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English names for Praying Mantises (Mantodea) Species
Species with ANext  
Acanthops falcata (Stal, 1877)Boxer Mantis
South American Dead Leaf Mantis
Acanthops falcataria (Goeze, 1778)South American Dead Leaf MantisInfo
Acanthops parafalcata (Lombardo & Ippolito, 2004)South American Dead Leaf MantisInfo
Acromantis australis (Saussure, 1871)Island MantisInfo
Acromantis elegans (Lombardo, 1993)Elegant AcromantisInfo
Acromantis formosana (Shiraki, 1911)Taiwan Flower MantisInfo
Acromantis gestri (Giglio-tos, 1915)Thailand Boxer Praying Mantis
Sumatran Acromantis
Thai Boxer Mantis
Acromantis hesione (Stål, 1877)Burmese MantisInfo
Acromantis indica (Giglio-tos, 1915)Burmese MantisInfo
Acromantis insularis (Giglio-tos, 1915)Luzon MantisInfo
Acromantis japonica (Westwood, 1889)Japanese Boxer MantisInfo
Acromantis luzonica (Hebard, 1920)Luzon MantisInfo
Acromantis montana (Giglio-tos, 1915)Mountain AcromantisInfo
Acromantis moultoni (Giglio-tos, 1915)Borneo AcromantisInfo
Acromantis palauana (Beier, 1972)Palau AcromantisInfo
Acromantis philippina (Beier, 1966)Philippines AcromantisInfo
Acromantis siporana (Giglio-tos, 1915)Mentawai MantisInfo
Aethalochroa affinis (Wood-mason, 1889)Pakistani Stick MantisInfo
Aethalochroa ashmoliana (Westwood, 1841)Iranian Stick MantisInfo
Aethalochroa insignis (Wood-mason, 1878)Indian Stick MantisInfo
Aethalochroa spinipes (Wood-mason, 1889)Stick MantisInfo
Alalomantis muta (Wood-mason, 1889)Cameroon MantisInfo
Ameles decolor (Charpentier, 1825)Mediterranean Ground MantisInfo
Ameles fasciipennis (Kaltenbach, 1963)Spined dwarf mantisInfo
Ameles spallanzania (Rossi, 1792)European dwarf mantisInfo
Archimantis latistyla (Serville, 1838)Large Brown Mantis
Australian Stick Mantis
Stick Mantis
Australian Mantis
Archimantis monstrosa (Wood-mason, 1878)Monster MantisInfo
Archimantis sobrina (Saussure, 1872)Large Brown MantidInfo
Asiadodis squilla (Saussure, 1869)Asian Shield MantisInfo
Asiadodis yunnanensis (Wang & Liang, 1995)Chinese Shield MantisInfo
Attalia philbyi (Uvarov, 1936)Yemen MantisInfo
Species with BBack  Next  Top
Blepharopsis mendica (Fabricius, 1775)Arab Mantis
Thistle Mantis
Egyptian Flower Mantis
Devil´s Flower Mantis
Small devil´s flower mantis
Bolbe nigra (Giglio-tos, 1915)Black ground mantidInfo
Bolbe pygmaea (Saussure, 1871)Brown Ground MantisInfo
Bolbena hottentotta (Karny, 1908)Hottentot mantisInfo
Species with CBack  Next  Top
Chloroharpax modesta (Gerstaecker, 1883)Nigerian Flower MantisInfo
Choeradodis columbica (Stoll, 1813)Columbian Shield MantisInfo
Choeradodis rhombicollis (Latreille, 1833)Peruvian Shield MantisInfo
Choeradodis rhomboidea (Stoll, 1813)Tropical Shield Mantis
Hooded Mantis
Leaf Mantis
Choeradodis stalii (Wood-mason, 1880)Tropical Shield Mantis
Hooded Mantis
Leaf Mantis
Choeradodis strumaria (Linnaeus, 1758)Leaf MantisInfo
Chrysomantis cervoides -> Chrysomantis speciosaZaire RiverInfo
Cilnia humeralis (Saussure, 1871)Wide-armed MantisInfo
Creobroter gemmatus (Stoll, 1813)Indian Flower Mantis
Jeweled Flower Mantis
Creobroter pictipennis (Wood-mason, 1878)Indian Flower MantisInfo
Species with DBack  Next  Top
Deroplatys desiccata (Beier, 1935)Malaysian Dead Leaf Mantis
Giant Dead Leaf Mantis
