo
Aedes polynesiensis (Marks, 1951)Polynesian tiger mosquitoInfo
Aedes portonovoensis (Tewari, 1991)Info
Aedes portoricensisInfo
Aedes postspiraculosis -> Ochlerotatus postspiraculosisInfo
Aedes postspiraculosus (Dobrotworsky, 1960)Info
Aedes poweri (Theobald, 1905)Info
Aedes prateritus -> Aedes berlandiInfo
Aedes pricei -> Aedes fitchiiInfo
Aedes procax -> Ochlerotatus procaxInfo
Aedes prodotes -> Aedes cataphyllaInfo
Aedes prolixus (Dyar, 1922)Info
Aedes prominens (Barraud, 1923)Info
Aedes protolepis (T. D. A. Cockerell, 1915)Info
Aedes protuberansInfo
Aedes provocans (Walker, 1848)Info
Aedes pseudalbolineatus (Brug, 1939)Info
Aedes pseudalbopictus (Borel, 1928)Info
Aedes pseudoafricanus (Chwatt, 1949)Info
Aedes pseudoalbolineatusInfo
Aedes pseudoalbopictusInfo
Aedes pseudoalbopicuts (Borel, 1928)Info
Aedes pseudodiantaeus -> Aedes diantaeusInfo
Aedes pseudodiumusInfo
Aedes pseudodominicii (Komp, 1936)Info
Aedes pseudoesoensis -> Aedes esoensisInfo
Aedes pseudonigeria (Theobald, 1910)Info
Aedes pseudoniveus (Theobald, 1905)Info
Aedes pseudonormanensis -> Ochlerotatus pseudonormanensisInfo
Aedes pseudonummatus (Reinert, 1973)Info
Aedes pseudorusticus -> Aedes refikiInfo
Aedes pseudoscutellaris (Theobald, 1910)Info
Aedes pseudotaeniatus (Giles, 1901)Info
Aedes pseudotarsalis (Someren, 1946)Info
Aedes pseudovarietas -> Verrallina pseudovarietasInfo
Aedes pubescens (Edwards, 1925)Info
Aedes pulchritarsis (Rondani, 1872)Info
Aedes pulchrithorax (Edwards, 1939)Info
Aedes pulchriventer (Giles, 1901)Info
Aedes pulcritarsis (Rondani, 1872)Info
Aedes pullatus (Coquillett, 1904)Woodland floodwater mosquitoInfo
Aedes pulverulentus (Edwards, 1922)Info
Aedes punctifemoris (Ludlow, 1921)Info
Aedes punctipes (Edwards, 1921)Info
Aedes punctocostalis (Theobald, 1909)Info
Aedes punctodes (Dyar, 1922)Info
Aedes punctor -> Ochlerotatus punctorWoodland floodwater mosquitoInfo
Aedes punctothoracis (Theobald, 1909)Info
Aedes purii -> Aedes craggiInfo
Aedes purpuraceus (Brug, 1932)Info
Aedes purpureifemur -> Ochlerotatus purpureifemurInfo
Aedes purpureipes (Aitken, 1941)Info
Aedes purpureus -> Molpemyia purpureaInfo
Aedes purpuriventris -> Ochlerotatus purpuriventrisInfo
Aedes quadricinctus (Barraud, 1923)Info
Aedes quadripunctis (Ludlow, 1910)Info
Aedes quadrivittatus (Coquillett, 1902)Info
Aedes quartus (Martini, 1902)Info
Aedes quasiferinus (Mattingly, 1961)Info
Aedes quasirubithorax (Theobald, 1910)Info
Aedes quasirusticus (Torres Canamares, 1951)Info
Aedes quasiscutellaris (Farner & Bohart, 1944)Info
Aedes quasiunivittatus (Theobald, 1901)Info
Aedes quaylei -> Aedes dorsalisInfo
Aedes quinquelineatus -> Rampamyia quinquelineatusInfo
Aedes ramachandrai (Reuben, 1967)Info
Aedes ramahngami -> Verrallina ramalingamiInfo
Aedes ramalingami -> Verrallina ramalingamiInfo
Aedes ramirezi (Vargas & Downs, 1950)Info
Aedes rarus -> Verrallina raraInfo
Aedes ratcliffei -> Ochlerotatus ratcliffeiInfo
Aedes raymondi (Ponte & Castro, 1951)Info
Aedes reali (Hamon & Adam, 1958)Info
Aedes refiki (Medschid, 1928)Info
Aedes reginae (Edwards, 1922)Info
Aedes reineniInfo
Aedes reinerti (Rattanarithikul & Harrison, 1988)Info
Aedes rempeli (Vockeroth, 1954)Info
Aedes reubenae (Tewari & Hiriyan, 1992)Info
Aedes reubennaeInfo
Aedes rhecter -> Aedes dalzieliInfo
Aedes rhungkiangensis (Chang & Chang, 1974)Info
Aedes rhyacophilus -> Aedes scapularisInfo
Aedes rickenbachi (Hamon & Adam, 1959)Info
Aedes rimandoi (Basio, 1971)Info
Aedes riparioides (Su & Zhang, 1987)Info
Aedes riparius (Dyar & Knab, 1907)Info
Aedes riversi (Bohart & Ingram, 1946)Info
Aedes rizali (Banks, 1906)Info
Aedes roai (Belkin, 1962)Info
Aedes robinsoni (Belkin, 1962)Info
Aedes rossicus (Dolbeskin, Gorickaja & Mitrofanova, 1930)Info
Aedes rostochiensis -> Aedes cataphyllaInfo
Aedes rotanus (Bohart & Ingram, 1946)Info
Aedes rotumae (Belkin, 1962)Info
Aedes rozeboomi -> Aedes bimaculatusInfo
Aedes rubiginosus (Belkin, 1962)Info
Aedes rubrithorax -> Dobrotworskyius rubrithoraxInfo
Aedes rufus -> Aedes cinereusInfo
Aedes rupestris -> Dobrotworskyius rupestrisInfo
Aedes rusticus (Rossi, 1790)Info
Aedes rusticus (Rossi, 1790)Info
Aedes ruwenzori (Haddow & Someren, 1950)Info
Aedes sagax -> Ochlerotatus sagaxInfo
Aedes saimedres (Huang, 1988)Info
Aedes saipanensis (Stone, 1945)Info
Aedes samoanus (Grunberg, 1913)Info
Aedes sampi (Huang, 2004)Info
Aedes sandrae (Zavortink, 1972)Info
Aedes sangitee (Sathe & Girhe, 2002)Info
Aedes sangiti (Girhe & Sathe, 2001)Info
Aedes sansoni -> Aedes excruciansInfo
Aedes saperoi (Knight, 1946)Info
Aedes sapiens -> Ochlerotatus sapiensInfo
Aedes sapphirina -> Uranotaenia sapphirinaInfo
Aedes sasai (Tanaka, Mizusawa & Saugstad, 1975)Info
Aedes savoryi (Bohart, 1956)Info
Aedes saxicola (Edwards, 1922)Info
Aedes scanloni (Reinert, 1970)Info
Aedes scapularis (Rondani, 1848)Info
Aedes scatophagoides (Theobald, 1901)Info
Aedes schicki (Zavortink, 1972)Info
Aedes schizopinax (Dyar, 1929)Info
Aedes schlosseri (Belkin, 1962)Info
Aedes schroederi (Schick, 1970)Info
Aedes schtakelbergi (Shingarev, 1928)Info
Aedes schwetzi (Edwards, 1926)Info
Aedes scutellalbum (Boshell-manrique, 1939)Info
Aedes scutellaris -> Stegomyia scutellarisInfo
Aedes scuterllarisInfo
Aedes scutoscriptus (Bohart & Ingram, 1946)Info
Aedes seampi (Huang, 1974)Info
Aedes seatoi (Huang, 1969)Info
Aedes sedaensis (Lei, 1989)Info
Aedes segermanae (Huang, 1997)Info
Aedes seguyi -> Aedes pullatusInfo
Aedes semicantans -> Aedes ripariusInfo
Aedes semlikiensis (Someren, 1950)Info
Aedes senyavinensis (Knight & Hurlbut, 1949)Info
Aedes seoulensis (Yamada, 1921)Info
Aedes septemstriatus (Dyar & Knab, 1907)Info
Aedes serafini (R. Szadziewski, 1998)Info
Aedes sergievi (Danilov, Markovich & Proskuryakova, 1978)Info
Aedes serratus (Theobald, 1901)Info
Aedes serus -> Aedes diantaeusInfo
Aedes sexlineatus (Theobald, 1901)Info
Aedes seychellensis (Theobald, 1912)Info
Aedes shannoni (Vargas & Downs, 1950)Info
Aedes shehzadae (Qutubuddin, 1972)Info
Aedes sherki (Knight, 1947)Info
Aedes shintienensis (Tsai & Lien, 1950)Info
Aedes shontiInfo
Aedes shortti (Barraud, 1923)Info
Aedes siamemsis -> Verrallina yusafiInfo
Aedes sibiricus (Danilov & Filippova, 1978)Info
Aedes sierrensis (Ludlow, 1905)Tree hole mosquito
Western treehole mosquito
Aedes sigmoides -> Verrallina duxInfo
Aedes silvestris -> Ochlerotatus silvestrisInfo
Aedes simanini (Gutsevich, 1966)Info
Aedes simlensis (Edwards, 1922)Info
Aedes simplex (Theobald, 1903)Info
Aedes simpsoni (Theobald, 1905)Info
Aedes simulans (Newstead & Carter, 1911)Info
Aedes simulatus -> Aedes elsiaeInfo
Aedes sinensis (Chow, 1950)Info
Aedes sinkiangensis (Hsiao, 1977)Info
Aedes sintoni (Barraud, 1924)Info
Aedes smithburni (Someren, 1950)Info
Aedes smithii -> Wyeomyia smithiiInfo
Aedes sohni -> Verrallina sohniInfo
Aedes soleatus (Edwards, 1941)Info
Aedes sollicitans (Walker, 1856)Saltmarsh mosquito
Eastern salt marsh mosquito
Eastern saltmarsh mosquito
Aedes solomonis (Stone & Bohart, 1944)Info
Aedes sorsogonensis (Banez & Jueco, 1966)Info
Aedes spencerii (Theobald, 1901)Info
Aedes spermathecusInfo
Aedes spilotus -> Ochlerotatus spilotusInfo
Aedes spinosipes (Edwards, 1922)Info
Aedes spinosus (Berlin, 1969)Info
Aedes squamiger (Coquillett, 1902)California saltmarsh mosquitoInfo
Aedes squamipennis -> Aedeomyia squamipennisInfo
Aedes stampari -> Aedes refikiInfo
Aedes stanleyi (Peters, 1963)Info
Aedes stegomyina -> Aedes asiaticusInfo
Aedes stenei (Thompson, 1956)Info
Aedes stenoetrus (Theobald, 1907)Info
Aedes stenoscutus (Edwards, 1912)Info
Aedes stevensoni (Barraud, 1923)Info
Aedes sticticus -> Ochlerotatus sticticusFloodwater mosquitoInfo
Aedes stigmaticus (Edwards, 1922)Info
Aedes stimulans -> Ochlerotatus stimulansWoodland mosquitoInfo
Aedes stokesi (Evans, 1929)Info
Aedes stonei (Knight & Laffoon, 1946)Info
Aedes stoneorum -> Macleaya stoneorumInfo
Aedes stramineus (Dubitzky, 1970)Info
Aedes strelitziae (Muspratt, 1950)Info
Aedes stricklandi -> Ochlerotatus stricklandiInfo
Aedes subalbirostris (Klein & Marks, 1960)Info
Aedes subalbitarsis (Knight & Hoogstraal, 1946)Info
Aedes subalbopictus (Barraud, 1931)Info
Aedes subargenteus (Edwards, 1925)Info
Aedes subauridorsum (Marks, 1948)Info
Aedes subbasalis -> Dobrotworskyius subbasalisInfo
Aedes subdentatus (Edwards, 1936)Info
Aedes subdiversus (Martini, 1926)Info
Aedes subniveus (Edwards, 1922)Info
Aedes subsimilis (Barraud, 1927)Info
Aedes subtrichurus (Martini, 1927)Info
Aedes subvexans (Martini, 1922)Info
Aedes sudanensis (Theobald, 1908)Info
Aedes suffusus (Edwards, 1922)Info
Aedes sumidero (Schick, 1970)Info
Aedes surcoufi (Theobald, 1912)Info
Aedes sureilensis (Barraud, 1934)Info
Aedes suvae -> Aedes geoskuseaInfo
Aedes sylvae (Theobald, 1901)Info
Aedes sylvaticum (Goff, Bousses & Brunhes, 2007)Info
Aedes sylvaticus (Brunhes, 1982)Info
Aedes synchytus (Arnell, 1976)Info
Aedes syntheticus (Barraud, 1928)Info
Aedes tabu (Ramalingam & Belkin, 1965)Info
Aedes tachirensis -> Aedes fulvithoraxInfo
Aedes taeniarostris (Theobald, 1909)Info
Aedes taeniorhynchoides (Christophers, 1911)Info
Aedes taeniorhynchus (Wiedemann, 1821)Black saltmarsh mosquitoInfo
Aedes tahoensis (Dyar, 1916)Info
Aedes taiwanus (Lien, 1968)Info
Aedes tarnogradskii -> Aedes rossicusInfo
Aedes tarsalis (Newstead, 1907)Info
Aedes tauffliebi (Rickenbach & Ferrara, 1965)Info
Aedes taylori (Edwards, 1936)Info
Aedes teesdalei (Someren, 1954)Info
Aedes tehuantepec (Schick, 1970)Info
Aedes terrens (Walker, 1856)Info
Aedes terriei (Theobald, 1903)Info
Aedes thailandensis (Reinert, 1976)Info
Aedes thaxteri -> Aedes busckiiInfo
Aedes thelcter (Dyar, 1918)Info
Aedes theobaldi -> Ochlerotatus theobaldiInfo
Aedes thibaulti (Dyar & Knab, 1910)Info
Aedes thomsoni (Theobald, 1905)Info
Aedes thorntoni (Dyar & Knab, 1907)Info
Aedes thurmanae (Mattingly, 1958)Info
Aedes timorensis (Miyagi, Toma & Lien, 2004)Info
Aedes tiptoni (Grjebine, 1953)Info
Aedes togoi (Theobald, 1907)Info
Aedes tongae (Edwards, 1962)Info
Aedes tonkinensis (Galliard & Ngu, 1947)Info
Aedes tonkingi (Gebert, 1948)Info
Aedes tonsus (Edwards, 1924)Info
Aedes tormentor (Dyar & Knab, 1906)Woodland floodwater mosquitoInfo
Aedes torosus -> Verrallina torosaInfo
Aedes tortilis (Theobald, 1903)Info
Aedes toxopeusi (Bonne-wepster, 1948)Info
Aedes tracei -> Aedes busckiiInfo
Aedes traversus -> Aedes angustivittatusInfo
Aedes tremulus (Theobald, 1903)Info
Aedes treubi (Meijere, 1910)Info
Aedes tricholabis (Edwards, 1941)Info
Aedes trichurus (Dyar, 1904)Info
Aedes trimaculatus (Theobald, 1905)Info
Aedes trinidad -> Aedes dendrophilusInfo
Aedes triseriatus -> Ochlerotatus triseriatusEastern treehole mosquitoInfo
Aedes trispinatus -> Verrallina trispinataInfo
Aedes trivittatus (Coquillett, 1902)Plains floodwater mosquitoInfo
Aedes trukensis (Bohart, 1956)Info
Aedes tsiliensis (King & Hoogstraal, 1946)Info
Aedes tubbutiensis -> Dobrotworskyius tubbutiensisInfo
Aedes tulagiensis (Edwards, 1926)Info
Aedes tulliae (Taylor, 1929)Info
Aedes turneri -> Ochlerotatus turneriInfo
Aedes tutuilae (Ramalingam & Belkin, 1965)Info
Aedes umbrosus (Brug, 1924)Info
Aedes uncatus -> Aedes mediovittatusInfo
Aedes uncus (Theobald, 1901)Info
Aedes unicinctus (Edwards, 1922)Info
Aedes unidentatusInfo
Aedes unilineatus (Theobald, 1906)Info
Aedes upatensis (Anduze & Hecht, 1943)Info
Aedes upolensis (Marks, 1957)Info
Aedes usambara (Mattingly, 1953)Info
Aedes valeryi (Gornostaeva, 2005)Info
Aedes vallistrisInfo
Aedes vanapus -> Verrallina vanapaInfo
Aedes vanemdeni (Martini, 1931)Info
Aedes vansomerenae (Mattingly, 1955)Info
Aedes vanus (Colless, 1958)Info
Aedes vargasi (Schick, 1970)Info
Aedes variabilis (Huang, 1968)Info
Aedes variegatus (Schrank, 1781)Info
Aedes variepictus (King & Hoogstraal, 1946)Info
Aedes varipalpus (Coquillett, 1902)Western treehole mosquitoInfo
Aedes varuae (Belkin, 1962)Info
Aedes veeniae (Mcintosh, 1975)Info
Aedes ventrovittis (Dyar, 1916)Black Snow MosquitoInfo
Aedes ventrovittusInfo
Aedes venustipes -> Aedeomyia venustipesInfo
Aedes verna -> Aedes leesoniInfo
Aedes vernus -> Aedes leesoniInfo
Aedes versicolor (Barraud, 1924)Info
Aedes vexans -> Aedimorphus vexansVexans mosquito
Floodwater mosquito
Inland Floodwater Mosquito
Aedes vexans arabiensis (Patton, 1905)Info
Aedes vexans vexans (Meigen, 1830)Info
Aedes vicarius (Lien, 1968)Info
Aedes vigilax -> Ochlerotatus vigilaxSalt-marsh MosquitoInfo
Aedes vigilax (After The Year, 2000)Info
Aedes vigilax known (After The Year, 2000)Info
Aedes vinnipegensis (Dyar, 1919)Info
Aedes vinsoni (Mattingly, 1953)Info
Aedes virginensis -> Aedes tortilisInfo
Aedes vittata -> Aedes increpitusInfo
Aedes vittatus (Bigot, 1861)Info
Aedes vittatusInfo
Aedes vittatus (Bigot, 1861)Info
Aedes vittiger -> Ochlerotatus vittigerInfo
Aedes w-albus (Theobald, 1905)Info
Aedes wadai (Tanaka, Mizusawa & Saugstad, 1979)Info
Aedes wainwrighti -> Aedes meronephadaInfo
Aedes walbusInfo
Aedes walkeri (Theobald, 1901)Info
Aedes wallacei (Edwards, 1926)Info
Aedes wardangensis -> Halaedes wardangensisInfo
Aedes wardi (Reinert, 1976)Info
Aedes washinoi (Lanzaro & Eldridge, 1992)Woodland pond MosquitoInfo
Aedes wasselli (Marks, 1947)Info
Aedes watasei (Yamada, 1921)Info
Aedes waterhousei -> Ochlerotatus silvestrisInfo
Aedes watteni (Lien, 1968)Info
Aedes wattensis (Taylor, 1929)Info
Aedes wauensis (Huang, 1968)Info
Aedes wellmanii (Theobald, 1905)Info
Aedes wendyae (Service, 1959)Info
Aedes whartoni (Mattingly, 1965)Info
Aedes whitmorei (Dunn, 1918)Info
Aedes wigglesworthi (Edwards, 1941)Info
Aedes wilkersoni (Reinert, 1991)Info
Aedes woodi (Edwards, 1922)Info
Aedes yaeyamensis (Tanaka, Mizusawa & Saugstad, 1979)Info
Aedes yamadai (Sasa, Kano & Takahasi, 1950)Info
Aedes yangambiensis (Meillon & Lavoipierre, 1944)Info
Aedes yerburyi -> Verrallina yerburyiInfo
Aedes yunnanensis (Gaschen, 1934)Info
Aedes yusafiInfo
Aedes yvonneae (Edwards, 1941)Info
Aedes zammitii (Theobald, 1903)Info
Aedes zavortinki (Schick, 1970)Info
Aedes zethus (Meillon & Lavoipierre, 1944)Info
Aedes zoosophus (Dyar & Knab, 1918)Info
Aedimorphus abnormalis (Theobald, 1909)Info
Aedimorphus aerarius (Mcintosh, 1975)Info
Aedimorphus alboannulatus -> Aedes apicoannulatusInfo
Aedimorphus albodorsalis (Fontenille & Brunhes, 1985)Info
Aedimorphus alboscutellatus (Theobald, 1905)Info
Aedimorphus albotaeniatus -> Aedes irritansInfo
Aedimorphus alboventralis (Theobald, 1910)Info
Aedimorphus argenteoscutellatus (Carter & Wijesundara, 1948)Info
Aedimorphus australis -> Aedes tremulusInfo
Aedimorphus bambiotai (Geoffroy, 1987)Info
Aedimorphus bancoi (Geoffroy, 1987)Info
Aedimorphus bevisi (Edwards, 1915)Info
Aedimorphus caecus (Theobald, 1901)Info
Aedimorphus caliginosus (Graham, 1910)Info
Aedimorphus centropunctatus (Theobald, 1913)Info
Aedimorphus culicinus (Edwards, 1922)Info
Aedimorphus cumminsii (Theobald, 1903)Info
Aedimorphus dalzieli (Theobald, 1910)Info
Aedimorphus darwini -> Aedes tremulusInfo
Aedimorphus davidi (Basio, 1971)Info
Aedimorphus dentatus (Theobald, 1904)Info
Aedimorphus domesticus (Theobald, 1901)Info
Aedimorphus durbanensis (Theobald, 1903)Info
Aedimorphus ebogoensis (Rickenbach & Ferrara, 1965)Info
Aedimorphus eritreae (Lewis, 1942)Info
Aedimorphus fowleri (De Charmoy, 1908)Info
Aedimorphus gibbinsi (Edwards, 1935)Info
Aedimorphus gouldi (Reinert, 1972)Info
Aedimorphus grjebinei (Hamon, Taufflieb & Maillot, 1957)Info
Aedimorphus hirsutus (Theobald, 1901)Info
Aedimorphus holocinctus (Edwards, 1941)Info
Aedimorphus jamesi (Edwards, 1914)Info
Aedimorphus karooensis (Muspratt, 1961)Info
Aedimorphus leesoni (Edwards, 1932)Info
Aedimorphus leptolabis (Edwards, 1936)Info
Aedimorphus leucarthrius (Speiser, 1909)Info
Aedimorphus littoralis -> Aedes trimaculatusInfo
Aedimorphus longiseta (Edwards, 1936)Info
Aedimorphus lowisii (Theobald, 1910)Info
Aedimorphus mansouri (Qutubuddin, 1959)Info
Aedimorphus masoalensis (Fontenille & Brunhes, 1985)Info
Aedimorphus mathioti (Fontenille & Brunhes, 1985)Info
Aedimorphus mattinglyi (Hamon & Rickenbach, 1954)Info
Aedimorphus mediolineatus (Theobald, 1901)Info
Aedimorphus natronius (Edwards, 1932)Info
Aedimorphus nigricephalus (Theobald, 1901)Info
Aedimorphus nigrostriatus -> Aedes nigrostriatusInfo
Aedimorphus oakleyi (Stone, 1939)Info
Aedimorphus ochraceus (Theobald, 1901)Info
Aedimorphus orbitae (Edwards, 1922)Info
Aedimorphus ovazzai (Hamon & Adam, 1959)Info
Aedimorphus pachyurus (Edwards, 1936)Info
Aedimorphus pallidostriatus (Theobald, 1907)Info
Aedimorphus pampangensis (Ludlow, 1905)Info
Aedimorphus pipersalatus (Giles, 1902)Info
Aedimorphus pubescens (Edwards, 1925)Info
Aedimorphus punctifemoris (Ludlow, 1921)Info
Aedimorphus punctithorax -> Aedes punctothoracisInfo
Aedimorphus punctothoracis -> Aedes punctothoracisInfo
Aedimorphus quasiunivittatus (Theobald, 1901)Info
Aedimorphus quinquepunctata -> Aedes argenteopunctatusInfo
Aedimorphus rickenbachi (Hamon & Adam, 1959)Info
Aedimorphus semlikiensis (Van Someren, 1950)Info
Aedimorphus senyavinensis (Knight & Hurlbut, 1949)Info
Aedimorphus stenoetrus (Theobald, 1907)Info
Aedimorphus stenoscutus (Edwards, 1912)Info
Aedimorphus subdentatus (Edwards, 1936)Info
Aedimorphus syntheticus (Barraud, 1928)Info
Aedimorphus taeniorhynchoides (Christophers, 1911)Info
Aedimorphus tauffliebi (Rickenbach & Ferrara, 1965)Info
Aedimorphus tricholabis (Edwards, 1941)Info
Aedimorphus trimaculatus (Theobald, 1905)Info
Aedimorphus trukensis (Bohart, 1957)Info
Aedimorphus vexans (Meigen, 1830)Info
Aedimorphus vexans vexans (Meigen, 1830)Info
