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Ichneumon wasps - Ichneumonidae - Black and red
Ichneumon wasps - Ichneumonidae - Black and red

Ichneumon wasps
Ichneumon wasps (Ichneumonidae) are a family of wasps in the order Hymenoptera, the suborder Apocrita, the infraorder Terebrantia and the superfamily Ichneumonoidea. In Central Europe the family ichneumon wasps includes most species of Hymenoptera. Ichneumonidae includes the largest species of parasitoid Hymenoptera and is divided into 20 subfamilies.
Ichneumon wasps - Black and white
Ichneumon wasps - Black and white
Some species of ichneumon wasps are: Rhyssa persuasoria, Therion circumflexum, Dolichomitus dux), black slip wasp (Pimpla instigator) and Protichneumon pisorius.
Ichneumon wasp - Ichneumonidae - with ovipositor
Ichneumon wasp - Ichneumonidae - with ovipositor
Ichneumon wasps reach body lengths of 10-50 mm. The colouration of their bodies varies. . The basic colour is often black or reddish-brown. Many species have markings in red, white, yellow or brown. The antennae of most species have more than 16 segments. The presence and shape of the areole in the front wings is a major identifying characteristic. The females of many species have a long ovipositor. The abdomen is clearly separated from the front part of the body.

Ichneumon wasps are widespread in various habitats such as mixed forests, deciduous forests, coniferous forests, fields, wetlands, wood shots, clearings and forest deadfall.

Species which parasitise aphids can exploit up to 200 aphids in a week. The females lay their eggs on the surface of aphids. After one to two days, the larvae hatch and then eat the insides of the aphid out . They pupate in the hollowed out body of the aphid and after five days, the young adult wasps hatch. Some species specialize in spinning cocoons and live on their eggs.

Because the hatching wasps keep the populations of plant pests down, they are considered very useful. They are also actually used in agriculture to kill plant pests (aphids) or moths.

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1. Ichneumon wasps - Ichneumonidae - Black and red
2. Ichneumon wasps - Black and white
3. Ichneumon wasp - Ichneumonidae - with ovipositor
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Ichneumon Wasps - Hymenoptera family Ichneumonidae
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