Dead Leaf Mantis
Deroplatys lobata (Guérin-méneville, 1838)Malaysian Dead Leaf Mantis
Dead Leaf Mantis
Deroplatys philippinica (Guérin-méneville, 1838)Philippines Dead Leaf MantisInfo
Deroplatys trigonodera (Westwood, 1889)Dead Leaf MantisInfo
Deroplatys truncata (Guérin-méneville, 1843)Dead Leaf MantisInfo
Species with EBack  Next  Top
Eremiaphila anubis (Lefèbvre, 1835)Anubis mantisInfo
Eremiaphila arabica (Saussure, 1871)Arabian mantisInfo
Eremiaphila brunneri (Werner, 1905)Common Desert MantisInfo
Eremiaphila luxor (Lefèbvre, 1835)Luxor mantisInfo
Eremiaphila zetterstedti (Beier, 1942)Desert pebble mantisInfo
Eremiaphila zolotarevskyi (Chopard, 1940)Anubis mantisInfo
Euchomenella heteroptera (De Haan, 1842)Twig Mantis
Malaysia Long Neck Mantis
Euchomenella macrops (Saussure, 1870)Long Neck MantisInfo
Species with GBack  Next  Top
Gonatista grisea (Fabricius, 1793)Grizzled Mantis
Lichen Mimic
Grizzled Mantid
Gongylus gongylodes (Linnaeus, 1758)Wandering Violin Mantis
Indian Rose Mantis
Ornate mantis
Gyromantis kraussi -> Gyromantis kraussiiSpiny Bark MantisInfo
Gyromantis kraussii (Saussure, 1872)Spiny Bark MantisInfo
Gyromantis occidentalis (Sjöstedt, 1918)Eastern Bark MantisInfo
Species with HBack  Next  Top
Haania dispar (Werner, 1922)Oak twig prunerInfo
Heterochaetula tricolor (Wood-mason, 1876)Avernus cave beetleInfo
Hierodula atricoxis -> Tamolanica atricoxisHooded horrorInfo
Hierodula beieri (Mukherjee, 1995)Narrows Cave beetleInfo
Hierodula daqingshanensis (Wang, 1993)Timber Ridge Cave beetleInfo
Hierodula everetti (Kirby, 1904)Cudjo´s Cave beetleInfo
Hierodula formosana (Giglio-tos, 1912)Holsinger´s cave beetleInfo
Hierodula fumipennis (Werner, 1926)Garden cave beetleInfo
Hierodula fuscescens (Blanchard, 1853)Hubbard´s cave beetleInfo
Hierodula gigliotosi (Werner, 1922)Hubricht´s cave beetleInfo
Hierodula grandis -> Tamolanica atricoxisGiant Asian mantis
Giant Indian mantis
Hierodula grandis giantGiant Indian mantisInfo
Hierodula harpyia (Westwood, 1889)Illinois cave beetleInfo
Hierodula heinrichi (Beier, 1935)Surprising cave beetleInfo
Hierodula immaculifemorata (Werner, 1922)Crossroads cave beetleInfo
Hierodula inconspicua (Beier, 1952)Grassy Cove cave beetleInfo
Hierodula ingens (Werner, 1911)Kramer´s cave beetleInfo
Hierodula laevicollis (Saussure, 1871)Dry Fork Valley cave beetleInfo
Hierodula lamasonga (Giglio-tos, 1912)Nelson´s cave beetleInfo
Hierodula latipennis (Brunner, 1893)Ohio cave beetleInfo
Hierodula maculisternum (Werner, 1925)Thin-neck cave beetleInfo
Hierodula major (Saussure, 1871)Tatum cave beetleInfo
Hierodula majuscula (Tindale, 1923)Info
Hierodula malaccana (Giglio-tos, 1912)Greater Adams cave beetleInfo
Hierodula malaya (Stål, 1877)Natural Bridge cave beetleInfo
Hierodula membranacea (Burmeister, 1838)Giant Asian mantis
Sri Lanka mantis
Green mantis
Hierodula membranacea giantSri Lanka mantis
Green mantis
Hierodula mindanensis (Werner, 1930)Spotted cave beetleInfo
Hierodula obiensis (Hebard, 1920)Meridith Cave beetleInfo
Hierodula patellifera (Serville, 1839)Giant Asian Mantis
Indochina Mantis
Asian Mantis
Hierodula philippina (Beier, 1966)Indian Grave Point cave beetleInfo
Hierodula prosternalis (Werner, 1916)Louisville cave beetleInfo
Hierodula salomonis (Werner, 1930)Jade mantisInfo