Aedimorphus wigglesworthi (Edwards, 1941)Info
Aedinus amazonensis -> Culex amazonensisInfo
Aedoeophasma anglica (Scudder, 1885)Info
Aetheapnomyia hoffeinsorum (R. Szadziewski, 1998)Info
Aioretomyia aedes -> Culex malayiInfo
Aioretomyia ostentatio -> Aedes ostentatioInfo
Aioretomyia perditus -> Aedes perditusInfo
Aioretomyia singularis -> Verrallina singularisInfo
Aioretomyia taeniata -> Verrallina incertaInfo
Aioretomyia varietas -> Verrallina varietasInfo
Alanstonea brevitibia (Edwards, 1914)Info
Alanstonea treubi (De Meijere, 1910)Info
Albuginosus capensis (Edwards, 1924)Info
Albuginosus gilliesi (Van Someren, 1962)Info
Albuginosus haworthi (Edwards, 1923)Info
Albuginosus kapretwae (Edwards, 1941)Info
Albuginosus kennethi (Muspratt, 1956)Info
Albuginosus marshallii (Theobald, 1901)Info
Albuginosus ngong (Van Someren, 1950)Info
Albuginosus stokesi (Evans, 1929)Info
Albuginosus teesdalei (Van Someren, 1954)Info
Amblylexis gibberata (A. Bode, 1953)Info
Amianta eurycephala (A. Bode, 1953)Info
Amphipromeca acuta (A. Bode, 1953)Info
Anisocheleomyia albirarsis -> Aedes desmotesInfo
Anisocheleomyia alboannulata -> Uranotaenia alboannulataInfo
Anisocheleomyia leucoptera -> Uranotaenia leucopteraInfo
Anisocheleomyia nivipes -> Uranotaenia nivipesInfo
Anisocheleomyia quadrimaculata -> Mimomyia mediolineataInfo
Ankylorhynchus catharinensis -> Toxorhynchites catharinensisInfo
Ankylorhynchus neglectus -> Toxorhynchites trichopygusInfo
Annigeres annulipalpisInfo
Annigeres annulitarsisInfo
Annigeres aureolineatusInfo
Annigeres balteatusInfo
Annigeres bhayungiInfo
Annigeres dentatusInfo
Annigeres digitatusInfo
Annigeres dolichocephalusInfo
Annigeres flavusInfo
Annigeres inchoatusInfo
Annigeres jugraensisInfo
Annigeres kesseliInfo
Annigeres kuchingensisInfo
Annigeres longipalpisInfo
Annigeres magnusInfo
Annigeres malayiInfo
Annigeres maximusInfo
Annigeres moultoniInfo
Annigeres omissusInfo
Annigeres pectinatusInfo
Annigeres subalbatusInfo
Annigeres theobaldiInfo
Annigeres vimoliInfo
Anopheles aberrans (Harrison & Scanlon, 1975)Info
Anopheles acaci (Baisas, 1946)Info
Anopheles acanthotorynus (Komp, 1937)Info
Anopheles aconitus (Dönitz, 1902)Info
Anopheles africanus (Roque, 1903)Info
Anopheles ahomi (Chowdhury, 1929)Info
Anopheles ainshamsi (Gad, Harbach, & Harrison, 2006)Info
Anopheles aitkenii (James, 1903)Info
Anopheles alagoanii -> Anopheles peryassuiInfo
Anopheles albertoInfo
Anopheles albertoi -> Anopheles strodeiInfo
Anopheles albimanus (Wiedemann, 1820)Info
Anopheles albino -> Anopheles vagusInfo
Anopheles albipes -> Anopheles albimanusInfo
Anopheles albitarsis (Lynch Arribálzaga, 1878)Info
Anopheles albitarsis albitarsisInfo
Anopheles albitarsis domesticusInfo
Anopheles alboapicalis -> Anopheles minimusInfo
Anopheles albofimbriatus -> Anopheles pharoensisInfo
Anopheles albotaeniatus (Theobald, 1903)Info
Anopheles albus -> Anopheles pharoensisInfo
Anopheles alexandrae (Shingarev, 1928)Info
Anopheles alexandrae schingareyi -> Anopheles maculipennisInfo
Anopheles algeriensis (Theobald, 1903)Info
Anopheles allopha -> Anopheles albitarsisInfo
Anopheles alongensis (Venhuis, 1940)Info
Anopheles amaurus -> Anopheles clavigerInfo
Anopheles amazonicus -> Anopheles mattogrossensisInfo
Anopheles amharicus (Hunt, Wilkerson & Coetzee, 2013)Info
Anopheles amictus (Edwards, 1921)Info
Anopheles amictus amictusInfo
Anopheles amictus hilli -> Anopheles hilliInfo
Anopheles amutis -> Anopheles turkhudiInfo
Anopheles anchietai (Correa & Ramalho, 1968)Info
Anopheles anisochloros -> Anopheles funestusInfo
Anopheles annandalei (Prashad, 1918)Info
Anopheles annularis (Van Der Wulp, 1884)Info
Anopheles annulatus (Haga, 1930)Info
Anopheles annulimanus -> Anopheles quadrimaculatusInfo
Anopheles annulipalpis (Lynch Arribálzaga, 1878)Info
Anopheles annulipes (Walker, 1856)Info
Anopheles annuliventris -> Culex annuliventrisInfo
Anopheles anomalophyllus (Komp, 1936)Info
Anopheles anomalphyllusInfo
Anopheles anoplus -> Anopheles homunculusInfo
Anopheles antennatus -> Culex antennatusInfo
Anopheles anthropophagus -> Anopheles lesteriInfo
Anopheles antunesi (Galvao & Amaral, 1940)Info
Anopheles apicimacula (Dyar & Knab, 1906)Info
Anopheles apoci (Marsh, 1933)Info
Anopheles aquacaelestis -> Anopheles oswaldoiInfo
Anopheles aquasalis (Curry, 1932)Info
Anopheles arabica -> Anopheles fluviatilisInfo
Anopheles arabiensis (Patton, 1905)Info
Anopheles arboricola (Zavortink, 1970)Info
Anopheles ardensis (Theobald, 1905)Info
Anopheles argenteolobatus (Gough, 1910)Info
Anopheles argyitarsis (Robineau-desvoidy, 1827)Info
Anopheles argyritarsis (Robineau-desvoidy, 1827)Info
Anopheles argyritarsis argyitarsisInfo
Anopheles argyritarsis sawyeriInfo
Anopheles argyropus (Swellengrebel, 1914)Info
Anopheles arnoulti (Grjebine, 1966)Info
Anopheles artemievi (Gordeyev, Zvantsov, Goryacheva, Shaikevich & Yezho, 2005)Info
Anopheles arthuri -> Anopheles strodeiInfo
Anopheles aruni (Sobti, 1968)Info
Anopheles asiatica (Giles, 1904)Info
Anopheles asiaticus (Leicester, 1904)Info
Anopheles atacamensis (González & Sallum, 2010)Info
Anopheles atheniensis -> Anopheles superpictusInfo
Anopheles atratipes (Skuse, 1889)Info
Anopheles atroparvus (Van Thiel, 1927)Info
Anopheles atropos (Dyar & Knab, 1906)Info
Anopheles aurirostris (Watson, 1910)Info
Anopheles austenii (Theobald, 1905)Info
Anopheles auyantepuiensis (Harbach & Navarro, 1996)Info
Anopheles azaniae (Bailly-choumara, 1960)Info
Anopheles azevedoi (Ribeiro, 1969)Info
Anopheles azriki -> Anopheles turkhudiInfo
Anopheles aztecus (Hoffmann, 1935)Info
Anopheles bachmanni -> Anopheles triannulatusInfo
Anopheles baezai (Gater, 1934)Info
Anopheles baileyi (Edwards, 1929)Info
Anopheles baimaii (Sallum & Peyton, 2005)Info
Anopheles baisasi (Colless, 1957)Info
Anopheles balabacensis (Baisas, 1936)Info
Anopheles balerensis (Mendoza, 1947)Info
Anopheles bambusicolus (Komp, 1937)Info
Anopheles bancroftii (Giles, 1902)Info
Anopheles bancroftii bancroftiiInfo
Anopheles bancroftii barbiventrisInfo
Anopheles barberellus (Evans, 1932)Info
Anopheles barberi (Coquillett, 1903)Info
Anopheles barbirostris (Van Der Wulp, 1884)Info
Anopheles barbiventris (Brug., 1938)Info
Anopheles barbumbrosus (Strickland & Chowdhury, 1927)Info
Anopheles barianensis (James, 1911)Info
Anopheles barkhausi -> Anopheles macmahoniInfo
Anopheles basilewskyi (Leleup, 1957)Info
Anopheles basilii -> Anopheles maculipennisInfo
Anopheles beklemishevi (Stegnii & Kabanova, 1976)Info
Anopheles belenrae (Rueda, 2005)Info
Anopheles bellator (Dyar & Knab, 1906)Info
Anopheles benarrochi (Gabaldon, Cova-garcia, & Lopez, 1941)Info
Anopheles bengalensis (Puri, 1930)Info
Anopheles benguetensis (King, 1931)Info
Anopheles bentleyi -> Anopheles nigerrimusInfo
Anopheles berestnvei -> Anopheles superpictusInfo
Anopheles berghei (Vincke & Leleup, 1949)Info
Anopheles bervoetsi (Dhaenens, 1961)Info
Anopheles bifoliata -> Anopheles pseudopunctipennisInfo
Anopheles bifurcatus -> Anopheles clavigerInfo
Anopheles bigotii -> Anopheles pictipennisInfo
Anopheles bisignatus -> Anopheles albimanusInfo
Anopheles boliviensis (Theobald, 1905)Info
Anopheles bonnei (Fonseca & Ramos, 1939)Info
Anopheles borneensis (Mcarthur, 1949)Info
Anopheles brachypus (Donitz, 1902)Info
Anopheles bradleyi (King, 1939)Info
Anopheles braziliensis (Chagas, 1907)Info
Anopheles breinli -> Anopheles novaguinensisInfo
Anopheles brevipalpis (Roper, 1914)Info
Anopheles brevirostris (Reid, 1950)Info
Anopheles brohieri (Edwards, 1929)Info
Anopheles bromelicola -> Anopheles bellatorInfo
Anopheles broussesi (Edwards, 1929)Info
Anopheles brucechwatti -> Anopheles broussesiInfo
Anopheles brucei (Service, 1960)Info
Anopheles brumpti (Hamon & Rickenbach, 1955)Info
Anopheles brunnipes (Theobald, 1910)Info
Anopheles bulkleyi (Causey, 1937)Info
Anopheles bustamentei (Galvao, 1955)Info
Anopheles buxtoni (Service, 1958)Info
Anopheles bwambae (White, 1985)Info
Anopheles cabrerai -> Anopheles ludlowaeInfo
Anopheles calderoni (Wilkerson, 1991)Info
Anopheles caliginosus (De Meillon, 1943)Info
Anopheles cameronensis (Edwards, 1929)Info
Anopheles cameroni (De Meillon & Evans, 1935)Info
Anopheles campestris (Reid, 1962)Info
Anopheles candidiensis -> Anopheles jeyporiensisInfo
Anopheles canorii (Floch & Abonnenc, 1945)Info
Anopheles carnevalei (Brunhes, Le Goff & Geoffroy, 1999)Info
Anopheles caroni (Adám, 1961)Info
Anopheles carteri (Evans & De Meillon, 1933)Info
Anopheles catastictaInfo
Anopheles cavernicola -> Anopheles smithiiInfo
Anopheles celidopus -> Anopheles peryassuiInfo
Anopheles chagasi -> Anopheles triannulatusInfo
Anopheles changfus (Ma, 1981)Info
Anopheles chilensis -> Anopheles pictipennisInfo
Anopheles chiriquiensis (Komp, 1936)Info
Anopheles chodukini (Martini, 1929)Info
Anopheles christophersi -> Anopheles minimusInfo
Anopheles christyi (Newstead & Carter, 1911)Info
Anopheles cinctus (Newstead & Carter, 1910)Info
Anopheles cinereus (Theobald, 1901)Info
Anopheles cinereus cinereus (Theobald, 1901)Info
Anopheles cinereus hispaniola (Theobald, 1903)Info
Anopheles claviger (Meigen, 1804)Info
Anopheles clowi (Rozeboom & Knight, 1946)Info
Anopheles cohaesa -> Anopheles minimusInfo
Anopheles colledgei (Marks, 1956)Info
Anopheles collessi (Reid, 1963)Info
Anopheles coluzzii (Coetzee & Wilkerson, 2013)Info
Anopheles comorensis (Brunhes, Le Goff & Geoffroy, 1997)Info
Anopheles concolor (Edwards, 1938)Info
Anopheles confusaInfo
Anopheles confusus (Evans & Leeson, 1935)Info
Anopheles conquensis -> Anopheles marteriInfo
Anopheles corethroides (Theobald, 1907)Info
Anopheles corsicanus -> Anopheles plumbeusInfo
Anopheles costai (Da Fonseca & Da Silva Ramos, 1939)Info
Anopheles costalimai -> Anopheles mediopunctatusInfo
Anopheles costalis -> Anopheles gambiaeInfo
Anopheles courdurieri (Grjebine, 1966)Info
Anopheles coustani (Laveran, 1900)Info
Anopheles cracens (Sallum & Peyton, 2005)Info
Anopheles crawfordi (Reid, 1953)Info
Anopheles cricillium -> Anopheles hectorisInfo
Anopheles cristatus (King & Baisas, 1936)Info
Anopheles cristipalpis (Service, 1977)Info
Anopheles crockeri (Colless, 1955)Info
Anopheles crucians (Wiedemann, 1828)Info
Anopheles cruzii (Dyar & Knab, 1908)Info
Anopheles cruzii cruziiInfo
Anopheles cruzii laneanusInfo
Anopheles crypticus (Coetzee, 1995)Info
Anopheles cubensis -> Anopheles albimanusInfo
Anopheles cucphuongensis (Phan, Manh, Hinh & Vien, 1991)Info
Anopheles culicifacies (Giles, 1901)Info
Anopheles culicifacies culicifacies (Giles, 1901)Info
Anopheles culiciformis (Cogill, 1903)Info
Anopheles cuyabensis -> Anopheles triannulatusInfo
Anopheles cydippis (De Meillon, 1931)Info
Anopheles daciae (Linton, Nicolescu & Harbach, 2004)Info
Anopheles danaubento (Mochtar & Walandouw, 1934)Info
Anopheles dancalicus (Corradetti, 1939)Info
Anopheles darlingi (Root, 1926)American malaria mosquitoInfo
Anopheles daudi (Coluzzi, 1958)Info
Anopheles davidsoni -> Anopheles arabiensisInfo
Anopheles dazhaius (Ma, 1981)Info
Anopheles deaneorum (Rosa-freitas, 1989)Info
Anopheles deceptor -> Anopheles tessellatusInfo
Anopheles deemingi (Service, 1970)Info
Anopheles delta -> Anopheles aquasalisInfo
Anopheles deltaorinoquensis -> Anopheles aquasalisInfo
Anopheles demeilloni (Evans, 1933)Info
Anopheles derooki (Soesilo & Van Slooten, 1931)Info
Anopheles derricki -> Anopheles annulipesInfo
Anopheles diluvialis (Reinert, 1997)Info
Anopheles dimsInfo
Anopheles dirus (Peyton & Harrison, 1979)Info
Anopheles dispar (Rattanarithikul & Harbach, 1991)Info
Anopheles distinctus (Newstead & Carter, 1911)Info
Anopheles domesticus -> Anopheles albitarsisInfo
Anopheles domicola (Edwards, 1916)Info
Anopheles dominicanus (T. J. Zavortink, 2000)Info
Anopheles donaldi (Reid, 1962)Info
Anopheles dravidicus (Christophers, 1924)Info
Anopheles dthali (Patton, 1905)Info
Anopheles dualaensis (Brunhes, Le Goff & Geoffroy, 1999)Info
Anopheles dunhami (Causey, 1945)Info
Anopheles dunhamii (Causey, 1945)Info
Anopheles dureni (Edwards, 1938)Info
Anopheles earlei (Vargas, 1943)Info
Anopheles edwardsi -> Anopheles koreicusInfo
Anopheles eiseni (Coquillett, 1902)Info
Anopheles eiseni eiseniInfo
Anopheles eiseni geometricusInfo
Anopheles ejercitoi (Mendoza, 1947)Info
Anopheles elegans (James, 1903)Info
Anopheles elutior -> Anopheles sacharoviInfo
Anopheles elutus -> Anopheles sacharoviInfo
Anopheles emilianus -> Anopheles aquasalisInfo
Anopheles engarensis (Kanda & Oguma, 1978)Info
Anopheles eouzani (Brunhes, Le Goff & Boussès, 2003)Info
Anopheles epiroticus (Linton & Harbach, 2005)Info
Anopheles erepens (Gillies, 1958)Info
Anopheles erythraeus (Corradetti, 1939)Info
Anopheles ethiopicus (Gillies & Coetzee, 1987)Info
Anopheles evandroi (Da Costa Lima, 1937)Info
Anopheles evansae (Brèthes, 1926)Info
Anopheles evansae albertoiInfo
Anopheles evansae arthuriInfo
Anopheles evansae evansaeInfo
Anopheles evansae lloydiInfo
Anopheles evansae ramosiInfo
Anopheles faini (Leleup, 1952)Info
Anopheles farauti (Laveran, 1902)Info
Anopheles fausti (Vargas, 1943)Info
Anopheles ferruginosus -> Anopheles atroposInfo
Anopheles filipinae (Manalang, 1930)Info
Anopheles flaviceps -> Anopheles turkhudiInfo
Anopheles flavicosta (Edwards, 1911)Info
Anopheles flavirostris (Ludlow, 1914)Info
Anopheles flerowi -> Anopheles hyrcanusInfo
Anopheles fluminensis (Root, 1927)Info
Anopheles fluviatilis (James, 1902)Info
Anopheles folquei -> Anopheles stephensiInfo
Anopheles fontinalis (Gillies & De Meillon, 1968)Info
Anopheles forattinii (Wilkerson & Sallum, 1999)Info
Anopheles formoensis -> Anopheles ludlowaeInfo
Anopheles formosae -> Anopheles tessellatusInfo
Anopheles formosaensis -> Anopheles minimusInfo
Anopheles formosus (Ludlow, 1909)Info
Anopheles fragilis (Theobald, 1903)Info
Anopheles franciscanus (Mccracken, 1904)Info
Anopheles franciscanus bifoliataInfo
Anopheles franciscanus franciscanusInfo
Anopheles franciscanus levicastilloiInfo
Anopheles franciscanus neghmeiInfo
Anopheles franciscanus noeiInfo
Anopheles franciscanus patersoniInfo
Anopheles franciscanus rivadeneiraiInfo
Anopheles franciscoi (Reid, 1962)Info
Anopheles freeborni (Aitken, 1939)Info
Anopheles freetownensis (Evans, 1925)Info
Anopheles freyi (Meng, 1957)Info
Anopheles fuliginosus -> Anopheles annularisInfo
Anopheles funestus (Giles, 1900)Info
Anopheles funestus-likeInfo
Anopheles fuscicolor (Van Someren, 1947)Info
Anopheles fuscivenosus (Leeson, 1930)Info
Anopheles gabaldoni (Vargas, 1941)Info
Anopheles galvaoi (Causey, Deane, & Deane, 1943)Info
Anopheles gambiae (Giles, 1902)Info
Anopheles garnhamellus -> Anopheles rivulorumInfo
Anopheles garnhami (Edwards, 1930)Info
Anopheles gateri -> Anopheles baezaiInfo
Anopheles geoeldii (Rozeboom & Gabaldon, 1941)Info
Anopheles geometricus (Correa, 1944)Info
Anopheles georgianus (King, 1939)Info
Anopheles gibbinsi (Evans, 1935)Info
Anopheles gigas (Giles, 1901)Info
Anopheles gigas crockeriInfo
Anopheles gigas danaubentoInfo
Anopheles gigas formosusInfo
Anopheles gigas gigasInfo
Anopheles gigas oedjalikalahInfo
Anopheles gigas pantjarbatuInfo
Anopheles gigas refutansInfo
Anopheles gigas simlensisInfo
Anopheles gigas sumatranaInfo
Anopheles gilesi (Neiva, 1908)Info
Anopheles gilroyi -> Anopheles brohieriInfo
Anopheles gingeroi -> Anopheles domicolaInfo
Anopheles goeldii -> Anopheles nuneztovariInfo
Anopheles gomezdelatorrei (Levi-castillo, 1955)Info
Anopheles gonzalezrinconesi (Cova-garcía, Pulido & De Ugueto, 1977)Info
Anopheles gorgasi -> Anopheles albimanusInfo
Anopheles grabhamiInfo
Anopheles grabhamii (Theobald, 1901)Info
Anopheles gracilis -> Anopheles gambiaeInfo
Anopheles grassei (Grjebine, 1953)Info
Anopheles greeni (Rattanarithikul & Harbach, 1991)Info
Anopheles grenieri (Grjebine, 1964)Info
Anopheles grisescens -> Anopheles clavigerInfo
Anopheles griveaudi (Grjebine, 1961)Info
Anopheles guarani -> Anopheles lutziiInfo
Anopheles guarao (Anduze & Capdevielle, 1949)Info
Anopheles guarauno -> Anopheles aquasalisInfo
Anopheles guarujaensis -> Anopheles aquasalisInfo
Anopheles guatemalensis (Leon, 1938)Info
Anopheles habibi -> Anopheles clavigerInfo
Anopheles hackeri (Edwards, 1921)Info
Anopheles hailarensis (Xu & Luo, 1998)Info
Anopheles hainanensis -> Anopheles philippinensisInfo
Anopheles halophylus (Nascimento & De Oliveira, 2002)Info
Anopheles halophylus do (Nascimento & De Oliveira, 2002)Info
Anopheles hamoni (Adám, 1962)Info
Anopheles hancocki (Edwards, 1929)Info
Anopheles hargreavesi (Evans, 1927)Info
Anopheles harperi (Evans, 1936)Info
Anopheles harrisoni (Harbach & Manguin, 2007)Info
Anopheles hatorii -> Anopheles ludlowaeInfo
Anopheles hebes -> Anopheles funestusInfo
Anopheles hectoris (Giaquinto Mira, 1931)Info
Anopheles heiheensis (Ma, 1981)Info
Anopheles hellenicus -> Anopheles superpictusInfo
Anopheles henrardi -> Anopheles implexusInfo
Anopheles hermsi (Barr & Guptavanij, 1988)Info
Anopheles hervyi (Brunhes, Le Goff & Geoffroy, 1999)Info
Anopheles hilli (Woodhill & Lee, 1944)Info
Anopheles hinesorum (Schmidt, 2001)Info
Anopheles hisaoe -> Anopheles koreicusInfo
Anopheles hispaniola (Theobald, 1903)Info
Anopheles hodgkini (Reid, 1962)Info
Anopheles hollandi (Taylor, 1934)Info
Anopheles holmbergi -> Anopheles fluminensisInfo
Anopheles homunculus (Komp, 1937)Info
Anopheles hughi (Lambert & Coetzee, 1982)Info
Anopheles hunteri (Strickland, 1916)Info
Anopheles hylephilus -> Anopheles neivaiInfo
Anopheles hyrcanus (Pallas, 1771)Info
Anopheles imerinensis -> Anopheles funestusInfo
Anopheles immaculata -> Anopheles vagusInfo
Anopheles immaculatus -> Anopheles vagusInfo
Anopheles imperfectus -> Anopheles albitarsisInfo
