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Vespidae - Polistes dominulus
Vespidae - Polistes dominulus

Vespidae are a family of wasps within the order Hymenoptera, the suborder Apocrita and the superfamily Vespoidea.
Some examples of subfamilies of Vespidae are: Euparagiinae, pollen wasps (Masarinae), potter wasps (Eumenidae), paper wasps (Polistinae) and wasps (Vespinae). Approximately 5000 species of Vespidae exist worldwide and around 100 of these are found in Central Europe.
The bodies of Vespidae are black and yellow in colour with different markings. Their wings are folded lengthwise in resting position. They have kidney-shaped compound eyes. Vespidae includes both colony forming and solitary wasps (potter wasps).

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1. Vespidae - Polistes dominulus
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