Hierodula viridisGiant Asian mantis
Bush mantis
Hierodula viridis giantBush mantisInfo
Hoplocorypha garuana (Giglio-tos, 1916)Twig prunerInfo
Hymenopus bicornis -> Hymenopus coronatusOrchid mantisInfo
Hymenopus coronatus (Olivier, 1792)Pink orchid mantis
Malaysian Orchid Mantis
Orchid Mantis
Walking flower mantis
Species with IBack  Next  Top
Idolomantis diabolica (Saussure, 1869)Giant Devil´s Flower Mantis
Devil´s Flower Mantis
Idolomorpha dentifrons (Saussure & Zehntner, 1895)Alien head mantisInfo
Ima fusca (Tindale, 1924)Grey treerunnerInfo
Iris oratoria (Linnaeus, 1758)Iris Mantis
Mediterranean Mantis
Iris orientalis (Wood-mason, 1882)Turkish IrisInfo
Iris pumilaPygmy IrisInfo
Species with KBack  Next  Top
Kongobatha diademata (Hebard, 1920)Snake mantidInfo
Species with LBack  Next  Top
Litaneutra minorMinor ground mantisInfo
Litaneutria minor -> Yersiniops solitariaMinor ground mantisInfo
Litaneutria obscura (Scudder, 1872)Obscure ground mantisInfo
Litaneutria skinneri (Rehn, 1907)Skinner´s ground mantisInfo
Species with MBack  Next  Top
Mantis octospilota (Westwood, 1889)Blackbarred Mantid
Eightspotted mantid
Eight-spotted mantis
Blackbarrel mantis
Mantis religiosa (Linnaeus, 1758)European Mantis
Religious Mantis
Praying Mantis
European mantid
Mantoida maya (Saussure & Zehntner, 1894)Little Yucatan Mantis
Yucatan mantid
Little Yucatán mantis
Little Yucatan Mantid
Miomantis abyssinica (Giglio-tos, 1911)Egyptian mantis
Ethiopian mantis
Egyptian Praying Mantis
Miomantis binotata (Giglio-tos, 1911)African Pinstripe MantisInfo
Miomantis caffra -> Miomantis monachaSouth African mantis
Springbok mantis
African praying mantis
Miomantis paykullii (Stal, 1871)Egyptian mantis
Egyptian Praying Mantis
Myrmecomantis atra (Giglio-tos, 1913)Ant MantisInfo
Species with NBack  Next  Top
Neomantis australis (Saussure & Zehntner, 1895)Netwinged mantidInfo
Species with OBack  Next  Top
Odontomantis planiceps (Giglio-tos, 1913)Asian ant mantis
Grass mantis
Oligonicella mexicanaSlim Mexican mantisInfo
Oligonicella scudderi (Saussure, 1870)Scudder´s Mantis
Scudder´s Mantid
Orthodera burmeisteri (Wood-mason, 1889)Burmeister mantidInfo
Orthodera ministralis (Fabricius, 1775)Australian Green Mantis
Garden Mantis
Green Mantid
Garden mantid
Orthodera novaezealandiae (Colenso, 1882)New Zealand mantis
New Zealand Praying Mantis
Orthoderina straminea (Sjöstedt, 1918)Slender green mantidInfo
Otomantis casaica (Beier, 1934)Tooth Cave Ground BeetleInfo
Oxyopsis gracilis (Giglio-tos, 1914)South American green mantisInfo
Oxyopsis peruviana (Terra, 1995)Peruvian mantisInfo
Oxyothespis brevicollis (Beier, 1930)Elm bark borerInfo
Oxyothespis dumonti (Chopard, 1941)North African grass mantis
African grass mantis
Oxyothespis meridionalis (Kaltenbach, 1996)Firtree borerInfo
Oxypilus distinctus -> Oxypilus annulatusGambian boxer mantisInfo
Species with PBack  Next  Top
Parasphendale affinis (Werner, 1913)Budwing mantisInfo
Parasphendale agrionina (Werner, 1913)Budwing mantisInfo
Paratoxodera borneana (Beier, 1931)Borneo stick mantisInfo
Paratoxodera cornicollis (Wood-mason, 1889)Giant Malaysian stick mantisInfo
Parymenopus davisoni -> Parhymenopus davisoniDavidson´s Mantis
Yellow Flower Mantis
