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Green Sawfly - Rhogogaster viridis
Green Sawfly - Rhogogaster viridis

Rhogogaster viridis
Rhogogaster viridis is a species in the order Hymenoptera, the suborder sawflies (Symphyta), the superfamily Tenthredinoidea, the family Tenthredinidae, and the genus Rhogogaster. Scientific synonyms for this species are Tenthredo scalaris and Tenthredo (Allantus) scalaris. Rhogogaster viridis are widespread and common in the majority of Europe and Palaearctic Asia.
Rhogogaster viridis - Side view
Rhogogaster viridis - Side view
Adult Rhogogaster viridis reach body lengths of 10 - 13 mm and therefore count as small wasps. Their bodies are grass green and have black and yellow markings. There is a black marking on the top of the head. The upper surface of the thorax also has very dark markings. The abdomen is a striking green colour, with a dark, central, longitudinal stripe. The markings on the wings are yellow or green.
Tenthredinidae - Rhogogaster viridis
Tenthredinidae - Rhogogaster viridis
Rhogogaster viridis can be confused with the species Rhogogaster picta and Rhogogaster punctulata. The striking, predominantly green colouration and lack of markings on the sides of the body are the main distinguishing features of Rhogogaster viridis.
Green Sawfly
Green Sawfly
Rhogogaster viridis appear in the summer months, mainly in vegetation-rich areas (forests, gardens, parks and hedgerows), where they hunt and eat insectson shrubs or herbaceous plants. They also reduce the numbers of pests.
Wasp - Green Sawfly
Wasp - Green Sawfly
After mating, the fertilized females lay their eggs on the larval food plants. The larvae devour the leaves of various trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants. These include willow (Salix), poplar(Populus), alder (Alnus) and buttercup (Ranunculaceae).
Rhogogaster viridis - belly view
Rhogogaster viridis - belly view

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1. Green Sawfly - Rhogogaster viridis
2. Rhogogaster viridis - Side view
3. Tenthredinidae - Rhogogaster viridis
4. Green Sawfly
5. Wasp - Green Sawfly
6. Rhogogaster viridis - belly view
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