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Common Green lacewing - Chrysoperla carnea
Common Green lacewing - Chrysoperla carnea

Green lacewings
Green lacewings are in the family Chrysopidae of the order net-winged insects. There are approximately 2, 000 species globally, 70 of which are found in Europe. These include Chrysoperla carnea s. l and Chrysoperla mediterranea.

The wings of the green lacewing are between 6 and 65 mm in length. Most resident species in Europe have a greenish tint. A distinguishing feature is the markings on the head. The two pairs of wings are the same shape and are usually transparent and iridescent with green wing veins.

Larvae are elongated and have small bumps on the chest and abdomen segments, or are plump and have long bristles on the sides of the body.
Adult green lacewings fly at night and at dawn. They feed on pollen, nectar or honeydew. There are also species that are predatory. The latter are useful in agriculture as they eat insects, mites and aphids.

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1. Common Green lacewing - Chrysoperla carnea
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