Perlamantis alliberti (Guérin-méneville, 1843)Perlamantis allibertiiInfo
Phthersigena unicornis (Tindale, 1923)Timor Unicorn MantisInfo
Phyllocrania paradoxa (Burmeister, 1838)Ghost MantisInfo
Phyllovates chlorophaea (Blanchard, 1836)Texas unicorn mantis
Mexican unicorn mantis
Phyllovates chlorophaena (Blanchard, 1836)Texas unicorn mantisInfo
Pnigomantis medioconstricta (Westwood, 1889)Double Shield Mantis
Indonesian Double Shield Mantis
Indonesia Double Shield Mantis
Podocanthus typhon (Gray, 1835)Pink Winged Phasma
Pink-winged phasma
Polyspilota aeruginosa (Goeze, 1778)Madagascan Marbled MantisInfo
Polyspilota aeruginosa theMadagascan Marbled MantisInfo
Polyspilota griffinii (Giglio-tos, 1911)Griffin MantisInfo
Popa spurca -> Popa undataAfrican twig mantis
Twig Mantis
Pseudempusa pinnapavonis (Brunner, 1892)Peacock MantisInfo
Pseudocreobotra ocellata (Palisot, 1805)Ocellated Spiny Flower Mantis
Spiny Flower Mantis
African flower mantis
Spiny flower praying mantis
African ocellated mantis
Pseudocreobotra wahlbergi (Stål, 1871)Spiny Flower MantisInfo
Pseudocreobotra wahlbergii (Stål, 1871)Walhbergi´s Spiny Flower Mantis
Spiny Flower Mantis
Bulls-eye mantis
Pseudoharpax virescens (Serville, 1839)Gambian Spotted-eye Flower MantisInfo
Pseudomantis albofimbriata (Stål, 1860)False garden mantid
False Garden Mantis
Pseudomiopteryx bogotensis (Saussure, 1870)Oak bark scarrerInfo
Pseudomiopteryx festae (Giglio-tos, 1898)Red oak borerInfo
Pseudovates arizonae (Hebard, 1935)Arizona Unicorn MantisInfo
Pseudovates longicollis (Stål, 1877)Bamboo borerInfo
Pseudovates peruvianaPeruvian Stick MantisInfo
Pseudoxyops minuta (Giglio-tos, 1914)Grape trunk borerInfo
Species with RBack  Next  Top
Rhodomantis pulchella (Tepper, 1904)Sugar maple borer
Pretty grass mantid
Rhombodera basalis (De Haan, 1842)Giant Malaysian shield mantisInfo
Rhombodera extensicollis (Serville, 1839)Giant shield mantisInfo
Rhombodera megaera (Rehn, 1904)Giant shield mantisInfo
Rhombodera papuana (Werner, 1929)Painted hickory borerInfo
Rivetina baetica (Rambur, 1839)Ground MantisInfo
Rivetina gigas (Saussure, 1871)Locust borerInfo
Rivetina grandis (Saussure, 1872)Honey mesquite borerInfo
Species with SBack  Next  Top
Shodropoda tristis (Saussure, 1871)Burying MantisInfo
Sphodromantis aethiopica (La Greca & Lombardo, 1987)Ethiopian mantisInfo
Sphodromantis aurea (Giglio-tos, 1917)Congo Green MantisInfo
Sphodromantis baccettii (La Greca & Lombardo, 1987)Giant African Praying MantisInfo
Sphodromantis balachowskyi (La Greca, 1967)Sphodromantis belachowski
African Mantis
African Praying Mantis
Sphodromantis belachowskiAfrican mantis
African praying mantis
Sphodromantis centralis (Rehn, 1914)African Mantis
Central African Mantis
African Praying Mantis
Sphodromantis congica (Beier, 1931)Congo Mantis
Seepwillow borer
Sphodromantis gastrica (Stål, 1858)Common Green Mantis
African Mantis
Sphodromantis lineola (Burmeister, 1838)African Praying Mantis
African Mantis
Giant African Mantis
African Lined Mantis
Sphodromantis rubrostigma -> Sphodromantis kersteniKenya mantisInfo
Sphodromantis tenuidentata (Lombardo, 1991)Tanzanian mantisInfo
Sphodromantis viridis (Forskal, 1775)African mantis
Giant African Mantis
Bush Mantis
Praying Mantis
Sphodropoda tristis (Saussure, 1871)Burying mantisInfo
