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Common Sawfly - Rhogogaster viridis
Common Sawfly - Rhogogaster viridis

Common Sawflies - Tenthredinidae
The Common Sawflies (Tenthredinidae) are a family of wasps in the order Hymenoptera, the suborder sawflies (Symphyta) and the superfamily Tenthredinoidea. There are 6500 - 9000 species worldwide, 1070 species and subspecies of which can be found in Europe. In Central Europe there are approximately 850 species.
Common Sawfly - Tenthredo campestris
Common Sawfly - Tenthredo campestris
Adult Tenthredinidae reach body lengths of 2 - 20 mm and are usually black or brown in colour although their appearance and colouration can vary widely. There are many species which are bright green, red or yellow in colour and with various patterns which create a partial resemblance to Vespidae (wasps), but Tenthredinidae are not able to sting. The so-called "wasp waist" is absent. Their antennae can have 7 - 15 segments, but mostly have 9 segments.
Sawfly - Eutomostethus ephippium
Sawfly - Eutomostethus ephippium
Their bodies are elongated. The abdomen has 9 segments. The females have a short ovipositor, shaped like a saw. The females cut into plants and lay their eggs with the ovipositor. The larvae of some species live in leaf courses, while others live in galls.
After 5 to 6 moults, the larvae of Tenthredinidae spin a cocoon in leaf litter or directly in the ground in which they remain, sometimes even for years, resting before they pupate. Adult Tenthredinidae have lifespans of only a few days or a few weeks. Tenthredinidae include some species that are economically important plant pests.

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