Anopheles implexus (Theobald, 1903)Info
Anopheles impunctus -> Anopheles multicolorInfo
Anopheles incognitus (Brug, 1931)Info
Anopheles indefinitus (Ludlow, 1904)Info
Anopheles indica -> Anopheles culicifaciesInfo
Anopheles indiensis -> Anopheles nigerrimusInfo
Anopheles ininii (Senevet & Abonnenc, 1938)Info
Anopheles innominata -> Anopheles barbirostrisInfo
Anopheles insulaeflommInfo
Anopheles insulaeflorum (Swellengrebel & Swellengrebel De Graaf, 1920)Info
Anopheles intenuptusInfo
Anopheles intermedius -> Anopheles plumbeusInfo
Anopheles interruptus (Puri, 1929)Info
Anopheles introlatus (Colless, 1957)Info
Anopheles inundatus (Reinert, 1997)Info
Anopheles irenicus (Schmidt, 2003)Info
Anopheles italicus -> Anopheles hispaniolaInfo
Anopheles jacobi (Hill & Haydon, 1907)Info
Anopheles jamesii -> Anopheles annularisInfo
Anopheles janconnae (Wilkerson & Sallum, 2009)Info
Anopheles japonicus (Yamada, 1918)Info
Anopheles jebudensis (Froud, 1944)Info
Anopheles jehafi -> Anopheles cinereusInfo
Anopheles jesoensis -> Anopheles sinensisInfo
Anopheles jeyporensis -> Anopheles jeyporiensisInfo
Anopheles jeyporiensis (James, 1902)Info
Anopheles judithae (Zavortink, 1969)Info
Anopheles junlianensis (Lei, 1996)Info
Anopheles kalawara (Stoker & Waktoedi, 1949)Info
Anopheles kanvariInfo
Anopheles karwari (James, 1903)Info
Anopheles keniensis (Evans, 1931)Info
Anopheles kiangsuensis (Xu & Feng, 1975)Info
Anopheles kingi (Christophers, 1923)Info
Anopheles kinoshitai -> Anopheles tessellatusInfo
Anopheles kleini (Rueda, 2005)Info
Anopheles kochi (Dönitz, 1901)Info
Anopheles kokhani (Vythilingam, Jeffery & Harbach, 2007)Info
Anopheles kolambuganensis (Baisas, 1932)Info
Anopheles koliensis (Owen, 1945)Info
Anopheles kompi (Edwards, 1930)Info
Anopheles konderi (Galvao & Damasceno, 1942)Info
Anopheles koreicus (Yamada & Watanabe, 1918)Info
Anopheles kosiensis (Coetzee, Segerman & Hunt, 1987)Info
Anopheles kumasii -> Anopheles funestusInfo
Anopheles kummingensis (Dong & Wang, 1985)Info
Anopheles kunmingensis (Dong & Wang, 1985)Info
Anopheles kweiyangensis (Yao & Wu, 1944)Info
Anopheles kyondawensisInfo
Anopheles kyondawensis (Abraham, 1947)Info
Anopheles labranchiae (Falleroni, 1926)Info
Anopheles labrauchiaeInfo
Anopheles labrauchiae atroparvusInfo
Anopheles lacani (Grjebine, 1953)Info
Anopheles laneanus (Correa & Cerqueira, 1944)Info
Anopheles lanei (Galvao & Amaral, 1938)Info
Anopheles latens (Sallum & Peyton, 2005)Info
Anopheles leesoni (Evans, 1931)Info
Anopheles lepidotus (Zavortink, 1973)Info
Anopheles lesteri (Baisas & Hu, 1936)Info
Anopheles letabensis (Lambert & Coetzee, 1982)Info
Anopheles letifer (Sandosham, 1944)Info
Anopheles leucopus -> Anopheles annularisInfo
Anopheles leucosphyrus (Dönitz, 1901)Info
Anopheles levicastilloi (Levi-castillo, 1944)Info
Anopheles lewisi -> Anopheles thomasiInfo
Anopheles liangshanensis (Kang, Tan, Cao, Cheng, Yang & Huang, 1984)Info
Anopheles limai -> Anopheles mediopunctatusInfo
Anopheles limosus (King, 1932)Info
Anopheles lindesayi (Giles, 1900)Info
Anopheles lindesayi benguetensisInfo
Anopheles lindesayi cameronensisInfo
Anopheles lindesayi japonicusInfo
Anopheles lindesayi lindesayiInfo
Anopheles lindesayi pleccauInfo
Anopheles listeri (De Meillon, 1931)Info
Anopheles listoni -> Anopheles culicifaciesInfo
Anopheles listonii -> Anopheles fluviatilisInfo
Anopheles litoralis (King, 1932)Info
Anopheles lloreti (Gil Collado, 1936)Info
Anopheles llyodi -> Anopheles strodeiInfo
Anopheles longipalpis (Theobald, 1903)Info
Anopheles longirostris (Brug, 1928)Info
Anopheles lounibosi (Gillies & Coetzee, 1987)Info
Anopheles lovettae (Evans, 1934)Info
Anopheles ludlowae (Theobald, 1903)Info
Anopheles ludlowae ludlowae (Theobald, 1903)Info
Anopheles ludlowae torakala (Stoker & Waktoedi, 1949)Info
Anopheles lukisii -> Anopheles algeriensisInfo
Anopheles lungae (Belkin & Schlosser, 1944)Info
Anopheles lutzii (Cruz, 1901)Info
Anopheles macarthuri (Colless, 1956)Info
Anopheles machardyi (Edwards, 1930)Info
Anopheles macmahoni (Evans, 1936)Info
Anopheles maculata -> Anopheles lindesayiInfo
Anopheles maculatus (Theobald, 1901)Info
Anopheles maculicosta -> Anopheles pharoensisInfo
Anopheles maculipalpis (Giles, 1902)Info
Anopheles maculipennis (Meigen, 1818)Zebra jumperInfo
Anopheles maculipes (Theobald, 1903)Info
Anopheles mahmuti -> Anopheles hyrcanusInfo
Anopheles majidi (Young & Majid, 1928)Info
Anopheles malayensis -> Anopheles indefinitusInfo
Anopheles malefactor (Dyar & Knab, 1907)Info
Anopheles maliensis (Bailly-choumara & Adam, 1959)Info
Anopheles manalangi (Mendoza, 1940)Info
Anopheles mangyanus (Banks, 1906)Info
Anopheles marajoara (Galvao & Damasceno, 1942)Info
Anopheles marshallii (Theobald, 1903)Info
Anopheles marteri (Senevet & Prunnelle, 1927)Info
Anopheles marteri marteriInfo
Anopheles marteri sogdianusInfo
Anopheles martini -> Anopheles barbirostrisInfo
Anopheles martinius (Shingarev, 1926)Info
Anopheles marzinovski -> Anopheles hyrcanusInfo
Anopheles mascarensis (De Meillon, 1947)Info
Anopheles masseguini -> Anopheles brohieriInfo
Anopheles mastersi -> Anopheles annulipesInfo
Anopheles mattogrossensis (Lutz & Neiva, 1911)Info
Anopheles mauritianus -> Anopheles coustaniInfo
Anopheles maverlius (Reinert, 1997)Info
Anopheles mediopunctatus (Lutz, 1903)Info
Anopheles melanoon (Hackett, 1934)Info
Anopheles melanotarsisInfo
Anopheles melas (Theobald, 1903)Info
Anopheles mengalangensis (Ma, 1981)Info
Anopheles mengalengensis (Ma, 1981)Info
Anopheles meraukensis (Venhuis, 1932)Info
Anopheles merus (Dönitz, 1902)Info
Anopheles mesopotamiae -> Anopheles hyrcanusInfo
Anopheles messeae (Falleroni, 1926)Info
Anopheles metaboles -> Anopheles stephensiInfo
Anopheles metcalfi -> Anopheles oswaldoiInfo
Anopheles michaeli -> Anopheles schwetziInfo
Anopheles milesi -> Anopheles ugandaeInfo
Anopheles millecampsi (Lips, 1960)Info
Anopheles milloti (Grjebine & Lacan, 1953)Info
Anopheles minimus (Theobald, 1901)Info
Anopheles minor -> Anopheles gambiaeInfo
Anopheles minutus (Macquart, 1834)Info
Anopheles mirans (Sallum & Peyton, 2005)Info
Anopheles missiroli -> Anopheles clavigerInfo
Anopheles moghulensis (Christophers, 1924)Info
Anopheles moluccensis -> Anopheles farautiInfo
Anopheles montanus (Stanton & Wacker, 1917)Info
Anopheles mortiauxi (Edwards, 1938)Info
Anopheles moucheti (Evans, 1925)Info
Anopheles moucheti bervoetsi (D´haenans, 1961)Info
Anopheles moucheti moucheti (Evans, 1925)Info
Anopheles moucheti nigeriensisInfo
Anopheles mousinhoi (De Meillon & Pereira, 1940)Info
Anopheles multicinctus (Edwards, 1930)Info
Anopheles multicolor (Cambouliu, 1902)Info
Anopheles murphyi (Gillies & De Meillon, 1968)Info
Anopheles musivus -> Anopheles annulipesInfo
Anopheles mysorensis -> Anopheles stephensiInfo
Anopheles namibiensis (Coetzee, 1984)Info
Anopheles natalensis (Hill & Haydon, 1907)Info
Anopheles nataliae (Belkin, 1945)Info
Anopheles neghmei (Mann, 1950)Info
Anopheles neivai (Howard, Dyar & Knab, 1906)Info
Anopheles nemophilous (Peyton & Ramalingam, 1988)Info
Anopheles neomaculipalpis (Curry, 1931)Info
Anopheles neomaculipalpus (Curry, 1931)Info
Anopheles nero (Doleschall, 1857)Info
Anopheles nigemimusInfo
Anopheles nigeriensis -> Anopheles mouchetiInfo
Anopheles nigerrimus (Giles, 1900)Info
Anopheles nigra -> Anopheles niliInfo
Anopheles nigrans -> Anopheles karwariInfo
Anopheles nigripes -> Anopheles plumbeusInfo
Anopheles nigritarsis (Chagas, 1907)Info
Anopheles nilgiricus (Christophers, 1924)Info
Anopheles nili (Theobald, 1904)Info
Anopheles nimbus (Theobald, 1902)Info
Anopheles nimpe (Nguyen, Tran & Harbach, 2000)Info
Anopheles nitidus (Harrison, Scanlon & Reid, 1973)Info
Anopheles niveopalpis -> Anopheles eiseniInfo
Anopheles nivipes (Theobald, 1903)Info
Anopheles njombiensis (Peters, 1955)Info
Anopheles noei (Mann, 1950)Info
Anopheles noniae (Reid, 1963)Info
Anopheles noroestensis -> Anopheles evansaeInfo
Anopheles notanandai (Rattanarithikul & Green, 1987)Info
Anopheles notleyi (Van Someren, 1949)Info
Anopheles novaguinensis (Venhuis, 1933)Info
Anopheles nowlini -> Anopheles obscurusInfo
Anopheles nuneztovari (Gabaldon, 1940)Info
Anopheles obscura (Tenorio, 1975)Info
Anopheles obscurus (Grünberg, 1905)Info
Anopheles occidentalis (Dyar & Knab, 1906)Info
Anopheles oedjalikalah (Nainggolan, 1939)Info
Anopheles ohamai (Ohama, 1947)Info
Anopheles oiketorakras (Osorno-mesa, 1947)Info
Anopheles okuensis (Brunhes, Le Goff & Geoffroy, 1997)Info
Anopheles omorii (Sakakibara, 1959)Info
Anopheles orientalis (Swellengrebel & Swellengrebel De Graaf, 1920)Info
Anopheles oryzalimnetes (Wilkerson & Motoki, 2009)Info
Anopheles oswaldoi (Peryassú, 1922)Info
Anopheles ovengensis (Awono-ambene, Simard, Antonio-nkonkjio & Fontenill, 2004)Info
Anopheles pallidus (Theobald, 1901)Info
Anopheles palmatus (Rodenwaldt, 1926)Info
Anopheles paltrinierii (Shidrawi & Gillies, 1988)Info
Anopheles paludis (Theobald, 1900)Info
Anopheles pampanai (Büttiker & Beales, 1959)Info
Anopheles pampangensis -> Anopheles philippinensisInfo
Anopheles pantjarbatu (Koesoemawinangoen, 1954)Info
Anopheles papuae (Swellengrebel & Swellengrebel De Graaf, 1919)Info
Anopheles papuensis (Dobrotworsky, 1957)Info
Anopheles paraliae (Sandosham, 1959)Info
Anopheles parangensis (Ludlow, 1914)Info
Anopheles parapunctipennis (Martini, 1932)Info
Anopheles parapunctipennis guatemalensisInfo
Anopheles parapunctipennis parapunctipennisInfo
Anopheles parensis (Gillies, 1962)Info
Anopheles parvus (Chagas, 1907)Info
Anopheles patersoni (Alvarado & Heredia, 1947)Info
Anopheles pattoni (Christophers, 1926)Info
Anopheles pauliani (Grjebine, 1953)Info
Anopheles paulistensis -> Anopheles darlingiInfo
Anopheles peditaeniatus (Leicester, 1908)Info
Anopheles pergusae -> Anopheles labranchiaeInfo
Anopheles perplexens (Ludlow, 1907)Info
Anopheles perplexus -> Anopheles annulipesInfo
Anopheles persicus -> Anopheles turkhudiInfo
Anopheles persiensis (Linton, Sedaghat & Harbach, 2003)Info
Anopheles persimilis -> Anopheles annulipesInfo
Anopheles peruvianus -> Anopheles pseudopunctipennisInfo
Anopheles peryassui (Dyar & Knab, 1908)Info
Anopheles pessoai -> Anopheles braziliensisInfo
Anopheles petragnani (Del Vecchio, 1939)Info
Anopheles peytoni (Kulasekera, Harrison & Amerasinghe, 1989)Info
Anopheles pharoensis (Theobald, 1901)Info
Anopheles philippinensis (Ludlow, 1902)Info
Anopheles pholidotus (Zavortink, 1973)Info
Anopheles pictipennis (Philippi, 1865)Info
Anopheles pictus -> Anopheles hyrcanusInfo
Anopheles pilinotum (Harrison & Scanlon, 1974)Info
Anopheles pinjaurensis (Barraud, 1932)Info
Anopheles pleccau (Koidzumi, 1924)Info
Anopheles plumbeus (Stephens, 1828)Info
Anopheles plumiger -> Anopheles sinensisInfo
Anopheles pollicaris (Reid, 1962)Info
Anopheles pollutus -> Anopheles clavigerInfo
Anopheles popovi -> Anopheles hyrcanusInfo
Anopheles powderi (Zavortink, 1970)Info
Anopheles powelli (Lee, 1944)Info
Anopheles pretoriensis (Theobald, 1903)Info
Anopheles pristinus (Nagaki & Sallum, 2010)Info
Anopheles pseudobarbirostris (Ludlow, 1902)Info
Anopheles pseudojamesi (Strickland & Chowdhury, 1927)Info
Anopheles pseudomaculipes (Peryassú, 1908)Info
Anopheles pseudopictus (Grassi, 1899)Info
Anopheles pseudopunctipennis (Theobald, 1901)Info
Anopheles pseudopunctipennis levicastilloiInfo
Anopheles pseudopunctipennis neghmeiInfo
Anopheles pseudopunctipennis noeiInfo
Anopheles pseudopunctipennis patersoniInfo
Anopheles pseudopunctipennis pseudopunctipennisInfo
Anopheles pseudopunctipennis rivadeneiraiInfo
Anopheles pseudosinensis (Baisas, 1935)Info
Anopheles pseudostigmaticus (Dobrotworsky, 1957)Info
Anopheles pseudosundaicus (Tyagi & Al., 2009)Info
Anopheles pseudotibiamaculata (Galvao & Barretto, 1941)Info
Anopheles pseudotibiamaculatus (Galvao & Barretto, 1941)Info
Anopheles pseudowillmori (Theobald, 1910)Info
Anopheles pujutensis (Colless, 1948)Info
Anopheles pulcherrimus (Theobald, 1902)Info
Anopheles pullus (Yamada, 1937)Info
Anopheles punctibasis -> Anopheles koreicusInfo
Anopheles punctimacula (Dyar & Knab, 1906)Info
Anopheles punctipennis (Say, 1823)Info
Anopheles punctulatus (Dönitz, 1901)Info
Anopheles pursati (Laveran, 1902)Info
Anopheles puselis -> Anopheles natalensisInfo
Anopheles quadriannulatus (Theobald, 1911)Info
Anopheles quadrimaculatus (Say, 1824)Info
Anopheles rachoui (Galvao, 1952)Info
Anopheles radama (De Meillon, 1943)Info
Anopheles rageaui (Mattingly & Adam, 1954)Info
Anopheles ramosi -> Anopheles strodeiInfo
Anopheles rampae (Harbach & Somboon, 2011)Info
Anopheles ramsayi -> Anopheles pseudojamesiInfo
Anopheles ranci (Grjebine, 1953)Info
Anopheles rangeli (Gabaldon, Cova-garcia, & Lopez, 1940)Info
Anopheles recens (Sallum & Peyton, 2005)Info
Anopheles refutans (Alcock, 1913)Info
Anopheles reidi (Harrison, 1973)Info
Anopheles relictus -> Anopheles sacharoviInfo
Anopheles rennellensis (Taylor & Maffi, 1991)Info
Anopheles rhodesiensis (Theobald, 1901)Info
Anopheles riparis (King & Baisas, 1936)Info
Anopheles rivadeneirai (Levi-castillo, 1945)Info
Anopheles rivulorum (Leeson, 1935)Info
Anopheles rodhaini (Leleup & Lips, 1950)Info
Anopheles rollai (Cova-garcía, Pulido & De Ugueto, 1977)Info
Anopheles rondoni (Neiva & Pinto, 1922)Info
Anopheles rooti -> Anopheles argyritarsisInfo
Anopheles roperi (Reid, 1950)Info
Anopheles rossii -> Anopheles subpictusInfo
Anopheles rottensis (G. Statz, 1944)Info
Anopheles roubaudi (Grjebine, 1953)Info
Anopheles ruarinus (Edwards, 1940)Info
Anopheles rufipes (Gough, 1910)Info
Anopheles rufipes broussesi (Edwards, 1929)Info
Anopheles rufipes rufipes (Gough, 1910)Info
Anopheles rupicolus (Lewis, 1937)Info
Anopheles sacharovi (Favre, 1903)Info
Anopheles salbaii (Maffi & Coluzzi, 1958)Info
Anopheles samarensis (Rozeboom, 1951)Info
Anopheles sanctielii (Senevet & Abonnenc, 1938)Info
Anopheles saperoi (Bohart & Ingram, 1946)Info
Anopheles saperoi ohamaiInfo
Anopheles saperoi saperoiInfo
Anopheles saungi (Colless, 1955)Info
Anopheles sawadwonaeomiInfo
Anopheles sawadwongporni (Rattanarithikul & Green, 1987)Info
Anopheles sawyeri (Causey, Deane, Deane, & Sampaio, 1943)Info
Anopheles scanloni (Sallum & Peyton, 2005)Info
Anopheles schueffneri (Stanton, 1915)Info
Anopheles schwetzi (Evans, 1934)Info
Anopheles selengensis (Ludlow, 1920)Info
Anopheles seneveti -> Anopheles broussesiInfo
Anopheles separatus (Leicester, 1908)Info
Anopheles septentrionalis -> Anopheles brohieriInfo
Anopheles seretsei (Abdulla-chan, Coetzee & Hunt, 1998)Info
Anopheles sergentii (Theobald, 1907)Info
Anopheles sergentii macmahoni (Evans, 1936)Info
Anopheles sergentii sergentii (Theobald, 1907)Info
Anopheles seydeli (Edwards, 1929)Info
Anopheles shannoni (Davis, 1931)Black cherry fruit flyInfo
Anopheles sicaulti -> Anopheles labranchiaeInfo
Anopheles similis -> Anopheles coustaniInfo
Anopheles similissimus (Strickland & Chowdhury, 1927)Info
Anopheles simlensis (James, 1911)Info
Anopheles simmondsi (Tenorio, 1977)Info
Anopheles sinensis (Wiedemann, 1828)Western cherry fruit flyInfo
Anopheles sineroides (Yamada, 1924)Info
Anopheles sintoni (Puri, 1929)Info
Anopheles sintonoides (Ho, 1938)Info
Anopheles smaragdinus (Reinert, 1997)Info
Anopheles smithii (Theobald, 1905)Info
Anopheles soalalaensis (Grjebine, 1953)Info
Anopheles soesiloi -> Bironella derookiInfo
Anopheles sogdianus -> Anopheles marteriInfo
Anopheles solomonensis (Cumpston, 1924)Info
Anopheles solomonis (Belkin, Knight & Rozeboom, 1945)Info
Anopheles somalicus (Rivola & Holstein, 1957)Info
Anopheles splendidus (Koidzumi, 1920)Info
Anopheles squamifemur (Antunes, 1937)Info
Anopheles squamosus (Theobald, 1901)Info
Anopheles stantoni -> Anopheles fragilisInfo
Anopheles stephensi (Liston, 1901)Info
Anopheles stigmaticus (Skuse, 1889)Info
Anopheles stonei -> Anopheles punctipennisInfo
Anopheles stookesi (Colless, 1955)Info
Anopheles stricklandi (Reid, 1965)Info
Anopheles strigimacula -> Anopheles punctimaculaInfo
Anopheles strodei (Root, 1926)Info
Anopheles subalpinus -> Anopheles melanoonInfo
Anopheles subpictus (Grassi, 1899)Info
Anopheles subtilis -> Anopheles tenebrosusInfo
Anopheles subumbrosa -> Anopheles funestusInfo
Anopheles sulawesi (Waktoedi, 1954)Info
Anopheles sumatrana (Swellengrebel & Rodenwaldt, 1932)Info
Anopheles sundaicus (Rodenwaldt, 1925)Info
Anopheles superpictus (Grassi, 1899)Info
Anopheles swahilicus (Gillies, 1964)Info
Anopheles symesi (Edwards, 1928)Info
Anopheles taiwanensis -> Anopheles tessellatusInfo
Anopheles takasagoensis (Morishita, 1946)Info
Anopheles tangensis (Kuhlow, 1962)Info
Anopheles tarsimaculata -> Anopheles albimanusInfo
Anopheles tasmaniensis (Dobrotworsky, 1966)Info
Anopheles tchekedii (De Meillon & Leeson, 1940)Info
Anopheles telamali (Saliternik & Theodor, 1942)Info
Anopheles tenebrosus (Dönitz, 1902)Info
Anopheles tessellatus (Theobald, 1901)Info
Anopheles theileri (Edwards, 1912)Info
Anopheles theobaldi (Giles, 1901)Info
Anopheles thomasi (Shannon, 1933)Info
Anopheles tibani -> Anopheles pretoriensisInfo
Anopheles tibiamaculatus (Neiva, 1906)Info
Anopheles tigentiInfo
Anopheles tigertti (Scanlon & Peyton, 1967)Info
Anopheles tonkinensis -> Anopheles alongensisInfo
Anopheles torakala (Stoker & Waktoedi, 1949)Info
Anopheles torresiensis (Schmidt, 2001)Info
Anopheles travestita (Brug, 1928)Info
Anopheles treacherii -> Anopheles fragilisInfo
Anopheles triannulatus (Neiva & Pinto, 1922)Info
Anopheles triannulatus davisi (Paterson & Shannon, 1927)Info
Anopheles triannulatus triannulatusInfo
Anopheles trimaculatus -> Anopheles indefinitusInfo
