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Spider wasp- Pompilus cinereus - male
Spider wasp- Pompilus cinereus - male

Spider wasps
Spider wasps (Pompilidae) is a family in the order Hymenoptera, the suborder Apocrita and the superfamily Vespoidea. This family comprises approximately 4000 species which are widespread throughout the world and around100 of these are found in Central Europe.
Spider wasps all have the same type of body, which makes identification of individual species difficult. They are always long, lean and leggy. The abdomen is egg shaped, widening at the rear. Spider wasps are completely black or black with a red base colour on the abdomen. Spider wasps have a poisonous sting. The sting of spider wasps can be painful, but is usually harmless for humans.
They build nests in the ground for their eggs and the developing offspring. Therefore often serve them cavities in the soil. Inside the nests they erect breeding cells for their larvae. The hatched larvae feed on spiders captured by the female spider wasps. Some species build nests in human dwellings. Others are parasitoids, living in other spider wasps nests. In the latter case, the female lays its eggs inside a dead spider, which just gets carried into the nest of another female spider wasp. This may be on the itinerary, or even the foreign nest.

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1. Spider wasp- Pompilus cinereus - male
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