Stagmatoptera hyaloptera (Perty, 1832)Argentine white-crested mantis
Argentine White Crested Mantis
Stagmomantis amazonica (Jantsch, 1985)Amazon MantisInfo
Stagmomantis californica (Rehn & Hebard, 1909)California MantisInfo
Stagmomantis carolina (Johansson, 1763)Carolina mantis
Carolina mantid
Stagmomantis floridensis (Davis, 1919)Larger Florida MantisInfo
Stagmomantis gracilipes (Rehn, 1907)Arizona Tan MantisInfo
Stagmomantis limbata (Hahn, 1835)Arizona Mantis
Bordered Mantis
Bordered mantid
Stagmomantis maya -> Stagmomantis fraternaGallmaking maple borerInfo
Stagmomantis montana (Rehn, 1935)Mountain MantisInfo
Stagmomantis nahua (Saussure, 1869)Rustic borerInfo
Stagmomantis tolteca (Saussure, 1861)Pacific willow borerInfo
Statilia chayuensis (Zhang, 1983)Poplar-butt borerInfo
Statilia flavobrunnea (Zhang, 1984)Birch and beech girdlerInfo
Statilia maculata (Thunberg, 1784)Ko-kamakiri {Japanese}Info
Species with TBack  Next  Top
Tamolanica tamolana (Werner, 1923)New Guinea shield mantisInfo
Tarachodes afzelii (Stal, 1871)Tanzanian Ground MantisInfo
Tarachodes afzelli (Stal, 1871)Tanzanian Ground MantisInfo
Tarachodes betakarschi (Otte & Spearman, 2004)Tarachodes asiaticaInfo
Tarachodes bicornis (Giglio-tos, 1911)Two-horned MantisInfo
Tarachodes pilosipes -> Chiropacha smithiAntelope brush girdlerInfo
Tarachodes pujoli (Roy, 2002)Tarachodes cleInfo
Tarachodula ornata (Beier, 1963)Oak stem borerInfo
Taumantis sigiana (Giglio-tos, 1911)Lime mantisInfo
Tenodera angustipennis (Saussure, 1869)Saussure
Narrow-wined mantis
Narrow-winged Mantis
Tenodera aridifolia (Stoll, 1813)Japanese Giant Mantis
Chinese Mantis
Tenodera aridifolia sinensis (Saussure, 1871)Chinese mantidInfo
Tenodera augustipennisNarrowwinged mantidInfo
Tenodera australasiae (Leach, 1814)Purple-winged Mantis
Purplewinged Mantid
Australian mantid
Tenodera intermedia -> Orthodera novaezealandiaeBanded alder borerInfo
Tenodera sinensis -> Tenodera aridifoliaChinese MantisInfo
Tenodera sinensis sinensisChinese MantisInfo
Theopropus elegans (Westwood, 1832)Banded flower mantis
Asian boxer mantis
Thesprotia brasiliensis (Scudder, 1877)Brazilian Grass MantisInfo
Thesprotia caribea (Rehn & Hebard, 1938)Caribbean Grass MantisInfo
Thesprotia graminis (Scudder, 1877)American grass mantis
Grass-Like Mantis
Grass-like Mantid
Thesprotia insolita (Rehn, 1935)Costa Rican Grass MantisInfo
Thesprotia macilenta (Saussure & Zehntner, 1894)Bolivian Grass MantisInfo
Thesprotia maculata (Saussure & Zehntner, 1894)Grass mantisInfo
Tisma grandidieri (Saussure & Zehntner, 1895)Maple dryobiusInfo
Species with YBack  Top
Yersiniops newboldi (Hebard, 1931)Yersiniops newboldiiInfo
Yersiniops solitaria (Scudder, 1896)Horned ground mantisInfo
Yersiniops solitarium (Scudder, 1896)Horned ground mantisInfo
Yersiniops sophronica (Rehn & Hebard, 1908)Yersin´s ground mantisInfo
Yersiniops sophronicumYersin´s ground mantisInfo
3899 Species in 23 Families listed, 228 species with english name
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Praying mantis, The mantes, The mantises, Mantes, Praying Mantids, Mantises, Mantids, Praying Mantises
AuthorBurmeister, 1838
Dictyoptera (Latreille, 1829)
Manteodea (Burmeister, 1829)
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