Anopheles trinkae (Faran, 1979)Info
Anopheles trisignatus -> Anopheles albimanusInfo
Anopheles tucumanus -> Anopheles pseudopunctipennisInfo
Anopheles turkestani -> Anopheles clavigerInfo
Anopheles turkhudi (Liston, 1901)Info
Anopheles turkhudi telamali (Saliternik & Theodor, 1942)Info
Anopheles turkhudi turkhudi (Liston, 1901)Info
Anopheles typicus -> Anopheles maculipennisInfo
Anopheles ugandae (Evans, 1934)Info
Anopheles umbrosa -> Anopheles funestusInfo
Anopheles umbrosus (Theobald, 1903)Info
Anopheles ungujae (White, 1975)Info
Anopheles upemba (Lips, 1960)Info
Anopheles vadakadiensis -> Anopheles subpictusInfo
Anopheles vagus (Dönitz, 1902)Info
Anopheles vanderwulpi (Townson & Harbach, 2013)Info
Anopheles vaneedeni (Gillies & Coetzee, 1987)Info
Anopheles vanhoofi (Wanson & Lebied, 1945)Info
Anopheles vanthieli -> Anopheles fainiInfo
Anopheles vanus (Walker, 1859)Info
Anopheles vargasi (Gabaldon, Cova-garcía & López, 1941)Info
Anopheles variegatus -> Anopheles pictipennisInfo
Anopheles varuna (Iyengar, 1924)Info
Anopheles varuna lyengarInfo
Anopheles vassilievii -> Anopheles superpictusInfo
Anopheles venezuelae -> Anopheles punctimaculaInfo
Anopheles venhuisi -> Anopheles nigerrimusInfo
Anopheles vernus (Gillies & De Meillon, 1968)Info
Anopheles veruslanei (Vargas, 1979)Info
Anopheles vestitipennis (Dyar & Knab, 1906)Info
Anopheles vietnamensis (Nguyen, Tran & Nguyen, 1993)Info
Anopheles villosus -> Anopheles clavigerInfo
Anopheles vincenti -> Anopheles minimusInfo
Anopheles vinckei (De Meillon, 1942)Info
Anopheles vulgaris (Hatori, 1901)Info
Anopheles walchi -> Bironella gracilisInfo
Anopheles walkeri (Theobald, 1901)Info
Anopheles walravensi (Edwards, 1930)Info
Anopheles walshi -> Anopheles garnhamiInfo
Anopheles wardi -> Anopheles dthaliInfo
Anopheles watsoni -> Anopheles rufipesInfo
Anopheles watsonii (Leicester, 1908)Info
Anopheles wellcomei (Theobald, 1904)Info
Anopheles wellcomei ugandae (Evans, 1934)Info
Anopheles wellcomei ungujae (White, 1975)Info
Anopheles wellcomei wellcomei (Theobald, 1904)Info
Anopheles wellingtonianus (Alcock, 1912)Info
Anopheles whanoniInfo
Anopheles whartoni (Reid, 1963)Info
Anopheles willardi -> Anopheles franciscanusInfo
Anopheles williamsoni -> Anopheles nigerrimusInfo
Anopheles willmorei (James, 1903)Info
Anopheles willmori (James, 1903)Info
Anopheles wilsoni (Evans, 1934)Info
Anopheles xelajuensis (De Leon, 1938)Info
Anopheles xiaokuanus (Ma, 1981)Info
Anopheles xui (Dong, Zhou, Dong & Mao, 2007)Info
Anopheles yaeyamaensis (Somboon & Harbach, 2010)Info
Anopheles yatsushiroensis -> Anopheles pullusInfo
Anopheles ziemanni (Grünberg, 1902)Info
Anophelinae annularis (Wulp, 1884)Info
Anophelinae barbumbrosus (Strickland & Chowdhury, 1927)Info
Anophelinae bengalensis (Puri, 1930)Info
Anophelinae fluviatilis (James, 1902)Info
Anophelinae gigas (Baileyi Edwards, 1927)Info
Anophelinae indefinitus (Ludlow, 1904)Info
Anophelinae insulaeflorum (Swellengrebel & Graaf, 1919)Info
Anophelinae jeyporiensis (Candidiensis Koizumi, 1924)Info
Anophelinae kochi (Doenitz, 1901)Info
Anophelinae lindesayi (Pleccau Koizumi, 1924)Info
Anophelinae ludlowae (Theobald, 1903)Info
Anophelinae maculata (Theobald, 1901)Info
Anophelinae minimus (Theobald, 1901)Info
Anophelinae sinensis (Wiedemann, 1828)Info
Anophelinae splendidus (Koizumi, 1920)Info
Anophelinae takasagoensis (Morishita, 1946)Info
Anophelinae tessellatus (Theobald, 1901)Info
Aporoculex punctipes -> Culex poicilipesInfo
Armigeres alkatirii (Toma, Miyagi & Syafruddin, 1995)Info
Armigeres annulipalpis (Theobald, 1910)Info
Armigeres annulitarsis (Leicester, 1908)Info
Armigeres apoensis (Bohart & Farner, 1944)Info
Armigeres aureolineatus (Leicester, 1908)Info
Armigeres azurini (Basio, 1971)Info
Armigeres baisasi (Stone & Thurman, 1958)Info
Armigeres balteatus (Macdonald, 1960)Info
Armigeres bhayungi (Thurman & Thurman, 1958)Info
Armigeres breinli (Taylor, 1914)Info
Armigeres brevitibia -> Aedes brevitibiaInfo
Armigeres candelabrifer (Brug, 1939)Info
Armigeres chrysocorporis (Hsieh & Liao, 1956)Info
Armigeres cingulata (Leicester, 1908)Info
Armigeres cingulatus (Leicester, 1908)Info
Armigeres confusus (Edwards, 1915)Info
Armigeres conjungens (Edwards, 1914)Info
Armigeres denbesteni (Brug, 1925)Info
Armigeres dentatus (Barraud, 1927)Info
Armigeres dibrugarhensis -> Armigeres durhamiInfo
Armigeres digitatus (Edwards, 1914)Info
Armigeres digitatus (Edwards, 1914)Info
Armigeres dolichocephalus (Leicester, 1908)Info
Armigeres durhami (Edwards, 1917)Info
Armigeres ejercitoi (Baisas, 1935)Info
Armigeres fimbriatus (Edwards, 1930)Info
Armigeres flavus (Leicester, 1908)Info
Armigeres flavus (Leicester, 1908)Info
Armigeres foliatus (Brug, 1931)Info
Armigeres giveni (Edwards, 1926)Info
Armigeres hybridus (Edwards, 1914)Info
Armigeres inchoatus (Barraud, 1927)Info
Armigeres javanensis -> Armigeres durhamiInfo
Armigeres joloensis (Ludlow, 1904)Info
Armigeres jugraensis (Twinn, 1936)Info
Armigeres kesseli (Ramalingam, 1987)Info
Armigeres kinabaluensis (Ramalingam, 1972)Info
Armigeres kuchingensis (Edwards, 1915)Info
Armigeres lacuum (Edwards, 1922)Info
Armigeres laoensis (Toma & Miyagi, 2003)Info
Armigeres lepidocoxitus (Dong, Zhou & Dong, 1995)Info
Armigeres longipalpis (Leicester, 1904)Info
Armigeres magnus (Theobald, 1908)Info
Armigeres magnus (Theobald, 1908)Info
Armigeres mahantai (Bhattacharyya, Prakash, Mohapatra & Sarma, 2009)Info
Armigeres maiae (Dyar & Shannon, 1927)Info
Armigeres malayi (Theobald, 1901)Info
Armigeres manalangi (Baisas, 1935)Info
Armigeres maximus (Edwards, 1922)Info
Armigeres menglaensis (Dong, Zhou & Dong, 2002)Info
Armigeres milnensis (Lee, 1944)Info
Armigeres mjoebergi -> Aedes mjoebergiInfo
Armigeres moultoni (Edwards, 1914)Info
Armigeres nongpohensis -> Armigeres kuchingensisInfo
Armigeres obturbans (Walker, 1859)Info
Armigeres omissus (Edwards, 1914)Info
Armigeres omissus (Edwards, 1914)Info
Armigeres pallithorax (Dong, Zhou & Dong, 2004)Info
Armigeres papuensis (Peters, 1963)Info
Armigeres pectinatus (Edwards, 1914)Info
Armigeres pendulus (Edwards, 1914)Info
Armigeres russelli -> Armigeres malayiInfo
Armigeres sembeli (Toma & Miyagi, 2002)Info
Armigeres seticoxitus (Luh & Li, 1981)Info
Armigeres setifer (Delfinado, 1966)Info
Armigeres shillongensis -> Armigeres durhamiInfo
Armigeres spathulatus -> Armigeres denbesteniInfo
Armigeres subalbatus (Coquillett, 1898)Info
Armigeres theobaldi (Barraud, 1934)Info
Armigeres traubi (Macdonald, 1960)Info
Armigeres vimoli (Thurman & Thurman, 1958)Info
Armigeres yunnanensis (Dong, Zhou & Dong, 1995)Info
Arribalzagia maculipes -> Anopheles maculipesInfo
Arribalzagia pseudomaculipes -> Anopheles pseudomaculipesInfo
Ayurakitia griffithi (Thurman, 1954)Info
Ayurakitia peytoni (Reinert, 1972)Info
Aztecaedes ramirezi (Vargas & Downs, 1950)Info
Species with BBack  Next  Top
Bancroftia albicosta -> Orthopodomyia albicostaInfo
Bancroftia persephassa -> Coquillettidia nigricansInfo
Banksinella albicosta -> Aedes albicostaInfo
Banksinella albothorax -> Aedes albothoraxInfo
Banksinella chrysothorax -> Aedes taeniarostrisInfo
Banksinella circumluteolus -> Aedes circumluteolusInfo
Banksinella fuscinervis -> Aedes fuscinervisInfo
Banksinella pallida -> Aedes albothoraxInfo
Banksinella punctocostalis -> Aedes punctocostalisInfo
Banksinella taeniarostris -> Aedes taeniarostrisInfo
Bathosomyia abnormalis -> Aedes abnormalisInfo
Belkinius aurotaeniatus (Edwards, 1922)Info
Bifidistylus boneti (Gil Collado, 1936)Info
Bifidistylus lamborni (Edwards, 1923)Info
Bironella brugi -> Bironella papuaeInfo
Bironella confusa (Bonne-wepster, 1951)Info
Bironella derooki (Söesilo & Van Slooten, 1931)Info
Bironella gracilis (Theobald, 1905)Info
Bironella hollandi (Taylor, 1934)Info
Bironella obscura (Tenorio, 1975)Info
Bironella occulta -> Bironella gracilisInfo
Bironella papuae (Swellengrebel & Swellengrebel De Graaf, 1919)Info
Bironella simmondsi (Tenorio, 1977)Info
Bironella travestita (Brug, 1928)Info
Bolbodeomyia complex -> Heizmannia complexInfo
Borichinda cavernicola (Rattanarithikul & Harbach, 2007)Info
Bothaella alongi (Galliard & Ngu, 1947)Info
Bothaella brownscutuma (Dong, Zhou & Dong, 1999)Info
Bothaella eldridgei (Reinert, 1973)Info
Bothaella helenae (Reinert, 1973)Info
Bothaella kleini (Reinert, 1973)Info
Bothaella manhi (Harbach & Cook, 2010)Info
Boycia mimomyiaformis -> Mimomyia mimomyiaformisInfo
Brachiomyia magnus -> Deinocerites magnusInfo
Brevirhynchus annulipalpis -> Armigeres annulipalpisInfo
Brevirhynchus apicalis -> Armigeres flavusInfo
Brevirhynchus magnus -> Armigeres magnusInfo
Bruceharrisonius alektorovi (Stackelberg, 1943)Info
Bruceharrisonius aureostriatus (Doleschall, 1857)Info
Bruceharrisonius christophersi (Edwards, 1922)Info
Bruceharrisonius doonii (Wattal, Bhatia & Kalra, 1958)Info
Bruceharrisonius greenii (Theobald, 1903)Info
Bruceharrisonius hurlbuti (Lien, 1967)Info
Bruceharrisonius okinawanus (Bohart, 1946)Info
Bruceharrisonius taiwanus (Lien, 1968)Info
Burmaculex antiquus (A. Borkent, 2004)Info
Species with CBack  Next  Top
Cancraedes cancricomes (Edwards, 1922)Info
Cancraedes curtipes (Edwards, 1915)Info
Cancraedes indonesiae (Mattingly, 1958)Info
Cancraedes kohkutensis (Mattingly, 1958)Info
Cancraedes mamoedjoensis (Mattingly, 1958)Info
Cancraedes masculinus (Mattingly, 1958)Info
Cancraedes palawanicus (Mattingly, 1958)Info
Cancraedes penghuensis (Lien, 1968)Info
Cancraedes simplex (Theobald, 1903)Info
Cancraedes thurmanae (Mattingly, 1958)Info
Carrollia iridescens -> Culex iridescensInfo
Catageiomyia adami (Geoffroy, 1971)Info
Catageiomyia argenteopunctata (Theobald, 1901)Info
Catageiomyia bedfordi (Edwards, 1936)Info
Catageiomyia chamboni (Cornet, 1968)Info
Catageiomyia dialloi (Hamon & Brengues, 1965)Info
Catageiomyia falabreguesi (Hamon, 1957)Info
Catageiomyia filicis (Ingram & De Meillon, 1927)Info
Catageiomyia grenieri (Hamon, Service, Adam & Taufflieb, 1961)Info
Catageiomyia hopkinsi (Edwards, 1936)Info
Catageiomyia insolens (Edwards, 1936)Info
Catageiomyia irritans (Theobald, 1901)Info
Catageiomyia lokojoensis (Service, 1959)Info
Catageiomyia lottei (Hamon & Brengues, 1965)Info
Catageiomyia microsticta (Edwards, 1936)Info
Catageiomyia minuta (Theobald, 1901)Info
Catageiomyia mixta (Edwards, 1936)Info
Catageiomyia mutila (Edwards, 1936)Info
Catageiomyia nyounae (Hamon & Adam, 1959)Info
Catageiomyia phyllolabis (Edwards, 1929)Info
Catageiomyia pseudotarsalis (Van Someren, 1946)Info
Catageiomyia punctothoracis (Theobald, 1909)Info
Catageiomyia reali (Hamon & Adam, 1959)Info
Catageiomyia senegalensis -> Aedes irritansInfo
Catageiomyia smithburni (Van Someren, 1950)Info
Catageiomyia tarsalis (Newstead, 1907)Info
Catageiomyia veeniae (Mcintosh, 1975)Info
Catageiomyia wendyae (Service, 1959)Info
Catageiomyia yangambiensis (De Meillon & Lavoipierre, 1944)Info
Catageiomyia yvonneae (Edwards, 1941)Info
Catatassomyia meronephada -> Aedes meronephadaInfo
Cellia argenteolobatus -> Anopheles argenteolobatusInfo
Cellia arnoldi -> Anopheles squamosusInfo
Cellia atropotenae -> Anopheles pulcherrimusInfo
Cellia cinctus -> Anopheles cinctusInfo
Cellia pretoriensis -> Anopheles squamosusInfo
Cellia pseudosquamosa -> Anopheles argenteolobatusInfo
Cellia tananariviensis -> Anopheles squamosusInfo
Chaetocruiomyia sylvestris -> Aedes spinosipesInfo
Chaetomyia flavus -> Armigeres flavusInfo
Chagasia ablusa (Harbach, 2009)Info
Chagasia bathana (Dyar, 1928)Info
Chagasia bonneae (Root, 1927)Info
Chagasia fajardi (Lutz, 1904)Info
Chagasia lineata -> Anopheles annularisInfo
Chagasia maculata -> Chagasia fajardiInfo
Chagasia neivae -> Chagasia fajardiInfo
Chagasia rozeboomi (O.r. Causey, L.m. Deane & M.p. Deane, 1944)Info
Chagasia stigmopteryx -> Chagasia fajardiInfo
Christophersiomyia annulirostris (Theobald, 1905)Info
Christophersiomyia chionodes (Belkin, 1962)Info
Christophersiomyia gombakensis (Mattingly, 1959)Info
Christophersiomyia ibis (Barraud, 1931)Info
Christophersiomyia thomsoni (Theobald, 1905)Info
Christya implexus -> Anopheles implexusInfo
Chrysoconops bakeri -> Coquillettidia fuscopennataInfo
Chrysoconops fraseri -> Coquillettidia fraseriInfo
Chrysoconops fuscopteron -> Coquillettidia fuscopteronInfo
Chrysoconops littleri -> Culiseta littleriInfo
Chrysoconops maculipennis -> Coquillettidia maculipennisInfo
Chrysoconops microannulata -> Coquillettidia microannulataInfo
Chrysoconops nigra -> Coquillettidia metallicaInfo
Chrysoconops nigrithorax -> Coquillettidia nigrithoraxInfo
Chrysoconops nocturnus -> Coquillettidia cristataInfo
Chrysoconops pseudoconopas -> Coquillettidia pseudoconopasInfo
Chrysoconops pygmaeus -> Coquillettidia crassipesInfo
Cleobonnea argenteorostris -> Wyeomyia argenteorostrisInfo
Collessius banksi (Edwards, 1922)Info
Collessius elsiae (Barraud, 1923)Info
Collessius hatorii (Yamada, 1921)Info
Collessius macdougalli (Edwards, 1922)Info
Collessius macfarlanei (Edwards, 1914)Info
Collessius ningheensis (Lei, 1989)Info
Collessius pseudotaeniatus (Giles, 1901)Info
Collessius shortti (Barraud, 1923)Info
Collessius tonkinensis (Galliard & Ngu, 1947)Info
Colonemyia caeruleocephalus -> Tripteroides caeruleocephalusInfo
Colonemyia hybridus -> Tripteroides hybridusInfo
Colonemyia mendacis -> Tripteroides mendacisInfo
Colonemyia similis -> Tripteroides similisInfo
Conchyliastes varipes -> Psorophora varipesInfo
Conopomyia aurea -> Mimomyia aureaInfo
Conopomyia hybrida -> Mimomyia hybridaInfo
Conopomyia metallica -> Mimomyia chamberlainiInfo
Coquillettidia albicosta (Peryassú, 1908)Info
Coquillettidia albifera (Prado, 1931)Info
Coquillettidia annettii (Theobald, 1901)Info
Coquillettidia arribalzagae (Theobald, 1903)Info
Coquillettidia aurata (Dobrotworsky, 1962)Info
Coquillettidia aurea (Edwards, 1915)Info
Coquillettidia aureosquammata (Ludlow, 1909)Info
Coquillettidia aurites (Theobald, 1901)Info
Coquillettidia buxtoni (Edwards, 1923)Info
Coquillettidia chrysonotum (Peryassú, 1922)Info
Coquillettidia chrysosoma (Edwards, 1915)Info
Coquillettidia crassipes (Van Der Wulp, 1881)Info
Coquillettidia cristata (Theobald, 1904)Info
Coquillettidia fasciolata (Lynch Arribálzaga, 1891)Info
Coquillettidia fijiensis (Belkin, 1962)Info
Coquillettidia flavocincta (Edwards, 1936)Info
Coquillettidia fraseri (Theobald, 1911)Info
Coquillettidia fuscopennata (Theobald, 1903)Info
Coquillettidia fuscopteron (Theobald, 1911)Info
Coquillettidia giblini (Taylor, 1914)Info
Coquillettidia grandidieri (Blanchard, 1905)Info
Coquillettidia hermanoi (Lane & Coutinho, 1940)Info
Coquillettidia hodgkini (Wharton, 1962)Info
Coquillettidia iracunda (Walker, 1848)Info
Coquillettidia juxtamansonia (Chagas, 1907)Info
Coquillettidia karandalaensis (Wolfs, 1951)Info
Coquillettidia linealis (Skuse, 1889)Info
Coquillettidia lutea (Belkin, 1962)Info
Coquillettidia lynchi (Shannon, 1931)Info
Coquillettidia maculipennis (Theobald, 1911)Info
Coquillettidia memorans (Bonne-wepster, 1930)Info
Coquillettidia metallica (Theobald, 1901)Info
Coquillettidia microannulata (Theobald, 1911)Info
Coquillettidia neivai (Lane & Coutinho, 1940)Info
Coquillettidia nigricans (Coquillett, 1904)Info
Coquillettidia nigritarsis (Wolfs, 1958)Info
Coquillettidia nigrithorax (Theobald, 1910)Info
Coquillettidia nigrochaetae -> Coquillettidia metallicaInfo
Coquillettidia nigrochracea (Bonne-wepster, 1930)Info
Coquillettidia nigrosignata (Edwards, 1917)Info
Coquillettidia nitens (Cerqueira, 1943)Info
Coquillettidia novochracea (Barraud, 1927)Info
Coquillettidia ochracea (Theobald, 1903)Info
Coquillettidia perturbans (Walker, 1856)Info
Coquillettidia pseudoconopas (Theobald, 1910)Info
Coquillettidia richiardii (Ficalbi, 1889)Info
Coquillettidia rochei (Doucet, 1951)Info
Coquillettidia samoaensis (Stone, 1966)Info
Coquillettidia schoutedeni (Wolfs, 1948)Info
Coquillettidia shannoni (Lane & Antunes, 1937)Info
Coquillettidia tenuipalpis (Edwards, 1924)Info
Coquillettidia titillans (Walker, 1848)Info
Coquillettidia vanoyei (Wolfs, 1948)Info
Coquillettidia variegata (Dobrotworsky, 1962)Info
Coquillettidia venezuelensis (Theobald, 1912)Info
Coquillettidia versicolor (Edwards, 1913)Info
Coquillettidia voltaensis (Danilov, 1982)Info
Coquillettidia wahlbergi (Edwards, 1936)Info
Coquillettidia xanthogaster (Malloch, 1915)Info
Cornetius cozi (Cornet, 1973)Info
Cula brevipalpisInfo
Cula foliatusInfo
Cula hinglungensisInfo
Cula kiriensisInfo
Cula malayiInfo
Cula oresbiusInfo
Cula otachatiInfo
Cula phangngaeInfo
Cula richeiInfo
Cula tenuipalpisInfo
Culex abfitchii -> Aedes excruciansInfo
Culex abnormalis (Lane, 1936)Info
Culex abominator (Dyar & Knab, 1909)Info
Culex abonnenci (Clastrier, 1970)Info
Culex abserratus -> Aedes abserratusInfo
Culex absobrinus -> Culiseta impatiensInfo
Culex abyssinicus -> Culex ellinoraeInfo
Culex accelerans (Root, 1927)Info
Culex accraensis (Theobald, 1909)Info
Culex acer -> Culex quinquefasciatusInfo
Culex acharistus (Root, 1927)Info
Culex acrostichalis (Edwards, 1941)Info
Culex aculeatus (Colless, 1965)Info
Culex acutipalus (Colless, 1965)Info
Culex adairi (Kirkpatrick, 1926)Info
Culex adamesi (Sirivanakarn & Galindo, 1980)Info
Culex adami (Hamon & Mouchet, 1955)Info
Culex adelae (Baisas, 1938)Info
Culex adeloae -> Culex vishnuiInfo
Culex adersianus (Edwards, 1941)Info
Culex advieri -> Culex atratusInfo
Culex aedes (Leicester, 1908)Info
Culex aegypti -> Stegomyia aegyptiInfo
Culex aenescens (Edwards, 1941)Info
Culex aestivalis (Dyar, 1904)Info
Culex aestivus (Sirivanakarn, 1977)Info
Culex aestuans -> Culex quinquefasciatusInfo
Culex affinis -> Culiseta annulataInfo
Culex afridii -> Culex infulaInfo
Culex agilis -> Culex pipiensInfo
Culex agitator -> Culex pilosusInfo
Culex aglischrus -> Culex maracayensisInfo
Culex aikenii -> Culex quinquefasciatusInfo
Culex aikenii (Aiken & Rowland, 1906)Info
Culex airozai (Lane, 1945)Info
Culex akritos (Forattini & Sallum, 1995)Info
Culex alani (Forattini, 1965)Info
Culex albertianus (Edwards, 1941)Info
Culex albertoi -> Culex ousquaInfo
Culex albifasciatus -> Aedes albifasciatusInfo
Culex albigenu -> Culex ventrilloniInfo
Culex albinensis (Bonne-wepster & Bonne, 1920)Info
Culex albinervis (Edwards, 1929)Info
Culex albinervis (Edwards, 1929)Info
Culex albipes (Lutz, 1904)Info
Culex albirostris -> Ochlerotatus vigilaxInfo
Culex albitarsis -> Mimomyia plumosaInfo
Culex albiventris (Edwards, 1922)Info
Culex albo (Rondani, 1872)Info
Culex albo punctatus (Rondani, 1872)Info
Culex alboannulatus -> Dobrotworskyius alboannulatusInfo
Culex albolineatus -> Culex quinquefasciatusInfo
Culex albopalposus (Becker, 1908)Info
Culex albopleura -> Culex pallidothoraxInfo
Culex albovirgatus -> Culex duttoniInfo
Culex albovirgetus (Graham, 1910)Info
Culex albus -> Culex whitmoreiInfo
Culex alcocki (Bonne-wepster & Bonne, 1920)Info
Culex alfaroi -> Culex bastagariusInfo
Culex aliciae (Duret, 1953)Info
Culex alienus (Colless, 1957)Info
Culex alinkios (Salllum & Hutchings, 2003)Info
Culex alis (Theobald, 1903)Info
Culex allostigma (Howard, Dyar & Knab, 1915)Info
Culex alogistus (Dyar, 1918)Info
Culex alorensis (Sirivanakarn, 1977)Info
Culex alpha -> Culex theileriInfo
Culex alphus (Colless, 1965)Info
Culex alpicalis (Adams, 1903)Info
Culex alticola -> Culex apicinusInfo
Culex alvarezi -> Culex spissipesInfo
Culex amaniensis (Van Someren & Hamon, 1964)Info
Culex amazonensis (Lutz, 1905)Info
Culex ambiguus (Theobald, 1903)Info
Culex amboannulatus -> Culex salisburiensisInfo
Culex amboinensis -> Toxorhynchites amboinensisInfo
Culex ameliae (Casal, 1967)Info
Culex americanus -> Culex bisulcatusInfo
Culex amitis (Komp, 1936)Info
Culex anarmostus -> Culex duttoniInfo
Culex andersoni (Edwards, 1914)Info
Culex andreanus (Edwards, 1927)Info
Culex andricus (Root, 1927)Info
Culex anduzei (Cerqueira & Lane, 1944)Info
Culex aneles -> Culex educatorInfo
Culex angulatus -> Culex viridiventerInfo
Culex anguste (Becker, 1908)Info
Culex anguste alatus (Becker, 1908)Info
Culex anips (Dyar, 1916)Info
Culex annulata -> Culex theileriInfo
Culex annulata (Taylor, 1916)Info
Culex annulata (Taylor, 1914)Info
Culex annulatus -> Culiseta annulataInfo
Culex annuliferus -> Aedes albifasciatusInfo
Culex annulioris (Theobald, 1901)Info
Culex annulioris (Theobald, 1901)Info
Culex annulipes -> Mansonia divesInfo
Culex annulirostris (Skuse, 1889)Common Banded MosquitoInfo
Culex annulirostris annulirostris (Skuse, 1889)Common Banded MosquitoInfo
Culex annulitarsis (Macquart, 1844)Info
Culex annuliventris (Blanchard, 1852)Info
Culex annuloabdominalis (Theobald, 1910)Info
Culex annulus (Theobald, 1901)Info
Culex anoplicitus (Forattini & Sallum, 1989)Info
Culex antennatus (Becker, 1903)Info
Culex antillummagnorum (Dyar, 1928)Info
Culex antunesi (Lane &whitman, 1943)Info
Culex anxifer -> Culex quinquefasciatusInfo
Culex apeteticus -> Culex educatorInfo
Culex aphylactus (Root, 1927)Info
Culex apicalis -> Psorophora cingulataInfo
Culex apicinus (Philippi, 1865)Info
Culex aquarius (Strickman, 1990)Info
Culex aquilus -> Culex invidiosusInfo
Culex arabicus (Becker, 1910)Info
Culex arabiensis -> Aedes arabiensisInfo
Culex arawak (Berlin, 1969)Info
Culex arbieeni (Salem, 1938)Info
Culex arboricola (Galindo & Mendez, 1961)Info
Culex arboricollis -> Orthopodomyia arboricollisInfo
Culex arboricolus (Galindo & Mendez, 1961)Info
Culex archegus (Dyar, 1929)Info
Culex argenteopunctatus (Ventrillon, 1905)Info
Culex argenteoumbrosus (Theobald, 1907)Info
Culex argenteus (Ludlow, 1905)Info
Culex argentinotus -> Aedes alboscutellatusInfo
Culex argyropus -> Maorigoeldia argyropusInfo
Culex arizonensis (Bohart, 1949)Info
Culex articularis (Philippi, 1865)Info
Culex articulatus (Rondani, 1872)Info
Culex aseyehae -> Culex quinquefasciatusInfo
Culex asteliae (Belkin, 1968)Info
Culex astridianus (De Meillon, 1942)Info
Culex ataeniatus -> Culex univittatusInfo
Culex atracus (Colless, 1960)Info
Culex atratulus -> Culex nigerInfo
Culex atratus (Theobald, 1901)Info
Culex atriceps (Edwards, 1926)Info
Culex atripes -> Tripteroides atripesInfo
Culex atropalpus -> Aedes atropalpusInfo
Culex augens (Wiedemann, 1828)Info
Culex aurantapex (Edwards, 1914)Info
Culex aurantapex (Edwards, 1914)Info
Culex auratus (Leicester, 1908)Info
Culex aureonotatus (Duret & Barreto, 1956)Info
Culex aureostriatus -> Aedes aureostriatusInfo
Culex aureus (Lane & Whitman, 1951)Info
Culex aurifer -> Aedes auriferInfo
Culex aurilatus (Senevet & Abonnenc, 1939)Info
Culex auritaenia -> Culex poicilipesInfo
Culex australicus (Dobrotworsky & Drummond, 1953)Australian house mosquitoInfo
Culex australis -> Halaedes australisInfo
Culex autogenicus -> Culex molestusInfo
Culex automartus -> Culex ocellatusInfo
Culex autumnalis -> Culex quinquefasciatusInfo
Culex avianus (De Meillon, 1943)Info
Culex axillicola (Steffan, 1979)Info
Culex axillicolus -> Culex axillicolaInfo
Culex azoriensis -> Culex pipiensInfo
Culex azuayus -> Culex nigripalpusInfo
Culex azurini (Toma, Miyagi & Cabrera, 1984)Info
Culex azymus (Dyar & Knab, 1906)Info
Culex babahoyensis (Levi-castillo, 1953)Info
Culex badgeri -> Culex erythrothoraxInfo
Culex bahamensis (Dyar & Knab, 1906)Info
Culex bahiensis (Duret, 1969)Info
Culex bahri (Edwards, 1914)Info
Culex bailyi (Barraud, 1934)Info
Culex baisasi (Sirivanakarn, 1972)Info
Culex bamborum (Rozeboom & Komp, 1948)Info
Culex bancrofti -> Stegomyia aegyptiInfo
Culex bancroftii -> Culex annulirostrisInfo
Culex bandoengensis (Brug, 1939)Info
Culex banksensis (Maffi & Tenorio, 1977)Info
Culex barbarus -> Culex quinquefasciatusInfo
Culex barkerii (Theobald, 1907)Info
Culex barraudi (Edwards, 1922)Info
Culex barrinus (Bram, 1967)Info
Culex basicinctus -> Culex vicinusInfo
Culex basilicus -> Culex cornigerInfo
Culex bastagarius (Dyar & Knab, 1906)Info
Culex batesi (Rozeboom & Komp, 1948)Info
Culex beauperthuyi -> Culex saltanensisInfo
Culex becki (Belkin, 1962)Info
Culex bejaranoi (Duret, 1953)Info
Culex belemensis (Duret & Damasceno, 1955)Info
Culex belkini (Stone & Penn, 1948)Info
Culex bengalensis (Barraud, 1934)Info
Culex bequaerti (Dyar & Shannon, 1925)Info
Culex berbericus -> Culex molestusInfo
Culex bergi (Belkin, 1962)Info
Culex bernardi (Borel, 1926)Info
Culex beta (Seguy, 1924)Info
Culex bibulus -> Culex educatorInfo
Culex bicki (Stone & Penn, 1947)Info
Culex bickleyi (Forattini, 1965)Info
Culex bicolor -> Culex pipiensInfo
Culex bicomutusInfo
Culex bicornutus (Theobald, 1910)Info
Culex bidens (Dyar, 1922)Info
Culex bifoliata -> Culex duttoniInfo
Culex bifoliata (Dyar, 1922)Info
Culex bifoliatus (Duret & Baretto, 1956)Info
Culex bifoliolatus (Duret & Barreto, 1956)Info
Culex bifurcatus -> Culex pipiensInfo
Culex bigoti (Bellardi, 1862)Info
Culex bihaicola (Dyar & Núñez Tovar, 1928)Info
Culex bihamatus (Edwards, 1926)Info
Culex bilineatus -> Culex dolosusInfo
Culex bilobatus -> Culex sardineraeInfo
Culex bimaculatus -> Aedes bimaculatusInfo
Culex binigrolineatus (Knight & Rozeboom, 1945)Info
Culex biocellatus -> Aedes biocellatusInfo
Culex bipunctata (Theobald, 1907)Info
Culex biroi -> Culex tritaeniorhynchusInfo
Culex biscaynensis (Zavortink & Omeara, 1999)Info
Culex bisulcatus (Coquillett, 1906)Info
Culex bitaeniorhnchus (Giles, 1901)Info
Culex bitaeniorhynchus (Giles, 1901)Info
Culex bitaeniorhynchus (Giles, 1901)Info
Culex boharti (Brookman & Reeves, 1950)Info
Culex bokorensis (Klein & Sirivanakarn, 1970)Info
Culex bolii (Sirivanakarn, 1968)Info
Culex bonariensis -> Culex dolosusInfo
Culex boneriensis (Brèthes, 1916)Info
Culex boninensis (Bohart, 1957)Info
Culex bonneae (Dyar & Knab, 1919)Info
Culex bonnei (Dyar, 1921)Info
Culex bonneti -> Culex elevatorInfo
Culex borealis (Ludlow, 1911)Info
Culex borinqueni -> Culex erraticusInfo
Culex bostocki -> Culex salisburiensisInfo
Culex bougainvillensis (Steffan, 1979)Info
Culex brachiatus (Hutchings & Sallum, 2008)Info
Culex bracteatus -> Aedes tortilisInfo
Culex brami (Forattini, Rabello & Lopes, 1967)Info
Culex brehmei -> Culex restuansInfo
Culex brenguesi (Brunhes & Ravaonjanahary, 1973)Info
Culex brethesi (Dyar, 1919)Info
Culex breviculus (Senevet & Abonnenc, 1939)Info
Culex brevipalpis (Giles, 1902)Info
Culex brevipalpus (Theobald, 1905)Info
Culex brevispinosus (Bonne-wepster & Bonne, 1920)Info
Culex brittoni -> Culiseta morsitansInfo
Culex browni (Komp, 1936)Info
Culex brumpti (Gailiard, 1931)Info
Culex bukavuensis (Wolfs, 1947)Info
Culex buxtoni (Edwards, 1926)Info
Culex bwambanus (Edwards, 1941)Info
Culex caeruleus (King & Hoogstraal, 1947)Info
Culex cairnsensis (Taylor, 1919)Info
Culex calabarensis (Edwards, 1941)Info
Culex calcitrans -> Culex pipiensInfo
Culex caliginosus -> Aedes caliginosusInfo
Culex calloti -> Culex pipiensInfo
Culex calopus -> Culiseta annulataInfo
Culex calurus (Edwards, 1935)Info
Culex cambournaci (Hamon & Gandara, 1955)Info
Culex campilunati (Carter & Wijesundara, 1948)Info
Culex camposi (Dyar, 1925)Info
Culex camptorhynchus -> Aedes camptorhynchusInfo
Culex canaanensis (Lane & Whitman, 1943)Info
Culex canadensis -> Aedes auriferInfo
Culex cantans (Meigen, 1818)Info
Culex cantator -> Aedes cantatorInfo
Culex capensis -> Culex salisburiensisInfo
Culex caraibeus -> Culex nigripalpusInfo
Culex carcinophilus (Dyar & Knab, 1906)Info
Culex carcinoxenus (De Oliveira Castro, 1932)Info
Culex caribeanus (Galindo & Blanton, 1954)Info
Culex carioca (Lane & Whitman, 1951)Info
Culex carleti (Brunhes & Ravaonjanahary, 1971)Info
Culex carmodyae -> Culex nigripalpusInfo
Culex carolinensis (Bohart & Ingram, 1946)Info
Culex cartroni -> Culex quinquefasciatusInfo
Culex caspius -> Ochlerotatus caspiusInfo
Culex castaneus (Sirivanakarn, 1973)Info
Culex castelli (Hamon, 1957)Info
Culex castor (De Meillon & Lavoipierre, 1944)Info
Culex castrensis (Edwards, 1922)Info
Culex castroi (Casal & Garcia, 1967)Info
Culex cataractarum (Edwards, 1923)Info
Culex cauchensis (Floch & Abonnenc, 1945)Info
Culex caudatus (Clastrier, 1970)Info
Culex caudelli (Dyar & Knab, 1906)Info
Culex cavernicola -> Culex putumayensisInfo
Culex cayennensis -> Culex portesiInfo
Culex cedecei (Stone & Hair, 1968)Info
Culex cenus -> Culex intrincatusInfo
Culex ceramensis (Sirivanakarn & Kurihara, 1973)Info
Culex cerqueirai (Valencia, 1973)Info
Culex ceylonica -> Aedes chrysolineatusInfo
Culex chaetoventralis (Theobald, 1910)Info
Culex chaguanco (Casal, García & Fernández, 1968)Info
Culex chalcocorystes -> Culex corriganiInfo
Culex changuinolae (Galindo & Blanton, 1954)Info
Culex chauveti (Brunhes & Rambelo, 1968)Info
Culex cheesmanae (Mattingly & Marks, 1955)Info
Culex cheni (Dong, Wang & Lu, 2003)Info
Culex cheni (Dong, Wang & Lu, 2003)Info
Culex chidesteri (Dyar, 1912)Info
Culex chitae (Duret, 1967)Info
Culex chiungchungensis -> Culex mammiliferInfo
Culex chiyutoi -> Culex foliatusInfo
Culex chloropterus -> Sabethes chloropterusInfo
Culex chloroventer -> Culex invidiosusInfo
Culex chorleyi (Edwards, 1941)Info
Culex christiani (Colless, 1960)Info
Culex christophersii -> Culex quinquefasciatusInfo
Culex chryselatus (Dyar & Knab, 1919)Info
Culex chrysonotum -> Culex theobaldiInfo
Culex chrysothorax (Peryassu, 1908)Info
Culex chungkiangensis (Chang & Chang., 1974)Info
Culex ciliaris -> Culex pipiensInfo
Culex ciliata -> Psorophora ciliataInfo
Culex cilipes -> Psorophora cilipesInfo
Culex cinctellus (Edwards, 1922)Info
Culex cinerellus (Edwards, 1922)Info
Culex cinereoborealis -> Aedes provocansInfo
Culex cinereus (Theobald, 1901)Info
Culex cingulatus -> Psorophora cingulataInfo
Culex clarki (Evans, 1924)Info
Culex clastrieri (Casal & Garcia, 1968)Info
Culex claviger -> Anopheles clavigerInfo
Culex coerulescens (Edwards, 1928)Info
Culex coeruleus -> Culex digoelensisInfo
Culex collessi (Sirivanakarn, 1968)Info
Culex colombiensis -> Culex pilosusInfo
Culex colon -> Aedes sollicitansInfo
Culex comatus (Senevet & Abonnenc, 1939)Info
Culex comitatus -> Culex pipiensInfo
Culex commevynensis (Bonne-wepster & Bonne, 1920)Info
Culex comminutor (Dyar, 1920)Info
Culex commovens -> Mucidus alternansInfo
Culex communis (De Geer, 1776)Info
Culex comorensis (Brunhes, 1977)Info
Culex concinnus (Stephens, 1846)Info
Culex concolor -> Lutzia fuscanaInfo
Culex condylodesmus -> Culex duttoniInfo
Culex confundior (Komp & Rozeboom, 1951)Info
Culex confusus -> Culex mimulusInfo
Culex confusus (Sirivanakarn, 1968)Info
Culex congolensis (Evans, 1923)Info
Culex conservator (Dyar & Knab, 1906)Info
Culex consimilis -> Culex annulirostrisInfo
Culex consobrinus -> Culex pipiensInfo
Culex consolator (Dyar & Knab, 1906)Info
Culex conspirator (Dyar & Knab, 1906)Info
Culex consternator -> Culex restrictorInfo
Culex contei (Duret, 1968)Info
Culex conterrens -> Psorophora ciliataInfo
Culex coppenamensis (Bonne-wepster & Bonne, 1920)Info
Culex corentynensis (Dyar, 1920)Info
Culex corniger (Theobald, 1903)Info
Culex cornutus (Edwards, 1922)Info
Culex cornutus (Edwards, 1922)Info
Culex coronator (Dyar & Knab, 1906)Info
Culex corrigani (Dyar & Knab, 1907)Info
Culex cottlei (Sirivanakarn, 1968)Info
Culex coursi (Doucet, 1949)Info
Culex covagarciai (Forattini, 1965)Info
Culex crassicomus (Colless, 1965)Info
Culex crassipes -> Coquillettidia crassipesInfo
Culex crassistylus (Brug, 1934)Info
Culex creole (Anduze, 1949)Info
Culex creticus -> Culex theileriInfo
Culex crinicauda (Edwards, 1921)Info
Culex crinifer -> Aedes criniferInfo
Culex cristovaoi (Duret, 1968)Info
Culex crowei (Sirivanakarn, 1968)Info
Culex crucians -> Halaedes australisInfo
Culex crybda (Dyar, 1924)Info
Culex cubensis -> Culex quinquefasciatusInfo
Culex cubensis (Dyar & Knab, 1906)Info
Culex cubiculi (Marks, 1989)Info
Culex cubitatus (Colless, 1965)Info
Culex cuclyx -> Culex bastagariusInfo
Culex culionicus -> Culex hinglungensisInfo
Culex cumpalpisInfo
Culex cuneatus -> Culex gelidusInfo
Culex curopiensis -> Culex pilosusInfo
Culex curopinensis -> Culex pilosusInfo
Culex curriei -> Aedes dorsalisInfo
Culex curryi -> Culex elevatorInfo
Culex curtipalpis (Edwards, 1914)Info
Culex curvibrachius (Angulo, 1993)Info
Culex cuyanus (Duret, 1968)Info
Culex cyanescens -> Psorophora cyanescensInfo
Culex cyaneus -> Sabethes cyaneusInfo
Culex cyanopennis -> Psorophora ciliataInfo
Culex cylindricus (Theobald, 1903)Info
Culex damacenoi (Duret, 1969)Info
Culex damascenoi (Duret, 1969)Info
Culex damnatorum (S. H. Scudder, 1890)Info
Culex damnosus -> Aedes taeniorhynchusInfo
Culex daumastocampa (Dyar & Knab, 1908)Info
Culex daumasturus -> Culex imitatorInfo
Culex davisi (Kumm, 1933)Info
Culex deanei -> Culex chidesteriInfo
Culex debilis (Dyar & Knab, 1914)Info
Culex decens (Theobald, 1901)Info
Culex deceptor -> Culex pilosusInfo
Culex declarator (Dyar & Knab, 1906)Info
Culex decorator (Dyar & Knab, 1906)Info
Culex degustator -> Culex erraticusInfo
Culex delfinadoae (Sirivanakarn, 1973)Info
Culex delpontei (Duret, 1969)Info
Culex delys (Howard, Dyar & Knab, 1915)Info
Culex demeilloni (Doucet, 1950)Info
Culex demissus (Colless, 1965)Info
Culex derivator (Dyar & Knab, 1906)Info
Culex deserticola (Kirkpatrick, 1925)Info
Culex detritus -> Ochlerotatus detritusInfo
Culex diamphidius (Peyton & Harbach, 1991)Info
Culex dictator -> Culex declaratorInfo
Culex didieri -> Culex quinquefasciatusInfo
Culex diengensis (Brug, 1931)Info
Culex digitatus -> Trichoprosopon digitatumInfo
Culex digoelensis (Brug, 1932)Info
Culex diplophyllum (Dyar, 1929)Info
Culex dipseticus -> Culex pipiensInfo
Culex discolor -> Psorophora discolorInfo
Culex discrucians -> Psorophora discruciansInfo
Culex disjunctus -> Culex pipiensInfo
Culex dispectus (Bram, 1966)Info
Culex dissimilis -> Culex duttoniInfo
Culex distinguendus (Dyar, 1928)Info
Culex diversus -> Aedes rusticusInfo
Culex dives -> Mansonia divesInfo
Culex divisior -> Culex conservatorInfo
Culex dohenyi (Hogue, 1975)Info
Culex doleschallii -> Culex quinquefasciatusInfo
Culex dolichophyllus (Clastrier, 1970)Info
Culex doliorum -> Culex pipiensInfo
Culex dolosus (Lynch Arribálzaga, 1891)Info
Culex domesticus -> Culex molestusInfo
Culex dornarum -> Culex elevatorInfo
Culex dorsalis -> Ochlerotatus dorsalisInfo
Culex dorso (Villeneuve, 1919)Info
Culex dorso vittatus (Villeneuve, 1919)Info
Culex douglasi (Dobrotworsky, 1956)Info
Culex draconis (Ingram & Meillon, 1927)Info
Culex drymoecius -> Coquillettidia fuscopennataInfo
Culex dubitans (Lane & Whitman, 1951)Info
Culex dumbletoni (Belkin, 1962)Info
Culex dunni (Dyar, 1918)Info
Culex duplicator (Dyar & Knab, 1909)Info
Culex dupreei -> Aedes dupreeiInfo
Culex dureti (Casal & Garcia, 1968)Info
Culex durhami (Sirivanakarn, 1968)Info
Culex duttoni (Theobald, 1901)Info
Culex dyari -> Culiseta morsitansInfo
Culex dyius (Root, 1927)Info
Culex dysmathes -> Culex conspiratorInfo
Culex eadithae -> Culex modestusInfo
Culex eastor (Dyar, 1920)Info
Culex eduardoi (Casal & Garcia, 1968)Info
Culex educator (Dyar & Knab, 1906)Info
Culex edwardsi (Barraud, 1923)Info
Culex egberti -> Culex erraticusInfo
Culex egcymon (Dyar, 1923)Info
Culex eknomios (Forattini & Sallum, 1992)Info
Culex eldridgei (Adames & Galindo, 1973)Info
Culex elegans (Ficalbi, 1889)Info
Culex elephas (Komp, 1936)Info
Culex eleuthera -> Culex bahamensisInfo
Culex elevator (Dyar & Knab, 1906)Info
Culex elgonicus (Edwards, 1941)Info
Culex ellinorae (Ovazza, Hamon & Neri, 1956)Info
Culex elocutilis -> Culex mollisInfo
Culex elongatus (Rozeboom & Komp, 1950)Info
Culex eminentia (Leicester, 1908)Info
Culex ensiformis (Bonne-wepster & Bonne, 1920)Info
Culex eouzani (Geoffroy, 1971)Info
Culex epanastasis (Dyar, 1922)Info
Culex epanatasis (Dyar, 1922)Info
Culex epidesmus (Theobald, 1910)Info
Culex epidesmus (Theobald, 1910)Info
Culex epirus (Aiken, 1909)Info
Culex equinoxialis (Floch & Abonnenc, 1945)Info
Culex equinus -> Simulium equinumInfo
Culex equivocator -> Culex mollisInfo
Culex erectus -> Culex pipiensInfo
Culex eremita -> Culex habilitatorInfo
Culex erethyzonfer (Galindo & Blanton, 1954)Info
Culex erikae (R. Szadziewski, 1985)Info
Culex ernanii (Duret, 1968)Info
Culex ernsti (Anduze, 1949)Info
Culex erraticus (Dyar & Knab, 1906)Info
Culex erythrothorax (Dyar, 1907)Info
Culex eschirasi (Galliard, 1931)Info
Culex escomeli -> Culex apicinusInfo
Culex ethiopicus -> Culex bitaeniorhynchusInfo
Culex euclastus -> Culex invidiosusInfo
Culex eukrines (Bram & Rattanarithikul, 1967)Info
Culex eumimetes (Dyar & Knab, 1908)Info
Culex europaeus (Da Cunha Ramos, Ribeiro & Harrison, 2003)Info
Culex evansae (Root, 1927)Info
Culex exagitans (Walker, 1856)Info
Culex excitans (Walker, 1848)Info
Culex excrucians -> Aedes excruciansInfo
Culex exedrus -> Culex dunniInfo
Culex exilis -> Culex vagansInfo
Culex extricator -> Culex inflictusInfo
Culex factor -> Culex nigripalpusInfo
Culex fairchildi (Galindo & Blanton, 1954)Info
Culex falsificator -> Culex atratusInfo
Culex farakoensis (Hamon, 1954)Info
Culex fasciatus -> Stegomyia aegyptiInfo
Culex fasciolatus (Lutz, 1904)Info
Culex fasyi (Baisas, 1938)Info
Culex fatigans -> Culex quinquefasciatusInfo
Culex fatuator -> Culex conspiratorInfo
Culex faurani (Duret, 1968)Info
Culex federalis -> Culex erythrothoraxInfo
Culex femineus (Edwards, 1926)Info
Culex fergusoni (Taylor, 1914)Info
Culex fernandezi (Casal, Garcia & Cavalieri, 1966)Info
Culex ferox -> Psorophora feroxInfo
Culex ferreri (Duret, 1968)Info
Culex ficalbii -> Culiseta fumipennisInfo
Culex fidelis -> Culex brevipalpisInfo
Culex filipes -> Tripteroides filipesInfo
Culex fimbriforceps (Edwards, 1935)Info
Culex finlayi -> Culex chidesteriInfo
Culex fitchii -> Aedes fitchiiInfo
Culex flabellifer (Komp, 1936)Info
Culex flauescens (Muller, 1764)Info
Culex flava (Müller, 1764)Info
Culex flavescens (Müller, 1764)Info
Culex flavicornis (Barraud, 1924)Info
Culex flavicosta -> Aedes fulvusInfo
Culex flavifrons -> Ochlerotatus flavifronsInfo
Culex flavipes -> Aedes albifasciatusInfo
Culex flavus -> Coquillettidia grandidieriInfo
Culex fletcheri (Coquillett, 1902)Info
Culex flochi (Duret, 1969)Info
Culex floridanus (Dyar & Knab, 1906)Info
Culex fluviatilis -> Aedes fluviatilisInfo
Culex foliaceus (Lane, 1945)Info
Culex foliafer (Komp & Rozeboom, 1951)Info
Culex foliatus (Brug, 1932)Info
Culex forattinii -> Culex declaratorInfo
Culex formosus -> Aedes formosusInfo
Culex fouchowensis -> Culex quinquefasciatusInfo
Culex fowleri -> Aedes fowleriInfo
Culex fragilis (Ludlow, 1903)Info
Culex franclemonti -> Culex atracusInfo
Culex frater (Robineau-desvoidy, 1827)Info
Culex fraudatrix (Theobald, 1905)Info
Culex freetownensis -> Culex nebulosusInfo
Culex frenchii -> Culiseta frenchiiInfo
Culex frickii -> Culex territansInfo
Culex fulleri (Ludlow, 1909)Info
Culex fulvus -> Aedes fulvusInfo
Culex fumipennis -> Culiseta fumipennisInfo
Culex fur -> Culex spissipesInfo
Culex furlongi (Van Someren, 1954)Info
Culex fuscaInfo
Culex fuscanus -> Lutzia fuscanaInfo
Culex fuscatus (Lane & Whitman, 1951)Info
Culex fuscicinctus (King & Hoogstraal, 1946)Info
Culex fuscifurcatus -> Culex jacksoniInfo
Culex fuscitarsis -> Culex fuscocephalaInfo
Culex fuscocephala (Theobald, 1907)Info
Culex fuscosiphonis (Bram & Rattanarithikul, 1967)Info
Culex fuscosphonis -> Culex demissusInfo
Culex fusculus (Zetterstedt, 1850)Info
Culex fuscus (Theobald, 1905)Info
Culex fuscus (Theobald, 1909)Info
Culex gagnei (Evenhuis, 1989)Info
Culex gairus (Root, 1927)Info
Culex galindoi (Komp & Rozeboom, 1951)Info
Culex galliardi (Edwards, 1941)Info
Culex galvaoi (Duret, 1968)Info
Culex gambiensis -> Culex annuliorisInfo
Culex gameti (Bailly-choumara, 1966)Info
Culex gamma (Seguy, 1924)Info
Culex ganapathi (Colless, 1965)Info
Culex garcesi (Duret, 1968)Info
Culex garciai (Broche, 2000)Info
Culex garioui (Bailly-choumara & Rickenbach, 1966)Info
Culex gaudeator (Dyar & Knab, 1907)Info
Culex gaufini (Belkin, 1962)Info
Culex gediensis (Edwards, 1941)Info
Culex gelidus (Theobald, 1901)Frosty mosquitoInfo
Culex geminus (Colless, 1955)Info
Culex geminus (Colless, 1955)Info
Culex geniculatus (Olivier, 1791)Info
Culex germaini (Geoffroy, 1974)Info
Culex gibbulus (Delfinado, 1966)Info
Culex giganteus (Ventrillon, 1906)Info
Culex giganteus (Ventrillon, 1906)Info
Culex gilliesi (Hamon & Van Someren, 1961)Info
Culex glaphyroptera -> Culiseta glaphyropteraInfo
Culex globocoxitus (Dobrotworsky, 1953)Info
Culex glyptosalpinx (Harbach, Peyton & Harrison, 1984)Info
Culex gnomatos (Sallum, Hutchings, Leila & Ferreira, 1997)Info
Culex gnophodes -> Culex sitiensInfo
Culex gordoni -> Culex albinensisInfo
Culex gossi (Bohart, 1957)Info
Culex goughii -> Culex quinquefasciatusInfo
Culex gracicomisInfo
Culex gracicornis (Sirivanakarn, 1977)Info
Culex grahamii (Theobald, 1910)Info
Culex graminis -> Culex fragilisInfo
Culex grandidieri -> Coquillettidia grandidieriInfo
Culex gravitator (Dyar & Knab, 1906)Info
Culex grenieri (Eouzan, 1969)Info
Culex gressitti (Sirivanakarn, 1968)Info
Culex guayasi (Levi-castillo, 1953)Info
Culex gubernatoris -> Aedes gubernatorisInfo
Culex gudouensis -> Culex sumatranusInfo
Culex guedesi (Da Silva Mattos & Xavier, 1991)Info
Culex guerreroi (Cova García, Sutil & Pulido, 1971)Info
Culex guiarti (Blanchard, 1905)Info
Culex guizhouensis (Chen & Zhao, 1985)Info
Culex guttatus (Meigen, 1818)Info
Culex guyanensis (Clastrier, 1970)Info
Culex habilitator (Dyar & Knab, 1906)Info
Culex hackeri (Edwards, 1923)Info
Culex haematophagus -> Culex molestusInfo
Culex haemorrhoidalis -> Toxorhynchites haemorrhoidalisInfo
Culex haemorroidalis (Olivier, 1791)Info
Culex hainanensis (Chen, 1977)Info
Culex hainanensis (Chen, 1977)Info
Culex halifaxi (Theobald, 1903)Info
Culex halifaxii -> Lutzia halifaxiiInfo
Culex hamoni (Brunhes, Adam & Bailly-choumara, 1967)Info
Culex hancocki (Edwards, 1930)Info
Culex hanisoniInfo
Culex harleyi (Peters, 1955)Info
Culex harpagophallus (Wang & Feng, 1964)Info
Culex harrisoni (Sirivanakarn, 1977)Info
Culex hassardii -> Culex cornigerInfo
Culex hayashii (Yamada, 1917)Info
Culex haynei -> Culex spissipesInfo
Culex hedys (Root, 1927)Info
Culex helenae (Brunhes, Adam & Bailly-choumara, 1967)Info
Culex hensemaeon -> Culex quinquefasciatusInfo
Culex hepperi (Casal & Garcia, 1967)Info
Culex herrerai (Sutil Oramas, Pulido Florenzano & Amarista Meneses, 1987)Info
Culex hesitator -> Culex pilosusInfo
Culex hewitti (Edwards, 1914)Info
Culex hildebrandi -> Culex amazonensisInfo
Culex hilli (Edwards, 1922)Info
Culex hinglungensis (Chu, 1957)Info
Culex hirsuteron (Theobald, 1901)Info
Culex hirsutipalpis -> Culex duttoniInfo
Culex hirsutipelpis (Theobald, 1901)Info
Culex hirsutus -> Aedes hirsutusInfo
Culex hirtipalpis (Sirivanakarn, 1977)Info
Culex hispidosus -> Mucidus alternansInfo
Culex holoneus -> Culex conspiratorInfo
Culex homoepas -> Culex erraticusInfo
Culex hopkinsi (Edwards, 1932)Info
Culex horridus (Edwards, 1922)Info
Culex hortensis (Ficalbi, 1889)Info
Culex huangae (Meng, 1958)Info
Culex hui -> Culex spiculosusInfo
Culex humilis (Theobald, 1901)Info
Culex hurlbuti (Belkin, 1962)Info
Culex hutchinsoni (Barraud, 1924)Info
Culex hyemalis -> Anopheles punctipennisInfo
Culex hyrcanus -> Anopheles hyrcanusInfo
Culex idottus (Dyar, 1920)Info
Culex ignobilis -> Culex pilosusInfo
Culex ikelos (Forattini & Sallum, 1995)Info
Culex imitator (Theobald, 1903)Info
Culex impatibilis -> Aedes impatibilisInfo
Culex impatiens -> Culiseta impatiensInfo
Culex impellens -> Culex sitiensInfo
Culex impiger -> Aedes impigerInfo
Culex implacabilis (Walker, 1848)Info
Culex implicatus (Senevet & Abonnenc, 1939)Info
Culex impositor (Sirivanakarn, 1977)Info
Culex imposter (Sirivanakarn, 1977)Info
Culex imprimens -> Edwardsaedes imprimensInfo
Culex impudicus (Ficalbi, 1890)Info
Culex inadmirabilis (Dyar, 1928)Info
Culex inatomii (Kamimura & Wada, 1974)Info
Culex incidens -> Culiseta incidensInfo
Culex incognitus (Baisas, 1938)Info
Culex incomptus (Bram & Rattanarithikul, 1967)Info
Culex inconspicuosa (Theobald, 1909)Info
Culex inconspicuosus (Theobald, 1908)Info
Culex inconspicuus -> Aedes trivittatusInfo
Culex incriminator -> Culex peccatorInfo
Culex inculus (Colless, 1965)Info
Culex indecorabilis (Theobald, 1903)Info
Culex indecorabilis (Theobald, 1903)Info
Culex inducens -> Culex conspiratorInfo
Culex inelegans -> Culex fuscocephalaInfo
Culex inexorabilis (Walker, 1848)Info
Culex infantulus (Edwards, 1922)Info
Culex inflictus (Theobald, 1901)Info
Culex infoliatus (Bonne-wepster & Bonne, 1920)Info
Culex infula (Theobald, 1901)Info
Culex infula (Theobald, 1901)Info
Culex ingrami (Edwards, 1916)Info
Culex inhibitator (Dyar & Knab, 1906)Info
Culex inimitabilis (Dyar & Knab, 1906)Info
Culex innominatus -> Culex bastagariusInfo
Culex innovator (Evans, 1924)Info
Culex inornata -> Culiseta inornataInfo
Culex inornatus -> Culiseta inornataInfo
Culex inquisitor -> Culex declaratorInfo
Culex insatiabilis (Bigot, 1859)Info
Culex insequens (Marks, 1989)Info
Culex insigniforceps (Clastrier & Claustre, 1978)Info
Culex insignis (Carter, 1911)Info
Culex insularis (Sirivanakarn, 1968)Info
Culex interfor (Dyar, 1928)Info
Culex intermedius (Lane & Whitman, 1951)Info
Culex interrogator (Dyar & Knab, 1906)Info
Culex intonsus (Galindo & Blanton, 1954)Info
Culex intrincatus (Brèthes, 1916)Info
Culex invenustus -> Culex nebulosusInfo
Culex investigator -> Culex inhibitatorInfo
Culex invidiosus (Theobald, 1901)Info
Culex invocator -> Culex erraticusInfo
Culex iolambdis (Dyar, 1918)Info
Culex iphis (Barraud, 1924)Info
Culex iracunda -> Coquillettidia iracundaInfo
Culex iridescens (Lutz, 1905)Info
Culex isabelae (Duret, 1968)Info
Culex iyengari (Mattingly & Rageau, 1958)Info
Culex jacksoni (Edwards, 1934)Info
Culex jalisco (Berlin, 1974)Info
Culex jamaicensis -> Psorophora jamaicensisInfo
Culex janitor (Theobald, 1903)Info
Culex japonicus -> Aedes japonicusInfo
Culex javanensis (Bonne-wepster, 1934)Info
Culex jefferyi (Sirivanakarn, 1977)Info
Culex jenkinsi -> Culex arbieeniInfo
Culex jenningsi (Dyar & Knab, 1907)Info
Culex jenseni (De Meijere, 1910)Info
Culex jepsoni -> Culex sitiensInfo
Culex jinjaensis (Edwards, 1941)Info
Culex joanae (Muspratt, 1955)Info
Culex jocasta (Komp & Rozeboom, 1951)Info
Culex johni (Cova Garcia, Pulido F. & Escalante De Ugueto, 1979)Info
Culex johnnyi (Duret, 1968)Info
Culex johnsoni (Galindo & Mendez, 1961)Info
Culex jonistes -> Culex ybarmisInfo
Culex josephineae (Baisas, 1935)Info
Culex jubifer (Komp & Brown, 1935)Info
Culex jubilator -> Culex declaratorInfo
Culex judaicus (Edwards, 1926)Info
Culex jugorum -> Aedes pullatusInfo
Culex juxtapallidiceps (Theobald, 1910)Info
Culex kangi -> Culex jacksoniInfo
Culex kanyamwerima (Van Someren, 1951)Info
Culex karatsuensis -> Culex bitaeniorhynchusInfo
Culex kartalae (Brunhes, 1977)Info
Culex kaviengensis (Sirivanakarn, 1968)Info
Culex keenani -> Culex educatorInfo
Culex kelloggii -> Culex tarsalisInfo
Culex kermorganti (Laveran, 1901)Info
Culex kerri -> Culex phlabistusInfo
Culex kesseli (Belkin, 1962)Info
Culex khazani (Edwards, 1922)Info
Culex kilara (Van Someren, 1951)Info
Culex kinabaluensis (Sirivanakarn, 1976)Info
Culex kinabaluensis (Sirivanakarn, 1976)Info
Culex kingianus (Edwards, 1922)Info
Culex kingii (Theobald, 1913)Info
Culex kiriensis (Klein & Sirivanakarn, 1970)Info
Culex kirkpatricki -> Culex adairiInfo
Culex kirkpatriki -> Culex adairiInfo
Culex knabi -> Aedes knabiInfo
Culex kochi -> Finlaya kochiInfo
Culex kompi (Valencia, 1973)Info
Culex koumbai -> Culex rimaInfo
Culex kououpi (Brullé, 1833)Info
Culex kowiroensis (Sirivanakarn, 1968)Info
Culex kuhnsi (King & Hoogstraal, 1955)Info
Culex kukenan (Anduze, 1942)Info
Culex kummi (Komp & Rozeboom, 1951)Info
Culex kusaiensis (Bohart, 1957)Info
Culex kyotoensis (Yamaguti & Lacasse, 1952)Info
Culex labeculosus -> Aedes camptorhynchusInfo
Culex lacertosus (Komp & Rozeboom, 1951)Info
Culex lachrimans -> Culex quinquefasciatusInfo
Culex lactator (Dyar & Knab, 1906)Info
Culex laffooni (Belkin, 1962)Info
Culex lahillei (Bachmann & Casal, 1962)Info
Culex lairdi (Belkin, 1962)Info
Culex lakei (Sirivanakarn, 1968)Info
Culex lamentator -> Culex secutorInfo
Culex lampangensis (Sirivanakarn, 1973)Info
Culex lanei (Oliveira Coutinho & Forattini, 1962)Info
Culex laniger -> Aedes lanigerInfo
Culex lanio (Linné, 1771)Info
Culex laplantei (Hamon, Adam & Mouchet, 1955)Info
Culex lasiopalpis (Sirivanakarn, 1977)Info
Culex lateralis (Meigen, 1818)Info
Culex lateropunctata -> Culex mollisInfo
Culex laticinctus (Edwards, 1913)Info
Culex laticlasper (Galindo & Blanton, 1954)Info
Culex latifoliatus (Delfinado, 1966)Info
Culex latisquama (Coquillett, 1906)Info
Culex lativittatus -> Aedes dorsalisInfo
Culex latus (Dobrotworsky, 1956)Info
Culex laureli (Baisas, 1935)Info
Culex laurenti -> Culex antennatusInfo
Culex lavatae (Stone & Bohart, 1944)Info
Culex lavieri -> Culex hortensisInfo
Culex lazarensis (Felt & Young, 1904)Info
Culex leei (King & Hoogstraal, 1955)Info
Culex leonardi (Belkin, 1962)Info
Culex lepostenis -> Culex mollisInfo
Culex leprincei -> Culex erraticusInfo
Culex leucarthrius -> Aedes leucarthriusInfo
Culex leucogrammus -> Culiseta longiareolataInfo
Culex leucomelas -> Aedes leucomelasInfo
Culex levicastilloi (Lane, 1945)Info
Culex liberiensis (Peters, 1955)Info
Culex ligator -> Culex sursumptorInfo
Culex limacifer (Komp, 1936)Info
Culex linealis -> Coquillettidia linealisInfo
Culex lineata (Theobald, 1912)Info
Culex lineatus (Theobald, 1912)Info
Culex lini -> Culex okinawaeInfo
Culex litoralis (Bohart, 1946)Info
Culex litwakae (Harbach, 1985)Info
Culex lividocostalis -> Culex decensInfo
Culex loewi (Giebel, 1862)Info
Culex longefurcatus -> Culex pipiensInfo
Culex longiareolata -> Culiseta longiareolataInfo
Culex longicomisInfo
Culex longicornis (Sirivanakarn, 1976)Info
Culex longicornis (Sirivanakarn, 1976)Info
Culex longifurcatus -> Culex viridiventerInfo
Culex longipalpis -> Mansonia divesInfo
Culex longipes -> Johnbelkinia longipesInfo
Culex lopesi (Sirivanakarn & Jakob, 1979)Info
Culex loquaculus -> Culex cornigerInfo
Culex loricatus -> Culex whitmoreiInfo
Culex loturus -> Culex zetekiInfo
Culex lucaris (Colless, 1965)Info
Culex lucifugus (Komp, 1936)Info
Culex lugens (Lutz, 1905)Info
Culex luridus -> Lutzia fuscanaInfo
Culex luteoannulatus -> Culex quinquefasciatusInfo
Culex luteoebdominalis (Theobald, 1910)Info
Culex luteola -> Culex fuscocephalaInfo
Culex luteolateralis -> Aedes luteolateralisInfo
Culex luteopleurus (Theobald, 1903)Info
Culex luteovittata -> Aedes rusticusInfo
Culex lutescens (Fabricius, 1775)Info
Culex luteus -> Culex pipiensInfo
Culex luzonensis (Sirivanakarn, 1976)Info
Culex luzonensis (Sirivanakarn, 1976)Info
Culex lygrus (Root, 1927)Info
Culex lynchii -> Aedes criniferInfo
Culex macaronensis -> Culex conspiratorInfo
Culex macdonaldi (Colless, 1965)Info
Culex macfiei (Edwards, 1923)Info
Culex machadoi (Da Silva Mattos, Da Silveira Guedes & Xavier, 1978)Info
Culex macleayi -> Culex quinquefasciatusInfo
Culex macrophyllus (Edwards & Gibbins, 1939)Info
Culex macropus -> Culex brevipalpisInfo
Culex macrostulys (Sirivanakam & Ramalingam, 1976)Info
Culex macrostylus (Sirivanakarn & Ramalingam, 1976)Info
Culex maculatus -> Aedes rusticusInfo
Culex maculipes -> Culex poicilipesInfo
Culex maculiventris (Macquart, 1844)Info
Culex madagascariensis (Ventrillon, 1905)Info
Culex maderensis (Mattingly, 1955)Info
Culex madininensis (Senevet, 1936)Info
Culex magnipennis -> Culiseta inornataInfo
Culex major (Edwards, 1935)Info
Culex majuensis -> Culex breviculusInfo
Culex malariae (Grassi, 1898)Info
Culex malariager (G. Poinar, 2005)Info
Culex malayensis (Sirivanakarn, 1972)Info
Culex malayi (Leicester, 1908)Info
Culex mammilifer (Leicester, 1908)Info
Culex manaensis -> Culex antunesiInfo
Culex manaosensis -> Culex eastorInfo
Culex manusensis (Sirivanakarn, 1975)Info
Culex maplei (Knight & Hurlbut, 1949)Info
Culex maracayensis (Evans, 1923)Info
Culex marginalis -> Culex pipiensInfo
Culex mariae -> Aedes mariaeInfo
Culex marianae (Bohart & Ingram, 1946)Info
Culex marinus -> Ochlerotatus vigilaxInfo
Culex marksae (King & Hoogstraal, 1955)Info
Culex marmorata -> Psorophora marmorataInfo
Culex marocanus -> Culiseta longiareolataInfo
Culex maroniensis -> Culex albinensisInfo
Culex marquesensis (Stone & Rosen, 1953)Info
Culex martinezi (Casal & Garcia, 1968)Info
Culex martinii (Medschid, 1930)Info
Culex masculus -> Culex decensInfo
Culex mastigia -> Culex pilosusInfo
Culex mathesoni -> Culex urichiiInfo
Culex mathisi -> Aedes serratusInfo
Culex mattinglyi (Knight, 1953)Info
Culex mauesensis (Lane, 1945)Info
Culex mauritanicus -> Culex simpsoniInfo
Culex maxi (Dyar, 1928)Info
Culex maxinocca (Dyar, 1920)Info
Culex mayumbae (Galliard, 1931)Info
Culex mbithoracisInfo
Culex mediolineatus -> Aedes mediolineatusInfo
Culex megafolius (Chen & Dong, 1992)Info
Culex megaonychus (Yang, Li & Chen, 1993)Info
Culex megapus -> Culex alogistusInfo
Culex melanorhinus -> Culex pipiensInfo
Culex melanurus -> Culiseta melanuraInfo
Culex menui -> Culex damascenoiInfo
Culex menytes -> Culex spissipesInfo
Culex mercedesae -> Culex kuhnsiInfo
Culex meridionalis -> Culex pipiensInfo
Culex merodaemon -> Culex conspiratorInfo
Culex meroneus -> Culex conspiratorInfo
Culex mesodenticulatus (Galindo & Mendez, 1961)Info
Culex metallica -> Coquillettidia metallicaInfo
Culex metempsytus (Dyar, 1921)Info
Culex mexicanus -> Psorophora mexicanaInfo
Culex miaolingensis (Chen, 1982)Info
Culex micolo (Ribeiro, Da Cunha Ramos, Capela & Pires, 1998)Info
Culex microannulata (Theobald, 1907)Info
Culex microannulatus -> Culex sitiensInfo
Culex microphyllus (Root, 1927)Info
Culex micropterus -> Aedes micropterusInfo
Culex microsquamosus -> Culex nigripalpusInfo
Culex microtaeniata (Theobald, 1911)Info
Culex mijanae (Brunhes, Adam & Bailly-choumara, 1967)Info
Culex millironi (Belkin, 1962)Info
Culex milloti (Doucet, 1949)Info
Culex milni (Taylor, 1914)Info
Culex milwardi (Xavier & Da Silva Mattos, 1972)Info
Culex mimeticus (Noe, 1899)Info
Culex mimuloides (Barraud, 1924)Info
Culex mimulus (Edwards, 1915)Info
Culex mindanaoensis (Baisas, 1935)Info
Culex minimaInfo
Culex minima (Theobald, 1901)Info
Culex minimus -> Culex fuscocephalaInfo
Culex minjensis (Sirivanakarn, 1968)Info
Culex minor -> Culex quinquefasciatusInfo
Culex minor (Leicester, 1908)Info
Culex minutissimus (Theobald, 1907)Info
Culex minutus -> Culex duttoniInfo
Culex miraculosus (Bonne-wepster, 1937)Info
Culex mirificus (Edwards, 1913)Info
Culex misionensis (Duret, 1953)Info
Culex mistura -> Culex inadmirabilisInfo
Culex mitchellae -> Aedes mitchellaeInfo
Culex miyagii (Mogi & Toma, 1999)Info
Culex modesta (Ficalbi, 1890)Info
Culex modestus (Ficalbi, 1890)Info
Culex mohani (Sirivanakarn, 1977)Info
Culex mojuensis (Duret & Damasceno, 1955)Info
Culex molestus -> Culex fraudatrixUnderground mosquitoInfo
Culex molestus (Forskal, 1775)Info
Culex molestus (Kollar, 1832)Info
Culex mollis (Dyar & Knab, 1906)Info
Culex monaensis (Floch & Fauran, 1955)Info
Culex mongiro (Van Someren, 1951)Info
Culex montcalmi (Blanchard, 1905)Info
Culex montforti (Ventrillon, 1905)Info
Culex moorei -> Culex erraticusInfo
Culex mooseri -> Culex coronatorInfo
Culex moreInfo
Culex morio (Fabricius, 1775)Info
Culex morsitans -> Culiseta morsitansInfo
Culex mortificator -> Culex nigripalpusInfo
Culex mosquito (Robineau-desvoidy, 1827)Info
Culex mossmani -> Culex mimulusInfo
Culex moucheti (Evans, 1923)Info
Culex mucidus -> Aedes mucidusInfo
Culex mulrennani (Basham, 1948)Info
Culex multispinosus -> Culex caudelliInfo
Culex mumelliInfo
Culex mundulus (Grünberg, 1905)Info
Culex murrelli (Lien, 1968)Info
Culex muruae (Sirivanakarn, 1968)Info
Culex musarum (Edwards, 1932)Info
Culex musicus -> Aedes rusticusInfo
Culex muspratti (Hamon & Lambrecht, 1959)Info
Culex mutator (Dyar & Knab, 1906)Info
Culex muticus -> Culex pullusInfo
Culex nailoni (King & Hoogstraal, 1946)Info
Culex nakuruensis (Mattingly, 1951)Info
Culex nanus -> Psorophora pygmaeaInfo
Culex naudeanus (Muspratt., 1961)Info
Culex navalis (Edwards, 1926)Info
Culex neavei (Theobald, 1906)Info
Culex nebulosus (Theobald, 1901)Info
Culex neglectus (Lutz, 1904)Info
Culex neireti -> Culex giganteusInfo
Culex nematoides -> Culex territansInfo
Culex nemorosus (Meigen, 1818)Info
Culex neolitoralis -> Culex alisInfo
Culex neomimulus -> Culex mimulusInfo
Culex neotaeniorhynchus (Theobald, 1910)Info
Culex neovishnui -> Culex pseudovishnuiInfo
Culex nicaensis -> Culiseta annulataInfo
Culex nicaroensis (Duret, 1967)Info
Culex nicceriensis (Bonne-wepster & Bonne, 1920)Info
Culex niger (Leicester, 1908)Info
Culex nigerrima (Theobald, 1910)Info
Culex nigrescens -> Culex castrensisInfo
Culex nigrescensInfo
Culex nigricephala -> Culex sitiensInfo
Culex nigriceps -> Culex atricepsInfo
Culex nigricorpus (Theobald, 1901)Info
Culex nigrimacula (Lane & Whitman, 1943)Info
Culex nigripalpus (Theobald, 1901)Info
Culex nigripes -> Aedes nigripesInfo
Culex nigrirostris -> Culex quinquefasciatusInfo
Culex nigrithorax -> Aedes nigrithoraxInfo
Culex nigritulus -> Aedes cinereusInfo
Culex nigrochaetae -> Culex nebulosusInfo
Culex nigrocostalis -> Culex decensInfo
Culex nigropunctatus (Edwards, 1926)Info
Culex nilgiricus (Edwards, 1916)Info
Culex ninagongoensis (Edwards, 1928)Info
Culex niveus (Eichwald, 1837)Info
Culex nivitarsis -> Aedes auriferInfo
Culex nolledoi (Baisas, 1935)Info
Culex normanensis -> Ochlerotatus normanensisInfo
Culex notoscriptus -> Rampamyia notoscriptusInfo
Culex novaeguineae (Evenhuis, 1989)Info
Culex nubilus -> Aedes nubilusInfo
Culex nudipalpis -> Culex modestusInfo
Culex nyangae -> Culex inconspicuosusInfo
Culex oblita (Lynch Arribálzaga, 1891)Info
Culex obscurus (Leicester, 1908)Info
Culex obturbans -> Armigeres obturbansInfo
Culex occidentalis -> Dobrotworskyius occidentalisInfo
Culex ocellata (Theobald, 1907)Info
Culex ocellatus (Theobald, 1903)Info
Culex ochraceus -> Aedes ochraceusInfo
Culex ochreceeInfo
Culex ochripes -> Psorophora ochripesInfo
Culex ochropus -> Coquillettidia perturbansInfo
Culex ocossa (Dyar & Knab, 1919)Info
Culex oedipus (Root, 1927)Info
Culex okinawae (Bohart, 1953)Info
Culex olimpioi (Xavier, Da Silva & Da Silva Mattos, 1970)Info
Culex omani (Belkin, 1962)Info
Culex onderstepoortensis -> Culex theileriInfo
Culex onondagensis -> Aedes dorsalisInfo
Culex opisthopus -> Culex taeniopusInfo
Culex orbostiensis (Dobrotworsky, 1958)Info
Culex oresbius (Harbach & Rattanarithikul, 1988)Info
Culex orfilai (Duret, 1953)Info
Culex orientalis (Edwards, 1921)Info
Culex originator (Gordon & Evans, 1922)Info
Culex ornatothoracis (Theobald, 1909)Info
Culex ornatus (Theobald, 1905)Info
Culex orstom (Brunhes, Adam & Bailly-choumara, 1967)Info
Culex osakaensis (Theobald, 1907)Info
Culex oswaldoi -> Culex maxiInfo
Culex otachati (Klein & Sirivanakarn, 1970)Info
Culex ousqua (Dyar, 1918)Info
Culex oweni (Belkin, 1962)Info
Culex pachecoi -> Culex quadripalpisInfo
Culex pacificus (Edwards, 1916)Info
Culex paganus -> Culex conservatorInfo
Culex pairoji (Sirivanakarn, 1977)Info
Culex pajoti (Ramos & Ribeiro, 1982)Info
Culex palaciosi (Duret, 1968)Info
Culex pallens -> Aedes fulvusInfo
Culex pallidiceps (Theobald, 1905)Info
Culex pallidocephala -> Culex quinquefasciatusInfo
Culex pallidohirta -> Aedes cinereusInfo
Culex pallidopunctata -> Aedes dentatusInfo
Culex pallidostriatus -> Aedes pallidostriatusInfo
Culex pallidothoracisInfo
Culex pallidothorax (Theobald, 1905)Info
Culex pallidothoruInfo
Culex pallipes -> Culex pipiensInfo
Culex pallipes (Robineau-desvoidy, 1827)Info
Culex palmi -> Culex annulirostrisInfo
Culex palpalis (Taylor, 1912)Info
Culex paludis (Taylor, 1913)Info
Culex palus -> Culex nigripalpusInfo
Culex panalectoris -> Armigeres subalbatusInfo
Culex pandani (Brunhes, 1969)Info
Culex panocossa (Dyar, 1923)Info
Culex papuensis (Taylor, 1914)Info
Culex par -> Culex poicilipesInfo
Culex paracrybda (Komp, 1936)Info
Culex paraculeatus (Sirivanakarn, 1977)Info
Culex parainfantulus -> Culex infantulusInfo
Culex paramaxi (Duret, 1968)Info
Culex paraplesia -> Culex acceleransInfo
Culex parascelos -> Aedes pallidostriatusInfo
Culex particeps -> Culiseta particepsInfo
Culex parvus -> Culex crinicaudaInfo
Culex pasadaemon -> Culex conspiratorInfo
Culex patientiae (Floch & Fauran, 1955)Info
Culex pavlovsky -> Culex torrentiumInfo
Culex pavlovskyi (Casal & Garcia, 1967)Info
Culex peccator (Dyar & Knab, 1909)Info
Culex pedicellus (King & Hoogstraal, 1947)Info
Culex pedroi (Sirivanakarn & Belkin, 1980)Info
Culex penafieli -> Culex quinquefasciatusInfo
Culex penai (Sirivanakarn, 1979)Info
Culex penetrans -> Culiseta subochreaInfo
Culex penicillaris (Rondani, 1872)Info
Culex perexiguus (Theobald, 1903)Info
Culex pereyrai (Duret, 1967)Info
Culex perfidiosus (Edwards, 1914)Info
Culex perfuscus (Edwards, 1914)Info
Culex peribleptus -> Culex erraticusInfo
Culex peringueyi (Edwards, 1924)Info
Culex perkinsi (Stone & Penn, 1948)Info
Culex permixtus -> Culex annulusInfo
Culex perplewsInfo
Culex perplexus (Leicester, 1908)Info
Culex perryi (Belkin, 1962)Info
Culex perturbans -> Coquillettidia perturbansInfo
Culex pervigilans (Von Bergroth, 1889)Vigilant mosquitoInfo
Culex petersi (Colless, 1960)Info
Culex petersoni -> Culex bahamensisInfo
Culex petrifactellus (Cockerell, 1915)Info
Culex pettigrewii -> Culex theileriInfo
Culex peus (Speiser, 1904)Info
Culex peytoni (Bram & Rattanarithikul, 1967)Info
Culex phangngae (Sirivanakarn, 1972)Info
Culex philipi (Edwards, 1929)Info
Culex philippinensis (Sirivanakarn, 1976)Info
Culex phlabistus (Dyar, 1920)Info
Culex phlogistus (Dyar, 1920)Info
Culex pholeter (Bram & Rattanarithikul, 1967)Info
Culex phyllados (Hutchings & Sallum, 2008)Info
Culex phytophagus -> Culex pipiensInfo
Culex pifanoi (Anduze, 1949)Info
Culex pilifemoralis (Wang & Feng, 1964)Info
Culex pilifera (Theobald, 1907)Info
Culex pilipes -> Psorophora pilipesInfo
Culex pilosus (Dyar & Knab, 1906)Info
Culex pinarocampa (Dyar & Knab, 1908)Info
Culex pinguis -> Culiseta impatiensInfo
Culex pipiens (Linnaeus, 1758)House mosquito
Common house mosquito
Northern house mosquito
Culex pipiens fatigans (Wiedemann, 1828)Info
Culex pipiens molestus (Forskål, 1775)Info
Culex pipiens pallens (Coquillett, 1898)Info
Culex pipiens pipiens (Linnaeus, 1758)Info
Culex pipiens quinquefasciatus (Say, 1823)Info
Culex pipines -> Culex pipiensInfo
Culex plantaginis (Barraud., 1924)Info
Culex plectoporpe (Root, 1927)Info
Culex plegepennis (Theobald, 1907)Info
Culex pleuristriatus (Theobald, 1903)Info
Culex plicatus (Olivares, 1993)Info
Culex plumosa -> Mimomyia plumosaInfo
Culex pluvialis -> Culex adairiInfo
Culex pluvialis (Barraud, 1924)Info
Culex poecilipes (Theobald, 1903)Info
Culex poicilipes (Theobald, 1903)Info
Culex poicilipes (Theobald, 1903)Info
Culex portesi (Senevet & Abonnenc, 1941)Info
Culex portoricensis -> Aedes taeniorhynchusInfo
Culex pose -> Culex erraticusInfo
Culex posticatus -> Psorophora feroxInfo
Culex postspiraculosus (Lee, 1944)Info
Culex prasinopleurus -> Culex nigripalpusInfo
Culex pretans (Grossbeck, 1904)Info
Culex proavitus (Scudder, 1877)Info
Culex procax -> Ochlerotatus procaxInfo
Culex proclamator -> Culex declaratorInfo
Culex proclametor (Dyar & Knab, 1906)Info
Culex productus (Senevet & Abonnenc, 1939)Info
Culex propinquus (Colless, 1955)Info
Culex prorimus (Dyar & Knab, 1909)Info
Culex prosecutor (Seguy, 1927)Info
Culex protorhinus (T. D. A. Cockerell, 1915)Info
Culex provocans -> Aedes provocansInfo
Culex proximus -> Culex nigripalpusInfo
Culex pruina (Theobald, 1901)Info
Culex psatharus (Dyar, 1920)Info
Culex pseudoandreanus (Bailly-choumara, 1966)Info
Culex pseudoannuliorisInfo
Culex pseudocinereus (Theobald, 1901)Info
Culex pseudoinfula -> Culex vishnuiInfo
Culex pseudojanthinosoma (Senevet & Abonnenc, 1946)Info
Culex pseudolongifurcatus -> Culex viridiventerInfo
Culex pseudomelanoconia (Theobald, 1907)Info
Culex pseudomimeticus -> Culex prosecutorInfo
Culex pseudopruina (Van Someren, 1951)Info
Culex pseudornatus (Colless, 1960)Info
Culex pseudorubithoracis (Sirivanakarn, 1968)Info
Culex pseudosinensis (Colless, 1955)Info
Culex pseudosinensis (Colless, 1955)Info
Culex pseudostenoetrus -> Aedes stenoetrusInfo
Culex pseudostigmatosoma (Strickman, 1990)Info
Culex pseudotaeniatus -> Aedes pseudotaeniatusInfo
Culex pseudotaeniopus -> Culex epanatasisInfo
Culex pseudovishnui (Colless, 1957)Info
Culex pulchritarsis -> Aedes pulcritarsisInfo
Culex pulchrithorax -> Culex lineataInfo
Culex pulchriventer -> Aedes pulchriventerInfo
Culex pulcripalpis -> Orthopodomyia pulcripalpisInfo
Culex pulcritarsis -> Aedes pulcritarsisInfo
Culex pulicaris -> Culicoides pulicarisInfo
Culex pulidoi (Cova Garcia & Sutil Oramas, 1974)Info
Culex pullatus -> Culex grahamiiInfo
Culex pullus (Theobald, 1905)Info
Culex punctatus (Meigen, 1804)Info
Culex punctipennis -> Anopheles punctipennisInfo
Culex punctipes (Theobald, 1907)Info
Culex punctiscapularis (Floch & Abonnenc, 1946)Info
Culex punctor (Kirby, 1837)Info
Culex pungens -> Aedes rusticusInfo
Culex pusillus (Macquart, 1850)Info
Culex putumayensis (Matheson, 1934)Info
Culex pygmaeus -> Culex quinquefasciatusInfo
Culex pyrenaicus -> Culex territansInfo
Culex quadratimaculatus -> Aedes rusticusInfo
Culex quadrifoliatus (Komp, 1936)Info
Culex quadripalpis (Edwards, 1914)Info
Culex quadrivittatus -> Aedes quadrivittatusInfo
Culex quasigelidus -> Culex poicilipesInfo
Culex quasiguiarti (Theobald, 1910)Info
Culex quasihibridus (Galindo & Blanton, 1954)Info
Culex quasilinealis -> Culex quinquefasciatusInfo
Culex quasimodestus -> Culex molestusInfo
Culex quasioriginator (Duret, 1972)Info
Culex quasipipiens -> Culex quinquefasciatusInfo
Culex quasirubithorax -> Aedes quasirubithoraxInfo
Culex quasisanguinae (Leicester, 1908)Info
Culex quasisecutor -> Culex secutorInfo
Culex quasiunivittatus -> Aedes quasiunivittatusInfo
Culex quettensis (Mattingly, 1955)Info
Culex quinquefasciatus (Say, 1823)House Mosquito
Southern house mosquito
Brown house mosquito
Culex quintetti (Brunhes, Adam & Bailly-choumara, 1967)Info
Culex quitensis (Levi-castillo, 1953)Info
Culex quizhouensis (Chen & Zhao, 1985)Info
Culex rabanicola (Floch & Abonnenc, 1946)Info
Culex rabelloi (Forattini & Sallum, 1987)Info
Culex rachoui (Duret, 1968)Info
Culex radiatus -> Culex pilosusInfo
Culex rageaui (Hamon & Rickenbach, 1955)Info
Culex raghavanii (Rahman, Chowdhury & Kalra, 1968)Info
Culex rajah (Tsukamoto, 1989)Info
Culex rajaneeae (Sirivanakarn, 1968)Info
Culex ramakrishnii (Wattal & Kalra, 1965)Info
Culex ramalingami (Sirivanakarn, 1973)Info
Culex rausseoi (Cova García, Sutil Oramas & Pulido F., 1972)Info
Culex raymondii -> Culex quinquefasciatusInfo
Culex reducens (Lane & Whitman, 1951)Info
Culex reductor -> Culex pilosusInfo
Culex reesi -> Culex quinquefasciatusInfo
Culex reevesi -> Culex bohartiInfo
Culex reflector -> Culex interrogatorInfo
Culex reginae (Floch & Fauran, 1955)Info
Culex regius -> Toxorhynchites splendensInfo
Culex regulator -> Culex nigripalpusInfo
Culex reidi (Colless, 1965)Info
Culex rejector (Dyar & Knab, 1906)Info
Culex remipes -> Sabethes cyaneusInfo
Culex renatoi (Lane & Ramalho, 1960)Info
Culex reptans -> Simulium reptansInfo
Culex restrictor (Dyar & Knab, 1906)Info
Culex restuans (Theobald, 1901)White-dotted mosquitoInfo
Culex retrosus (Lane & Whitman, 1951)Info
Culex revelator -> Culex declaratorInfo
Culex revocator -> Culex quinquefasciatusInfo
Culex ribeirensis (Forattini & Sallum, 1985)Info
Culex richardgarciai (Jeffery, Oothuman & Rudnick, 1987)Info
Culex richei (Klein, 1970)Info
Culex richeti (Brunhes & Venhard, 1966)Info
Culex richiardii -> Coquillettidia richiardiiInfo
Culex richteri -> Culex simpsoniInfo
Culex rigidus -> Culex cornigerInfo
Culex rima (Theobald, 1901)Info
Culex riojanus (Duret, 1968)Info
Culex rizali -> Aedes rizaliInfo
Culex robici -> Culex seyrigiInfo
Culex romeroi (Surcouf & Gonzalez-rincones, 1912)Info
Culex ronaldi -> Culex thalassiusInfo
Culex ronderosi (De Linero, 1967)Info
Culex rooti (Rozeboom, 1935)Info
Culex rorotaensis (Floch & Abonnenc, 1946)Info
Culex roseni (Belkin, 1962)Info
Culex rossii (Giles, 1889)Info
Culex rotoruae (Belkin, 1968)Info
Culex roubaudi (Borel, 1926)Info
Culex rubensis (Sasa & Takahashi, 1948)Info
Culex rubidus -> Psorophora ciliataInfo
Culex rubinotus (Theobald, 1906)Info
Culex rubithoracis (Leicester, 1908)Info
Culex rubrithorax -> Dobrotworskyius rubrithoraxInfo
Culex ruffinis -> Culex dunniInfo
Culex rufinus -> Culex pipiensInfo
Culex rufus -> Culex pipiensInfo
Culex rusticus -> Aedes rusticusInfo
Culex ruthae (Peters, 1958)Info
Culex ryukyensis (Bohart, 1946)Info
Culex ryukyuanus (Tanaka, Mizusawa & Saugstad, 1979)Info
Culex sacchettae (Sirivanakarn & Jakob, 1982)Info
Culex sagax -> Ochlerotatus sagaxInfo
Culex saibaii -> Culex sitiensInfo
Culex salinarius (Coquillett, 1904)Unbanded saltmarsh mosquitoInfo
Culex salinus -> Culex sitiensInfo
Culex salisburiensis (Theobald, 1901)Info
Culex saltanensis (Dyar, 1928)Info
Culex salus -> Culex sitiensInfo
Culex samoaensis (Theobald, 1914)Info
Culex samoaensis (Theobald, 1914)Info
Culex sandrae (Berlin, 1969)Info
Culex sangenglaoensis -> Culex sangengluoensisInfo
Culex sangengluoensis (Wang, 1984)Info
Culex sangenluoensis (Wang, 1984)Info
Culex saramaccensis (Bonne-wepster & Bonne, 1920)Info
Culex sarawaki (Theobald, 1907)Info
Culex sardinerae (Fox, 1953)Info
Culex sasai (Kano, Nitahara & Awaya, 1954)Info
Culex saxatilis -> Culex territansInfo
Culex scanloni (Bram, 1967)Info
Culex scapularis -> Aedes scapularisInfo
Culex scheuberi (Carpintero & Leguizamon, 2004)Info
Culex schicki (Berlin, 1969)Info
Culex schilfgaardei (Sirivanakarn, 1968)Info
Culex scholasticus -> Culex inflictusInfo
Culex schwetzi (Edwards, 1929)Info
Culex scimitar (Branch & Seabrook, 1959)Info
Culex scottii (Theobald, 1912)Info
Culex scutatus -> Culex abnormalisInfo
Culex scutellaris -> Stegomyia scutellarisInfo
Culex scutipunctatus -> Psorophora confinnisInfo
Culex sechani (Brunhes & Boussès, 2009)Info
Culex secundus (Bonne-wepster & Bonne, 1920)Info
Culex secutor (Theobald, 1901)Info
Culex sedlacekae (Sirivanakarn, 1968)Info
Culex selai (Klein & Sirivanakarn, 1970)Info
Culex selangorensis (Sirivanakarn, 1976)Info
Culex selangorensis (Sirivanakarn, 1976)Info
Culex seldeslachtsi (Wolfs, 1947)Info
Culex semibrunneus (Edwards, 1927)Info
Culex seneveti -> Culex conteiInfo
Culex seniori (Barraud, 1934)Info
Culex sepositus -> Culex sinensisInfo
Culex sergentii -> Culex impudicusInfo
Culex sericeus -> Culex quinquefasciatusInfo
Culex serotinus -> Culex quinquefasciatusInfo
Culex serratimarge (Root, 1927)Info
Culex serratipes -> Culiseta longiareolataInfo
Culex serratus -> Aedes serratusInfo
Culex setulosus -> Lutzia fuscanaInfo
Culex seyrigi (Edwards, 1941)Info
Culex shakujiiensis -> Coquillettidia ochraceaInfo
Culex shanahani (Sirivanakarn, 1968)Info
Culex shebbearei (Barraud, 1924)Info
Culex shinonagai -> Lutzia shinonagaiInfo
Culex shoae (Hamon & Ovazza, 1954)Info
Culex shopei (Forattini & Toda, 1966)Info
Culex shrivastavii -> Culex foliatusInfo
Culex siamensis (Barraud & Christophers, 1931)Info
Culex siculus (Robineau-desvoidy, 1827)Info
Culex signifer -> Orthopodomyia signiferaInfo
Culex silvai (Duret, 1968)Info
Culex similis -> Culex nigripalpusInfo
Culex simplex (Theobald, 1903)Info
Culex simplicicornis (Edwards, 1930)Info
Culex simpliciforceps (Edwards, 1941)Info
Culex simpsoni (Theobald, 1905)Info
Culex simulator (Dyar & Knab, 1906)Info
Culex sinaiticus (Kirkpatrick, 1925)Info
Culex sinensis (Theobald, 1903)Info
Culex sinensis (Theobald, 1903)Info
Culex singhbhumensis (Natarajan & Rajavel, 2009)Info
Culex singuawaensis (Sirivanakarn, 1969)Info
Culex siphanulatus (Lourenço-de-oliveira & Da Silva, 1987)Info
Culex siphonalis -> Aedes excruciansInfo
Culex sitiens (Wiedemann, 1828)Saltmarsh culexInfo
Culex skusii -> Culex quinquefasciatusInfo
Culex solitarius (Bonne-wepster, 1938)Info
Culex sollicitans -> Aedes sollicitansInfo
Culex solomonis (Edwards, 1929)Info
Culex solomonis (Belkin, 1962)Info
Culex somaliensis -> Culex sitiensInfo
Culex someresti -> Culex annulirostrisInfo
Culex somerseti (Taylor, 1912)Info
Culex soperi (Antunes & Lane, 1937)Info
Culex spathifurca (Edwards, 1915)Info
Culex spathipalpis -> Culiseta longiareolataInfo
Culex spathulatus (Forattini & Sallum, 1987)Info
Culex spencerii -> Aedes spenceriiInfo
Culex sphinx (Howard, Dyar & Knab, 1913)Info
Culex spiculostylus (Chen, 1989)Info
Culex spiculosus (Bram & Rattanarithikul, 1967)Info
Culex spiculothorax (Bram, 1967)Info
Culex spinosus (Lutz, 1905)Info
Culex spissipes (Theobald, 1903)Info
Culex splendens -> Toxorhynchites splendensInfo
Culex spoliata (Edwards, 1923)Info
Culex squamiger -> Aedes squamigerInfo
Culex squamosus (Taylor, 1914)Info
Culex squamosus (Taylor, 1914)Info
Culex starckeae (Stone & Knight, 1958)Info
Culex starckeae (Stone & Knight, 1958)Info
Culex steffani (Sirivanakarn, 1968)Info
Culex stellatus (Van Someren, 1947)Info
Culex stenoetrus -> Aedes stenoetrusInfo
Culex stenolepis (Dyar & Knab, 1908)Info
Culex stercoreus (Linnaeus, 1758)Info
Culex sternopallidus -> Culex molestusInfo
Culex sternopunctatus -> Culex molestusInfo
Culex sticticus (Meigen, 1835)Info
Culex stigmatosoma -> Culex peusInfo
Culex stimulans (Walker, 1848)Info
Culex stoehri -> Culex quinquefasciatusInfo
Culex stonei (Lane & Whitman, 1943)Info
Culex striatipes (Edwards, 1941)Info
Culex stylifurcatus -> Culex spathifurcaInfo
Culex subaequalis (Edwards, 1941)Info
Culex subalbatus -> Armigeres subalbatusInfo
Culex subfuscus -> Culex cornigerInfo
Culex submarginalis (Sirivanakarn, 1973)Info
Culex suborientalis (Baisas, 1938)Info
Culex subrima (Edwards, 1941)Info
Culex subsalisburiensis (Herve & Geoffroy, 1974)Info
Culex subulifer -> Toxorhynchites amboinensisInfo
Culex sudanensis (Theobald, 1911)Info
Culex sudanicus (Edwards, 1941)Info
Culex sumatranus (Brug, 1931)Info
Culex summorosus -> Culex tritaeniorhynchusInfo
Culex sunyaniensis (Edwards, 1941)Info
Culex surinamensis (Dyar, 1918)Info
Culex sursumptor (Dyar, 1924)Info
Culex surukumensis -> Culex conservatorInfo
Culex sutili (Cova Garcia & Pulido F., 1974)Info
Culex sylvae (Theobald, 1901)Info
Culex sylvaticus (Meigen, 1818)Info
Culex sylvestris (Leicester, 1908)Info
Culex sylvicola -> Aedes grossbeckiInfo
Culex symbletos (Sallum & Hutchings, 2003)Info
Culex szemaoensis (Wang & Feng, 1964)Info
Culex taeniarostris (Theobald, 1907)Info
Culex taeniata (Leicester, 1908)Info
Culex taeniatus (Wiedemann, 1828)Info
Culex taeniopus (Dyar & Knab, 1907)Info
Culex taeniorhynchoides -> Culex poicilipesInfo
Culex taeniorhynchus -> Aedes taeniorhynchusInfo
Culex tamsi (Edwards, 1934)Info
Culex tanajcus -> Culex modestusInfo
Culex tapena (Dyar, 1919)Info
Culex tarsalis (Coquillett, 1896)Encephalitis mosquito
Western Encephalitis Mosquito
Culex tatoi (Casal & Garcia, 1971)Info
Culex tauffliebi (Geoffroy & Herve, 1976)Info
Culex taylori -> Culex squamosusInfo
Culex taytayensis -> Culex fuscocephalaInfo
Culex tecmarsis (Dyar, 1918)Info
Culex tejerai -> Culex levicastilloiInfo
Culex telesilla (De Meillon & Lavoipierre, 1945)Info
Culex tenagius (Van Someren, 1954)Info
Culex tenax (Theobald, 1901)Info
Culex tenniInfo
Culex tenuipalpis (Barraud, 1924)Info
Culex terebor (Dyar, 1920)Info
Culex terepaima -> Culex idottusInfo
Culex termi (Thurman, 1955)Info
Culex terrens -> Aedes terrensInfo
Culex terriei (Theobald, 1903)Info
Culex territans (Walker, 1856)Info
Culex terzii (Edwards, 1941)Info
Culex testaceus -> Coquillettidia perturbansInfo
Culex thalassius (Theobald, 1903)Info
Culex theileri (Theobald, 1903)Info
Culex theobaldi (Lutz, 1904)Info
Culex thomasi -> Culex bastagariusInfo
Culex thoracicus -> Culex pipiensInfo
Culex thriambus -> Culex peusInfo
Culex thumanommInfo
Culex thurmanorum (Bram, 1967)Info
Culex tianpingensis (Chen, 1981)Info
Culex tibialis -> Psorophora ciliataInfo
Culex tigripes (De Grandpre & De Charmoy, 1901)Info
Culex tipuliformis -> Culex vagansInfo
Culex tisseuli -> Culex mollisInfo
Culex titillans (Walker, 1848)Info
Culex tomeri (Dyar & Knab, 1907)Info
Culex toroensis (Edwards & Gibbins, 1939)Info
Culex torrentium (Martini, 1925)Info
Culex torridus -> Culex pipiensInfo
Culex tortilis -> Aedes tortilisInfo
Culex tosimus -> Culex maxinoccaInfo
Culex tournieri (Senevet & Abonnenc, 1939)Info
Culex tovari -> Culex erraticusInfo
Culex toviiensis (Klein, Riviere & Sechan, 1984)Info
Culex toweri -> Culex secutorInfo
Culex townsvillensis -> Culex quinquefasciatusInfo
Culex toxorhynchus (Macquart, 1838)Info
Culex trachycampa -> Culex erraticusInfo
Culex tramazayguesi (Duret, 1954)Info
Culex transvaalensis -> Aedes hirsutusInfo
Culex traubi (Colless, 1965)Info
Culex trichopygus -> Toxorhynchites trichopygusInfo
Culex tricontus -> Culex cataractarumInfo
Culex tricuspis (Edwards, 1930)Info
Culex trifidus -> Culex tricuspisInfo
Culex trifidus (Dyar, 1921)Info
Culex trifilatus (Edwards, 1914)Info
Culex trifoliatus (Edwards, 1914)Info
Culex trifurcatus -> Culex pipiensInfo
Culex trigeminatus (Clastrier, 1970)Info
Culex trilineatus -> Culex quinquefasciatusInfo
Culex trillineatus -> Culex quinquefasciatusInfo
Culex trilobulatus (Duret & Barreto, 1956)Info
Culex trimaculatus -> Aedes trimaculatusInfo
Culex tripunctatus -> Culex sinensisInfo
Culex triseriatus (Say, 1823)Info
Culex trisetosus (Fauran, 1961)Info
Culex tritaeniorhynchus (Giles, 1901)Info
Culex trivittatus -> Aedes trivittatusInfo
Culex trychnus (Root, 1927)Info
Culex tsengi (Lien, 1968)Info
Culex tuberis (Bohart, 1946)Info
Culex ugandae (Someren, 1967)Info
Culex umbripes (Edwards, 1941)Info
Culex uncinatus (Delfinado, 1966)Info
Culex uncus -> Verrallina uncusInfo
Culex unicornis (Root, 1928)Info
Culex uniformis -> Culex fuscocephalaInfo
Culex uniformis (Theobald, 1905)Info
Culex uniformis (Theobald, 1905)Info
Culex uniformis (Theobald, 1905)Info
Culex unistriatus -> Culex pipiensInfo
Culex univittatus (Theobald, 1901)Info
Culex urichi (Coquillett, 1906)Info
Culex urichii (Coquillett, 1906)Info
Culex usquatissimus (Dyar, 1922)Info
Culex usquatus (Dyar, 1918)Info
Culex vagans (Wiedemann, 1828)Info
Culex vansomereni (Edwards, 1926)Info
Culex vapulans -> Culex bastagariusInfo
Culex variatus (Leicester, 1908)Info
Culex variegatus -> Stegomyia scutellarisInfo
Culex varioannulatus -> Culex pipiensInfo
Culex varipalpus -> Aedes varipalpusInfo
Culex vattieri (Geoffroy, 1971)Info
Culex vaxus (Dyar, 1920)Info
Culex vectensis (F. W. Edwards, 1923)Info
Culex vector -> Culex imitatorInfo
Culex venezuelensis -> Culex simulatorInfo
Culex ventralis -> Armigeres obturbansInfo
Culex ventrilloni (Edwards, 1920)Info
Culex versabilis (Sirivanakarn, 1968)Info
Culex verutus (Harbach, 1987)Info
Culex vexans -> Aedimorphus vexansInfo
Culex vexillatus (Edwards, 1941)Info
Culex vexillifer (Komp, 1936)Info
Culex vicinalis (Meillon & Lavoipierre, 1944)Info
Culex vicinus (Taylor, 1916)Info
Culex vidali (Floch & Fauran, 1954)Info
Culex vigilax -> Ochlerotatus vigilaxInfo
Culex vinckei (Hamon, Holstein & Rivola, 1957)Info
Culex vindicator -> Culex declaratorInfo
Culex violaceus -> Toxorhynchites violaceusInfo
Culex virgatipes -> Culex vagansInfo
Culex virgultus (Theobald, 1901)Info
Culex viridifrons (Walker, 1848)Info
Culex viridis -> Culex guiartiInfo
Culex viridiventer (Giles, 1901)Info
Culex vishnui (Theobald, 1901)Info
Culex vittatus -> Aedes vittatusInfo
Culex vittiger -> Ochlerotatus vittigerInfo
Culex vogelsangi -> Culex elevatorInfo
Culex vomerifer (Komp, 1932)Info
Culex vulgaris (Linnaeus, 1792)Info
Culex wahlgreni (Theobald, 1910)Info
Culex walkeri -> Aedes walkeriInfo
Culex walukasi (Belkin, 1962)Info
Culex wamanguae (Sirivanakarn, 1968)Info
Culex wannonii (Cova García & Sutil Oramus, 1976)Info
Culex wansoni (Wolfs, 1945)Info
Culex wardi (Sirivanakarn, 1977)Info
Culex waterhousei (Theobald, 1905)Info
Culex watti (Edwards, 1920)Info
Culex wepsterae (Komp & Rozeboom, 1951)Info
Culex weschei (Edwards, 1935)Info
Culex whafloniInfo
Culex whartoni (Colless, 1965)Info
Culex whitei (Barraud, 1923)Info
Culex whitmorei (Giles, 1904)Info
Culex whittingtoni (Belkin, 1962)Info
Culex wigglesworthi (Edwards, 1941)Info
Culex wilfredi (Colless, 1965)Info
Culex willistoni -> Culex tarsalisInfo
Culex wilsoni (Lane & Whitman, 1943)Info
Culex winchesteri (T. D. A. Cockerell, 1919)Info
Culex winkleri (Belkin, 1962)Info
Culex worontzowi (Pessoa & Galvao, 1936)Info
Culex xenophobus (Ronderos, 1965)Info
Culex xivylis -> Culex bastagariusInfo
Culex yaoi (Tung, 1955)Info
Culex ybarmis (Dyar, 1920)Info
Culex yeageri (Baisas, 1935)Info
Culex yojoae (Strickman, 1990)Info
Culex zeltneri -> Culex quinquefasciatusInfo
Culex zeteki (Dyar, 1918)Info
Culex zombaensis (Theobald, 1901)Info
Culex zonatipes -> Stegomyia scutellarisInfo
Culicada alineata (Schneider, 1913)Info
Culicada annulipes -> Aedes camptorhynchusInfo
Culicada burpengaryensis -> Ochlerotatus burpengaryensisInfo
Culicada clelandi -> Ochlerotatus clelandiInfo
Culicada diplolineata (Schneider, 1913)Info
Culicada eruthrosops -> Aedimorphus vexansInfo
Culicada fergusoni -> Culex fergusoniInfo
Culicada fuscopalpalis -> Aedes cumminsiiInfo
Culicada haplolineata (Schneider, 1913)Info
Culicada hydrida (Taylor, 1916)Info
Culicada mediopunctata -> Aedes cumminsiiInfo
Culicada milsoni -> Dobrotworskyius milsoniInfo
Culicada minuta -> Aedimorphus vexansInfo
Culicada nigra -> Aedes camptorhynchusInfo
Culicada nigrinus -> Aedes nigrinusInfo
Culicada nipponii (Theobald, 1907)Info
Culicada squamosus -> Culex squamosusInfo
Culicada subcantans (Felt, 1905)Info
Culicada suknaensis (Theobald, 1910)Info
Culicada tasmaniensis -> Halaedes australisInfo
Culicada theobaldi -> Culiseta fumipennisInfo
Culicada variegatans (Strickland, 1911)Info
Culicada wilsoni -> Ochlerotatus sagaxInfo
Culicella litorea -> Culiseta litoreaInfo
Culicella parodites -> Culiseta morsitansInfo
Culicelsa abdominalis -> Culex bitaeniorhynchusInfo
Culicelsa accraensis -> Culex thalassiusInfo
Culicelsa annulata -> Culex sitiensInfo
Culicelsa auroides (Felt, 1905)Info
Culicelsa centropunctatus -> Aedes centropunctatusInfo
Culicelsa consimilis -> Culex annulirostrisInfo
Culicelsa cumpstoni (Taylor, 1914)Info
Culicelsa demansis (Strickland, 1911)Info
Culicelsa fryeri -> Aedes fryeriInfo
Culicelsa fuscus -> Culex thalassiusInfo
Culicelsa inornata -> Aedes camptorhynchusInfo
Culicelsa milni -> Culex sitiensInfo
Culicelsa neotaeniorhynchus -> Culex thalassiusInfo
Culicelsa paludis -> Culex sitiensInfo
Culicelsa pseudovigilax -> Ochlerotatus vigilaxInfo
Culicelsa queenslandis -> Dobrotworskyius rubrithoraxInfo
Culicelsa similis -> Dobrotworskyius rubrithoraxInfo
Culicelsa simplex -> Culex annulirostrisInfo
Culicelsa togoi -> Aedes togoiInfo
Culicelsa uniformis -> Ochlerotatus vigilaxInfo
Culicelsa victoriensis -> Aedes camptorhynchusInfo
Culiciomyia annulata -> Culex nigropunctatusInfo
Culiciomyia bahri -> Culex bahriInfo
Culiciomyia ceylonica -> Culex fragilisInfo
Culiciomyia dalzieli -> Aedes dalzieliInfo
Culiciomyia inornata -> Culex fragilisInfo
Culiciomyia insignis -> Culex insignisInfo
Culiciomyia minutissimus -> Culex minutissimusInfo
Culiciomyia nigerrima -> Culex minutissimusInfo
Culiciomyia spathifurca -> Culex spathifurcaInfo
Culiciomyia uniformis -> Culex cinereusInfo
Culiciscolex gibberatus (A. Bode, 1953)Info
Culiseta affinis (Stephens, 1825)Info
Culiseta alaskaensis (Ludlow, 1906)Info
Culiseta amurensis (Maslov, 1964)Info
Culiseta annulata (Schrank, 1776)Info
Culiseta annulata subochreaInfo
Culiseta antipodea (Dobrotworsky, 1962)Info
Culiseta arenivaga (Marks, 1968)Info
Culiseta atlantica (Edwards, 1932)Info
Culiseta atra (Lee, 1944)Info
Culiseta atritarsalis (Dobrotworsky, 1954)Info
Culiseta bergrothi (Edwards, 1921)Info
Culiseta drummondi (Dobrotworsky, 1960)Info
Culiseta dugesi -> Culiseta particepsInfo
Culiseta dyariInfo
Culiseta flavirostris (Meigen, 1830)Info
Culiseta fraseri (Edwards, 1914)Info
Culiseta frenchii (Theobald, 1901)Info
Culiseta fumipennis (Stephens, 1825)Info
Culiseta gedanica (R. Szadziewski, 2011)Info
Culiseta geniculata (Olivier, 1791)Info
Culiseta glaphyroptera (Schiner, 1864)Info
Culiseta hilli (Edwards, 1926)Info
Culiseta impatiens (Walker, 1848)Info
Culiseta incidens (Thomson, 1869)Fish pond mosquitoInfo
Culiseta inconspicua (Lee, 1937)Info
Culiseta indica (Edwards, 1920)Info
Culiseta inomataInfo
Culiseta inornata (Williston, 1893)Winter marsh mosquitoInfo
Culiseta kanayamensis (Yamada, 1932)Info
Culiseta kishenehn (R. E. Harbach, 2012)Info
Culiseta lemniscata (R. E. Harbach, 2012)Info
Culiseta lishanensis -> Culiseta niveitaeniataInfo
Culiseta litorea (Shute, 1928)Pepper maggotInfo
Culiseta littleri (Taylor, 1914)Info
Culiseta longiareolata (Macquart, 1838)Info
Culiseta maccrackenae -> Culiseta particepsInfo
Culiseta macrocarpaInfo
Culiseta marchettei (Garcia, Jeffery & Rudnick, 1969)Info
Culiseta megaloba (Luh, Chao & Heu, 1974)Info
Culiseta melanura (Coquillett, 1902)Black-tailed mosquitoInfo
Culiseta melanurus (Coquillett, 1902)Black-tailed mosquito
Climacura melanura
Culiseta minnesotae (Barr, 1957)Info
Culiseta morsitans (Theobald, 1901)Info
Culiseta nipponica (Lacasse & Yamaguti, 1950)Info
Culiseta niveitaeniata (Theobald, 1907)Info
Culiseta novaezealandiae (Pillai, 1966)Info
Culiseta ochroptera (Peus, 1935)Info
Culiseta otwayensis (Dobrotworsky, 1960)Info
Culiseta particeps (Adams, 1903)Info
Culiseta siberiensis -> Culiseta alaskaensisInfo
Culiseta silvestris -> Culiseta minnesotaeInfo
Culiseta subochrea (Edwards, 1921)Info
Culiseta sylvanensis (Dobrotworsky, 1960)Info
Culiseta taiwanicaInfo
Culiseta tonnoiri (Edwards, 1925)Info
Culiseta victoriensis (Dobrotworsky, 1954)Info
Culiseta weindorferi (Webb, 1983)Info
Cyathomyia jenseni -> Culex jenseniInfo
Cyclolepidopteron rockefelleri -> Anopheles mediopunctatusInfo
Cycloleppteron intermedius (Peryassu, 1908)Info
Cycloleppteron mediopunctatus -> Anopheles mediopunctatusInfo
Cyrtomides maculatus (A. Bode, 1953)Info
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Dahliana echinus (Edwards, 1920)Info
Dahliana geniculata (Olivier, 1791)Info
Dahliana gilcolladoiInfo
Danielsia alboannulata -> Aedes tremulusInfo
Danielsia albotaeniata (Leicester, 1904)Info
Danielsia albotaeniatus -> Aedes albotaeniatusInfo
Danielsia harperi (Knight, 1948)Info
Danielsia lepchana (Barraud, 1923)Info
Danielsia mediomaculata -> Aedes fluviatilisInfo
Danielsia minuta -> Aedes tremulusInfo
Danielsia nigrescens (Theobald, 1907)Info
Danielsia pagei -> Aedes pageiInfo
Danielsia tripunctata -> Aedes fluviatilisInfo
Danielsia wellmanii -> Aedes wellmaniiInfo
Dasymyia fusca (Leicester, 1908)Info
Deinocerites atlanticus (Adames, 1971)Info
Deinocerites barretoi (Adames, 1971)Info
Deinocerites belkini (Adames, 1971)Info
Deinocerites cancer (Theobald, 1901)Crabhole mosquitoInfo
Deinocerites colombianus (Adames, 1971)Info
Deinocerites costaricensis (Adames & Hogue, 1970)Info
Deinocerites curiche (Adames, 1971)Info
Deinocerites dyari (Belkin & Hogue, 1959)Info
Deinocerites epitedeus (Knab, 1907)Info
Deinocerites howardi (Belkin & Hogue, 1959)Info
Deinocerites magnus (Theobald, 1901)Info
Deinocerites mathesoni (Belkin & Hogue, 1959)Info
Deinocerites mcdonaldi (Belkin & Hogue, 1959)Info
Deinocerites melanophylum (Dyar & Knab, 1907)Info
Deinocerites monospathus -> Deinocerites melanophylumInfo
Deinocerites nicoyae (Adames & Hogue, 1970)Info
Deinocerites panamensis (Adames, 1971)Info
Deinocerites pseudes (Dyar & Knab, 1909)Info
Deinocerites spanius (Dyar & Knab, 1909)Info
Deinocerites tetraspathus -> Deinocerites cancerInfo
Deinocerites troglodytus -> Deinocerites magnusInfo
Dendromyia achaetae -> Heizmannia achaetaeInfo
Dendromyia affinis -> Aedes argenteoventralisInfo
Dendromyia argenteoventralis -> Aedes argenteoventralisInfo